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Parting is such sweet sorrow, but over the years I learned some things. The Empire may have fallen, but I’m still here.

For every ending, there is another opportunity for a new beginning. Napoleon Hill said it better, than anyone else I know: “Every adversity brings with it a seed of equivalent advantage”. The future is seen in the minds eye and sometimes we can’t connect the dots until we have finished the journey. Blogging on a consistent basics just opened up the memory bank of a life that was a little different.


Change is difficult, but sometime necessary. If you can’t swim, the above picture is really scary, but if you can float, you can adapt and survive.  I started blogging as something to keep my mind active because of my early retirement. It would have been nice, if I made a little money to supplement social security but staying active was my main goal. One of the core requirements was to “blog daily” to build an audience.

As a baby boomer, this blog thing was like Greek, but I have always been up to a challenge. I learned that a blog is an on-line  commentary on any particular subject; they can function as a personal diary or as an on-line advertising vehicle. What is so unique is readers can leave comments for quick response.

For me to blog on a regular basics, required me to think about something that would hold my interest, or else I would quit. I happen to like the personal development, self-help field. I’ve had a very interesting and unique personal development story and loved to read and listen to the stories of the great motivational speakers. Plus, we all could use a little help in that area.

With the Empire Network blogging platform I didn’t understand a lot, but I was retired and had time to write. I’m not a trained writer, but I have written many things over the years. I wrote a fiction novel in junior high, a very long time ago and I wrote many staff papers and a training program for civilian warehouse workers as a U.S. Army Quartermaster Officer.

I was born and raise in Detroit MI, when it was the Motor Capital of the world. In fact Detroit claim to fame is being “The Motor City” and “The Home of Motown”. I even worked on the assembly line during my last year of high school. It wasn’t easy but I had worked my first summer job and liked the idea of having earned my own money. I turned 18 and applied, but Pops told me I still had to finish high school.

I was home along when the 1967 Detroit Riots started (Pop was out of town and I was on my own).  I saw the movie recently with my sister when I returned back home from Philadelphia PA. Hard to believe it’s been 50 years since that happened. But the numbers are still amazing; 2,000 buildings were destroyed, over 7,200 people were arrested, 1,100 people were injured and 43 people were killed.


God must have directed my steps. It would have been very easy for me to go left,  instead of staying right, but because I didn’t act foolish, I didn’t become a statistic. Because I didn’t cross the police line, I was able to walk the flight line in Libya North Africa (US Air Force) and later support the front line in Germany (US Army).

Even though I lost a library of material, I saved enough to write a book. This is a different platform so I’m just getting use to it. Stay tuned there is more inside.


Four Powerful Harriet’s of American History

Their names; Harriet Robinson Scott, Harriet Tubman, Harriet Jacobs, and Harriet Beecher Stowe. I saw their names and read about their deeds in the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia PA and their time was early American History. The present time is around the Fourth of July 2022 and celebrations are in the night.                                                           


            Harriet Robinson Scott (1820 – June 17, 1876) fought for her freedom along-side her husband Dred Scott. Their battle led to the United States Supreme Court decision of Dred Scott vs Sandford in 1857. Dred Scott an enslaved man was taken from Missouri (a slave-holding state) into Wisconsin Territory (where slavery was illegal). When he returned with his owner, Scott sued in court for his freedom claiming that because he had been taken to a free US Territory he had automatically been freed and was no longer a slave. Over time the case made it to the U.S. Supreme Court.                                                                         

             The United States Supreme Court held that the United States Constitution was not meant to include ‘American citizenship’ for people of ‘African descent’ regardless of whether they were “enslaved or free”. Many legal scholars said it was one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever and led up to the Civil War.


            Harriet Tubman (March 1822 – March 10, 1913) was born into slavery in Maryland. She escaped by herself to Philadelphia PA and returned over 13 times to rescue her family and others. She earned the title of ‘Moses’ because she freed so many and didn’t lose any (70). As a results she became the most productive conductor of the Underground Railroad. During the Civil she served as an Army Scout and spy for the Union Army.

Harriet Tubman became so well-known because her exploits were dramatized on TV and in the movies. Ruby Dee portrayed her in the CBS series “Go down Moses”. Cicely Tyson portrayed her in the NBC miniseries “A Woman called Moses. Alfre Woodward portrayed her in “Race to Freedom”. In 2019 Cynthia Erivo received National acclaim for her role as ‘Harriet’ including an Academy Awards nominations, the Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a NAACP Image Award.  



            Harriet Jacobs (1815 – March 7, 1897) was born into slavery in North Carolina. Her mistress taught her how to sew and to ‘read and write’. When a new slave owner started to sexually harass her, she hid from him in a small crawl space under her grandmother’s house. She hid from him in that small space for ‘seven years’ and finally escaped from him and North Carolina in 1842.

 Like Anne Frank the German-Dutch girl of Jewish heritage and victim of the holocaust who hid for two years in the attic, Harriet wrote about her experience.  Her book the ‘Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl’ was published under the name Linda Brent.

Her book and the book ‘Narrative of the life of Fredrick Douglass’ are commonly viewed as the two most important slave narratives. During the Civil War and immediately after the war Harriet and her daughter organized and helped found two schools for fugitives and free slaves.                                               

Harriet Beecher Stowe (June 1811 – July 1896) was an American author and abolitionist. She wrote “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in 1852. Her goal of the book was to educate Northerners on the realist horrors of things that were happening in the South. The other purpose to make the Southerners feel more empathic towards the people they were forcing into slavery. Slavery touched all of society beyond the people involved as masters, traders, and slaves.

The book reached millions as a novel and a play which energized the anti-slavery forces in the North while provoking widespread anger in the South. After the start of the Civil War Stowe traveled to the Capital in Washington DC to meet President Abraham Lincoln. Stowe’s son reported that he greeted her by saying, “So you are the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war”.

Years from now what will the historians and political scholars have to say about Ketanji Brown Jackson’s who just became the First Black Woman selected to the US Supreme Court? Only time will tell. 

Earl E. Hackett

Writer, blogger, author


American Space Pioneer passes at 101

Katherine Johnson recently passed on to glory (Aug. 29, 1918 – Feb. 24, 2020)  but her story was told in the 2016 movie ‘Hidden Figures’.  She was the first African American mathematician whose calculations of orbital mechanics  became critical to NASA space flight success. In 1961 John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth asked for her ‘by name’ to verify the numbers of the main frame computer.


Margot Lee Shetterly, the author of the book Hidden Figures, made an unique observation …The astronaut who became a hero, looked to this Black Woman, in the still-segregated South to make sure his mission would be a success. For every hero who get a ‘ticker-tape parade’ there are countless other support people, most never hear about.  

Katherine Johnson overcame a lot of racial and gender barriers and tells her own story to Cathy Lewis of WHRO Public Media. She started off as a member of a ‘minority female pool’ called “West Area Computers”, their job was to preform mathematical  calculations to help the engineers, which were all white males.  Katherine was so  good that they forgot to return her to the pool.  

Katherine Johnson worked for NASA’s Langley Research Center for 33 years. While everybody was concerned about the U.S. getting into space,  she was concerned about getting them back home safety. As a results she is no longer a hidden figure, she became a “Shinning  Star”.

When asked to name her greatest contribution to space exploration Katherine Johnson talked about the calculations that helped sync project Apollo’s Lunar Lander with the Moon-Orbiting Command and Service Module. At the age of 97 she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by the Unites States President Barrack Obama.


She didn’t receive a ticker-tape parade but she had some buildings titled with her name. Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s Administrator called her an ‘American Hero’ who pioneering legacy will never be forgotten.  Hopefully little girls all over the world will learn of her fame.


A Legend has Left the World Stage


Sidney Poitier (Feb 20, 1927 – Jan 6, 2022) was more than a groundbreaking actor. He chose roles that made a difference in other people’s lives. As a baby boomer I grew up watching many of his movies and felt his impact. He rejected those roles of African Americans playing inferior stereotypes. He maintained his dignity, intelligence and grace and kept his cool and his rage intact.

I watched him win the Academy Award for “Lilies of the Field” on TV in 1964 making him the first African American Male Actor to reach that goal. He reached for the moon and became a star. I still remember seeing his standing on stage with his Black tuxedo and White bow tie.

In 2001 Denzel Washington won the Academy Award for ‘Training Day’ after Sidney Poitier received an Honorary Award for his “Overall Contribution to American Drama”. In Denzel’s acceptance speech he said ‘I’ll always be chasing you, Sidney; I’ll always be following in your footsteps. There is nothing I would rather do Sir”.

“To Sir, with Love”, Sidney was the charismatic schoolteacher who earned the respect of an East London intercity school. The soundtrack was a hit for that year. In the movie “Guess who is coming to dinner?” Sidney had to impress his fiancé’ parents played by Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn.

“In the Heat of the Night” he corrected the Southern Police chief played by Rod Setiger by telling him that the cops that work with him call him Mr. Tibbs. That slap back on the face of the wealthy White guy  was written in the contract because during the ‘1960’s in the South that usually mean jail time or worse. 

When it’s all said and done, how do you thank someone who has done so much? It is never easy to say goodbye but we can try. Why not write across the sky and say “To Sir with Love”.



It is an Honor to Be Loyal, Brave and True.

The story of Mulan is about the daughter who was born with Chi. The problem arose because ‘she’, was not born a, ‘he’. According to Chinese customs “Chi was for warriors”, and war was reserved for sons. And she was not a ’he’. Chi is that vital life force, the synchronization of mind and body. Winning in battle meant that a soldier was Loyal, Brave and True.

Daughters only brought honor to the family through marriage.  According to the marriage match maker the qualities of a good wife is to be quiet, composed, graceful, elegant, poised, refined, and staying in line behind her husband.  

A woman with Chi was called a witch because that was not considered the norm. That would cause dishonor, shame and exile to her and the family name. Chi was for warriors not daughters. Mulan’s father was a mighty warrior and had fought in the last war, but he had no sons to carry on the family name. He noticed that his daughter Mulan was special but warned her to hide her gift. He did not want her to be branded as a witch.

When the Emperor demanded that each family in the empire provide a male to defeat the invading force Mulan’s father volunteered because he had no sons. On his sword was etched the words Loyal, Brave, True. He had been wounded in battle and now walked with a cane, but he still volunteered to protect the family name.

In the middle of the night, Mulan steals her father armor, his sword and his horse and disguised herself to look like a young man. And rides out into the night to join the fight. While out in the desert, lost and all alone she is guided by “The mythological Phoenix bird” that is reborn from ashes. It symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings of a new life cycle.

Basic training is designed to turn boys into fighting men. There are many rules and regulations one must learn. Penalties for breaking the rules are very strict. The penalty for dishonesty is expulsion and disgrace. In China it meant disgrace not only for yourself, but for your family and your village. Mulan had the ‘Chi’ but she was not a ‘he’.

Through trails and tribulations including mortal combat she realizes who she was meant to be. The girl becomes a Soldier, a Leader, and a Legend.  For those who follow the story and listen to the dialogue, if flows like a beautiful poem and ends with a powerful song – Loyal, Brave and True.


The Battle song for the unsung ‘Home Health Care Hero’ should be Loyal, Brave, and True.

War is not freedom and it is not a game. We have a clearer view.

All for family, is the reason, we do what we do. We have everything to lose.

In the middle of a pandemic, I ask myself what would a warrior do?

Underneath my armor (my P.P.E.) am I loyal brave and true?

Losing is easy, winning takes bravery,

Am I a silly fool? Out in the open, No one to save me,

The simplest of mistakes are cruel.

I ask myself what would a warrior do?

Underneath my armor (my P.P.E.) am I loyal brave and true?

Cold is the morning, warm is the sun,

Chasing the answer after my shift is done,

Will I be stronger, or will I be weak?

Who am I beneath my armor (my P.P.E.)?

I believe It is an honor to be loyal, brave, and true.

Inspired from the soundtrack to the movie ‘Mulan’.

by Christina Aguilera – Loyal, Brave, True


2020: The year of too many Zeroes and a few Heroes

20/20 was a sign of good physical vision, but the year of 2020 should be remembered as the year of excess. Too many got infected and too many died. Covid-19 was no respecter of fortune or fame. And I will not mention one name. On top of a world-wide pandemic was a lot of national political drama and social unrest which put the country and the hospital system to the test.

Bill Wither’s ‘Lean on me lyrics’ caused the country to lean on essential workers to keep the economy afloat. Doctors and Nurses in the hospitals were ‘in the trenches’ trying to save as many lives as possible. First responders and people in the Home Health Care field were ‘on the front line’.

The sudden accidental death of 41-year-old Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter and seven others stunned the nation and the world – the basketball world and beyond. Because of Kobe the term ‘Girl Dad’ became part of current culture.  

Congressman John Lewis was one of those good heroes. He fought the good fight for many years. He started the fight outside the system (in the 1960s alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr) then continued the fight inside the Congressional system.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was the champion for women’s rights. Her battles were fought for 27 years on the Supreme Court.

Then there were these names of George Floyd, Admaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor of untimely that rekindled a more powerful civil rights/social justice movement.

Chadwick Boseman (age 43) portrayed celebrates and social icons Jackie Robinson, James Brown, and Thurgood Marshall. When he portrayed King T’Challa (The Black Panther) in the Marvel Universe he became a Superhero. When it was discovered that while he was doing these action movies, he was going through surgeries and chemotherapy he became a extraordinary actor focused on his craft.

Sean Connery’s death took me back to the time I was nine years old back in Detroit MI. It was the first time I went to the local movie theater by myself to see James Bond in Dr. No. A few years ago, I stopped to watch a TV program, about a movie titled ‘Searching for Forrester’. That event made it into my blog novel.

We should remember those heroes who have gone on to the ancestors maybe we can learn something because we will join them some day.  

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Passes on to Glory

Ruth Bader Ginsberg was small in stature but she became a giant in American History. She was a warrior on many fronts. She was the first Jewish woman to serve on the United States Supreme Count. She was also a champion of women’s rights.

She co-founded the Women’s Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) before she was considered for the highest court in the land. She argued six and won five of her augments before the high court which earned her the reputation as a skilled oral advocate.

President Bill Clinton nominated her to the Supreme Court in 1993 to fill the seat of retiring Justice Justice Bryon. During her long tenure she fought many bouts of cancer but ended up serving as one the longest Chief Justices of the Supreme Court.

When she got on the court she authored the courts option that struck down the long-standing male only admission policy to Virginia Military Institute (VMI). On the Abortion Rights case she said that the government had no business making those choices for a woman.

She became a “Pop Culture Icon” when Shana Kniznik, a Tumblr Blogger and law student teamed up with MSNBC reporter Irin Carmon to publish their book R.B.G. : The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Her and the rapper Biggie Smalls came from the Brooklyn Borough. He left his ‘messages in rap’ and she left her ‘messages is court decisions’.

When Kate McKinnon of “Saturday Night Live” portrayed Ginsberg in her comedy sketches it increased her notoriety. The CNN documentary film titled “On the Basis of Sex” which was based on Ginsberg’s career struggles fighting for equal rights cemented her place in pop culture.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s court decisions were probably based on her unique life experience. Her older sister died when Ruth was a baby and her mother died right before Ginsberg graduated from high school. She earned her bachelors degree from Cornell University and was a married mother before starting Harvard Law School where she was one of a few in her class (there were only 9 women out of 500 men).

She transferred to Columbia Law School where she was in the top of her class but couldn’t get a ‘legal position’ because she was a married, Jewish woman with a child.

Ruth persisted and was recognized for her efforts. In 2002 she was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. In 2009 she was named one of The 100 Most Powerful Women, in 2012 Glamour Magazine awarded her Woman of the Year. In 2015, Times Magazine she was one of the 100 Most Influential People.

In 2009 Ginsberg received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Scribes – The American Society of Legal Writers. In 2019 Ginsberg was the recipient of the one million dollar Berggruen Prize for Philosophy and Culture, an award for the thinker whose ideas have helped us find direction , wisdom and improve self-understanding.

R.I.P. – R.B.G


Chadwick Boseman left a Powerful Legacy

Chadwick Boseman left us, way to soon; he aimed for the brighter side of the moon, and became a shining star. He was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2016 which progressed to stage IV before 2020. Many of the people who worked with him, didn’t even know he was sick, but he soldiered on in silence. He died at the young age of 43. He is with the ancestors now, but he will not be forgotten.

Life is strange and we don’t know how things will work out. While Boseman was attending Howard University one of his teachers who became a mentor and her friend helped him attend the British American Academy in London. That teacher was Phyicia Rashad and her friend was Denzel Washington.

He portrayed Black historical figures that made a difference in American history: Jackie Robinson (#42) became the first African American (MLB) Major League Baseball player breaking the color barrier with ‘America’s favorite past-time’. Rachel Robinson, Jackie’s widow commented that Boseman’s performance was so life-like, that she felt like she was seeing Jackie again. Variety Magazine said that Boseman had that rare ability to create a character from the outside-in and from the inside-in, and knew how to fuse them together to make them his own. He was a Warrior but he was also King; he had power and grace and a likable smile.

He portrayed James Brown, the “Godfather of Soul” who gave the world 50 years of music (R&B, soul, and funk). He portrayed the young civil rights lawyer Marshall who became the Thurgood Marshall who became the First African American Justice on the US Supreme Court.

The fact that he was battling cancer through these outstanding portrayals only adds to his legacy. He was an undercover warrior and hero in real life, but when he became T’Challa, King of Wakanda he became a International Super Hero. The Black Panther became the highest grossing films of the year.

Here are some of Chadwick Bosemans awards

2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards – Best performance in a movie & Best Hero

2018 BET Awards Best Actor – For the films ‘Marshall’ and ‘The Black Panther’.

2018 Peoples Choice Awards – Male Movie Star of the Year

2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards – Outstanding Performance by a cast in a motion picture

2019 Black Reel Awards – Outstanding Actor in a motion picture

2019 NAACP Image Award – Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture

R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman; brilliant Artist, Warrior and King. WAKANDA FOVEVER!!!


John Lewis, an “American Icon”, Passes

John Lewis was more than just a Civil Rights leader, he became an American Icon. Icons tend to leave a big impression, that stand the test of time. Forrest Gump was the fictional movie of one man’s journey through American History: John Lewis lived that history.

As the son of a Alabama sharecropper he rose through the ranks but always stayed humble but firm in his conviction of doing what he felt was the moral high ground. He met Rosa Parks  when he was 17 and he met Martin Luther King Jr. when he was 18.

As a Fisk University student earning his religion and philosophy degrees he organized sit-ins at lunch counters in Nashville TN and other public spaces. As a results he was beaten and thrown in jail many times.  John called his ‘civil  disobedience’ – “Good Trouble”.

He sat in a real ‘hot seat’, when he became one of the 13 original Freedom Riders.  As a results White Southern mobs would attack  the riders, then Southern Cops would arrest the riders for trespassing and unlawful assembly. He was earning many bumps and bruises doing “Good Trouble” for social justice.

John Lewis as the Chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Community (SNCC) was one of the Big Six leaders of the groups that organized the 1963 March on Washington. where Dr. Martin King Jr. delivered his “I have a Dream speech”. And at the age of 23, John Lewis was the last, and the youngest  speaker at that historic event.

John Lewis came to the nations attention in March 1965 during the Selma to Montgomery marches for Black voter registration in Mississippi. As the 600 marchers crossed over the Edmund Pettus Bridge to Selma Alabama they were met by Alabama State Troopers who ordered them to disperse then discharged tear gas into the crowd.

As the protesters ran the Troopers beat them with night sticks. As a results John Lewis suffered a crack skull. It became known as the “Bloody Sunday”  protest. After witnessing the event US President Lyndon B. Johnson and the US Congress passed the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

He drew on his historical involvement in the Civil Rights Movement and made an annual pilgrimage to Alabama to retrace that 1965 Selma to Montgomery March. He even witnessed an event that he never thought he would never see in his lifetime. “The first African American President” Barrack Obama walking along the route with him.

John Lewis represented Georgia’s 5th Congressional District for over 30 years. He was know as a hard core liberal. The Atlanta Journal-Constitutional said that John Lewis was the only former Civic Rights leader who extended his fight for Human Rights and Racial Reconciliation into the Halls of Congress. He became know as the “Conscience of Congress”.

He even protested while in Congress. He protested after welfare reform was passed and said, “Where is the sense of decency? What does it profit a great nation to conquer the world but lose its own soul”. In 2006 and 2009 he was arrested for protesting against Genocide in Darfur   outside the Sudanese Embassy.  He protested for Immigration Reform and he protested for not allowing a vote on gun safety legislation in the aftermath of the Orlando Nightclub Shooting.

John Lewis was steadfast on matters that concerned the struggle. In 1988 the year he was sworn into Congress he introduced a bill to establish a National African American Museum in Washington. Every year for 15 years he presented the bill. The bill was finally signed by President George W. Bush in 2003 and the opening ceremony was September 25th 2016.

John Lewis left a written trail. In 1998 his autobiography was published “Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement”.  In 2002 a book was published for young people  titled “John Lewis: From Freedom Rider to Congressman”. And in 2012 “Across the Bridge” was published. It illustrated the power of nonviolent in social movements.

In 2013 John Lewis became the first Congress member to appear in his own graphic novel. It was titled “March” which was followed by “March Two” in 2015 then “March Three” in 2016. In 2018, “Run” the sequel to the March series, was published and covered life after the passage of the 1965 Civil Rights Act.

Former President Barack Obama said that Lewis had an “enormous impact in U.S. history”. His body ‘laid in State’ at the US Capitol Rotunda for two days making him the first African American lawmaker to be honored in the Rotunda. Rest in peace, ‘Humble Servant’, you did good and you country thanks you..


The evolution of an American institution

healy Partner web site Healy Frequency Alan Gough

The Healy is a personal handheld device for pain management. But  before there was a Healy  Frequency Device  there was Time Waver Machine. The Time Waver is a $25,000 to $35,000 medical machine that doctors /physical therapist used  in their practices and offices in Europe and Asia.

Marcus Schmieke a Quantum Physicist and physical therapist and  who was also a monk  built a frequency machine for his practice in Germany. Maybe he wanted to combine Quantum Physics and Depth Psychology to reach people at a deeper level.

Nuno Nina a  medical researcher and physical therapist (in Portugal) founded the Gold frequency programs where he discover that certain general frequencies (144,000) correspond to certain organs and indications in the human body. After  Marcus met Nuno he wondered if there was a way to make the Time Waver smaller to help more people and physical therapist.

Healy World C.E.O. Dirc Zahlmann is the marketing genius who is spearheading sales through the social network. They could have gone the tradition way of spending massive amounts money on advertising programs but went in a different direction. Personal testimonials are more effective than most advertising programs.

The Healy is the small portable medical device with the small quantum sensor,  and the smartphone (Android or Apple)  is the interface between the 300,000 frequencies that come from the secure medical cloud. On the other side of the cloud are over 2,500 doctors, medical scientist and physical therapist.

Homeopathic medicine is the practice of medicine that embraces a holistic natural approach of the sick. It treats the person as a whole rather than focusing on a diseased part or a labeled sickness. Acute treatment is for the illness of recent onset. The approach to prescribe medicine to gently ‘stimulate’ the body to recover.  Chronic is a long standing or recurring health condition . The goal here is help the person to return to a state of well being through homeopathic treatment. If you ease the pain the person feels better and they have a better quality of life.

You can contact me at earlhackett49@gmail.com or register online at  Partner.healyworld.net/earlehealth . Your banking info is not required at registration but call your bank before you order (shipped from Germany).  Wishing you better health.


In a time of crisis, what kind of leadership do we need?

This pandemic (COVID-19) is a disease that affects multi-populations over multi- countries and multi-continents. It’s in all fifty states and almost all over the world. It’s a silent and deadly enemy to the people and the economies.  Some have even recommend it be handled like a special military operation.  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/what-kind-of-leadership-does-our-nation-need/


Stanley McChrystal is a retired Four-Star Army General who near the end of his career led the Joint Special Operations Command which included Army Rangers, Navy SEALs and the Delta Force; that’s a highly trained fighting force of 7,500, that’s able to handle some of the most challenging situations in the world.  They understand the importance of Logistics Operations. And it’s going to take a lot of special  team work to defeat this situation.

General McChystal (the tested warrior) said that leaders have to be brutally honest with themselves about what the real situation is, and that they are trying to do. He said that they should be extraordinary candid with their followers; one it’s a sign of respect and it’s just essential for long term effectiveness.  Leaders have to stand up, even when it’s hard, morally questionable, physically dangerous and tests the mantel of the best trained organization.

penny ann wheeler

Dr. Penny Wheeler (the healing director) runs Allina Health with 11 hospitals and 90 clinics and oversees an organization of more than 29,000 employees. She said her job is to try to learn from her staff and to get barriers out of the way, for effective communication. Don’t be in denial of what the true situation is, and get the information from every vantage point from the people closest to the work. Collaborate and communicate then make your decision based on the best information.


Father Joseph McShane a (Jesuit Priest and President of Fordham University) in New York said that you have to begin with self knowledge; know what your priorities are, be wise enough to ask for advise, and be humble enough to except it. Tough situations bring new awareness: He has ‘seen‘ the University church stained window for years, but this time he “saw it” and it brought tears to him, because it depicted, St. Aloysious  Gonzaga, who died of a plague he contracted while caring for one of the victims of that plague. And even in this perilous time, there is still goodness that is showing itself in the American people and people all over the world. There are still Heroes among us.


One such hero is Navy Captain Brett Crozier, who was relieved from his command (fired) for standing up for his crew, on the Aircraft Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

As a former  enlisted person, a Non-Commissioned Officer in the US Air Force and a US Army Quartermaster Officer I have learned that discipline can be taught, but respect must be earned.

To have information about a new high tech holistic device (http://sharehealy.info) that could help home healthcare workers and the clients they serve, but not be able to speak to decision makers during a pandemic is tough. To win the war, I must fight the battles with anxious personnel who won’t talk to strangers because of the Covid-19 protocols.

The Urban Entertainment Business Journal ( a National and Regional Publication) has a Healy Frequency article on  (page 16) that is approved by the Time Waver Headquarters in Germany. The digital copy is DelawareValleyHomeJournals.com.  The best way to build, is partnering with others- my link is Partner.HealyWorld.net/earlehealth.

A physical packet was developed to explain the who, what, when, how, and why Healy was developed. The U.S. Healy World Partnership packet contains the following

  • Leadership in a time of crisis  letter – why now is the time
  •  Standard Operating Procedures – everybody stays on script
  •  MDA Training (Safety) – protection for patients, users and third parties
  • Healy Comp Plan (Growth) – how workers get paid
  • Healy Programs (Choice) – from the simple to the complex                                                                                                

Doctors and Nurses in the hospitals are in the trenches, trying to save an increasing amount of lives with Class IIb medical devices like Ventilators, Infusions and Intensive monitoring equipment.

Home Health Care Workers may not be in the trenches, but they are still in harms way, plus they provide vital services to those in need. They  should be the ones to distributed a holistic approach to reduce their client  flow into the hospital system.