First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Parting is such sweet sour, but over the years I learned some things. The Empire may have fallen but I’m still here.

For every ending, there is another opportunity for a new beginning. Napoleon Hill said it better, than anyone else I know: “Every adversity brings with it a seed of equivalent advantage”. 


Change is difficult, but sometime necessary. If you can’t swim, the above picture is really scary, but if you can float, you can adapt and survive.  I started blogging as something to keep my mind active because of my early retirement. It would have been nice, if I made a little money to supplement social security but staying active was my main goal. One of the core requirements was to “blog daily” to build an audience.

As a baby boomer, this blog thing was like Greek, but I have always been up to a challenge. I learned that a blog is an on-line  commentary on any particular subject; they can function as a personal diary or as an on-line advertising vehicle. They can be text, images and links to other blogs or pages. Some focus on art (art blogs), photographs (photo blogs), videos (video blogs or vblogs), music (MP3 blogs) and audio (podcast). What is so unique is readers can leave comments for quick response.

For me to blog on a regular basics, required me to think about something that would hold my interest, or else I would quit. I happen to like the personal development, self-help field. I’ve had a very interesting and unique personal development story and loved to read and listen to the stories of the great motivational speakers. Plus, we all could use a little help in that area.

With the Empire Network blogging platform I didn’t understand a lot, but I was retired and had time to write. I’m not a trained writer, but I have written many things over the years. I wrote a fiction novel in junior high, a very long time ago and I wrote many staff papers and a training program for civilian warehouse workers as a U.S. Army Quartermaster Officer.

I was born and raise in Detroit MI, when it was the Motor Capital of the world. In fact Detroit was tagged the Motor City and the home of Motown. I even worked on the assembly line during my last year of high school. It wasn’t easy but I had worked my first summer job and liked the idea of having money in my pocket. I turned 18 and applied, but Pops told me I still had to finish high school.

I was home along when the 1967 Detroit Riots started (Pop was out of town and I was on my own).  I saw the movie recently with my sister when I returned back home from Philadelphia PA. Hard to believe it’s been 50 years since that happened. But the numbers are still amazing; 2,000 buildings were destroyed, over 7,200 people were arrested, 1,100 people were injured and 43 people were killed.

God must have directed my steps. It would have been very easy for me to go left instead of staying right, but because I didn’t act foolish, I didn’t become a statistic. It’s because, I didn’t cross the police line, I was able to walk the flight line in Libya North Africa (US Air Force) and later support the front line in Germany (US Army).

Even though I lost a library of material, I saved enough to write a book. This is a different platform so I’m just getting use to it. Stay tuned there is more inside.


You never know where your inspiration will come from

Inspiration comes in various forms.
The key is to be open, and ready when it comes.

Napoleon Hill wrote “Think and Grow Rich”, a classic which I had read a long time ago. Then one of the leaders of a network marketing company I was working with, recommended that I read “Law of Success”. (Law of Success was “20 years” in the making).

I bought the book, looked at it quickly, but put it away. If you saw it in hard back edition (1100+ pages) you might do the same thing. I was not ready, too busy working on my job, to get into it. Then something happened (I lost one of my full-time jobs).


I don’t know about you, but when Life Change happens, I take time to re-group and rethink my situation. Now I had time to read. One of the gems in Napoleon Hill’s book “Law of Success” stressed the power of a definite chief aim.

“Any definite chief aim that is deliberately fixed in the mind with determination to realize it, finally saturates the entire subconscious mind until it automatically influences the physical action of the body toward the attainment of that purpose. What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Another thing Dr. Hill talked about a lot, was the mastermind. He started his 20 year quest from a suggestion from Andrew Carnegie, to interview the industrial giants of that time – Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Firestone. What did they do, to get to where they were?

I remember seeing a poster many years ago when I was at Fort Bragg, North Carolina that stays with me still, and it talked about the power of persistence.

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.

Genus will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.

Persistence and determination along are omnipotent.

– Calvin Coolidge

An inspiration also came to me in the form of dialogue from the movie “Coach Carter”. The coach, played by Samuel L. Jackson asked a young student, headed in the wrong direction, what was his biggest fear. Later on, in the movie, after the third time, this is how the student responded.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.  Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlighten about shrinking,
So other people won’t feel insecure around you. We were all meant to shine, as children do. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in every one. As we let our light shine, We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, Our presence automatically liberates others”.


Internet comments
Daphne Dobson
I love the title of your post. I absolutely agree with it. You never know where inspiration will come from. You just must tune in to receive them, when they come. I love the quote about persistence. This is a quote that’s been on my mirror in my bathroom for years. It’s a daily reminder to keep keeping on. Thanks for sharing!

Janet Green
You are so right Earl. You never know where your inspiration will come from. However great books are always a great source of inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

Earl Hackett
You are welcome.  Personal development helps us to actively learn how to tune in the good, in a world full of nonsense. Sometimes we get so busy hauling rocks, we miss other opportunities.


My Legacy Poem (because I sat in her seat)

I shouldn’t say, but I wanted you to know, before I go.

I won’t lie, about all the books I’ve read.

And I’m still reading, cause I’m not dead.

It’s because of them, that I’ve really grown.

And these are the words that they have sown.

I have finally reached a particular age,

And I’m about to reach a spectacular stage.


I’m not looking for fortune and fame,

Sometimes I’m just glad, that I can still remember my name.

Maybe an attitude of gratitude has kept me around.

I’m just trying to leave something behind.


The words have come from many places,

From various times, and different spaces.

I’m just hope, that I have listen to the right crowd.

Listening to giants and legends shouldn’t be wrong,

In fact it made me strong.


When my time comes and I have to go,

I just wanted you to know,

I’m just trying to leave something behind.


When all the thoughts have left my mind,

I want you to know, it’s more than the money and gold,

I just wanted to leave something for your soul.

Writing and rhyming never gets old.

It helps to have fun, and it’s fun to be bold.

I’m having a ball, and that ain’t all.

I’m having fun, leaving something behind.



I sat in the seat that started it all.

They got rid of the rust, and wiped it all down.

Rosa was her name, and now she wears a crown.

She left a legacy, now everyone knows of her fame.


Hidden Figures seemed to reveal what’s real,

Reading, writing and higher math is a good deal.

If I don’t write my story,  no one else will.

I’m just trying to leave something behind.


Mom was about survival, I’m about arrival.

She left a legacy that will be hard to beat.

She survived it all and stayed on her own two feet.

She took the bus to work, even in the cold, and she was old.


Dad was rough and it made me tough,

I could have gone left, but I stayed right.

And because of them both, I continue the fight.

That’s why, I trying to leave something behind.


When I give you my card or my link, I give you part of my soul.

The business may change, but the logo never gets old.

The little scrappy kid from the Detroit East side of town,

Finally grew up, and yes, I got around.


I’ve been to seven different countries, on three separate continents.

Some of it was due, to working for Uncle Sam,

Air Force and Army was more than a game.

It became a part of my name.

Then some of the travel was due,

To just who I am, and what I do.


Life is a big adventure, and I just had to get away.

I escaped the auto plant, to discover the world.

Some of it was for, the call of duty,

And some was to just view, the beauty.


When you go to the library, you will see a lot of books,

When you visit my blog, you see my various looks.

Once it’s in the cloud, you got to have the link.

Lose the link and you will never know how I think.


I think I will just write a book.

Writing a book, is no easy task,

But once written, the thoughts will last.


“Standing in the Shadows, Listening to the Greats!!!”

Will bear my name. And who knows, maybe I’ll see some fame.

That’s how, I will leave something behind.

So, Stay tuned!

I would like to be done by June.


Earl E. Hackett

Writer, Blogger, Author





How Books and Audio impacted my life

Legends and Giants aren’t born, but they grow through experience. Legends to me are people like Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, and Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. They are all gone, but their work lives on.


The Giants that walk among us, just to name my top ten, are Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Chris Widener, Connie Podesta, Darren Hardy, Dennis Waitley, Les Brown, John Maxwell, and Steven Covey. Who are you top ten?

Brian Tracy is one of the giants in the personal development business. He is the top selling author of over 50 books, that have been translated into dozens of languages. His bestselling audio video program, “Psychology of Achievement” has been translated into more than 20 languages. He has travel around the world delivering positive and effective lectures on leadership, selling, goals, strategy, and success psychology that brings immediate changes, with long term results.

Brian developed himself, and learned a lot about himself, and the world. He was born in Canada from a family that struggled financially. I was born across the river and over the border, in Detroit Michigan. He dropped out of high school and started his career as a labor. I finished high school and labored on the automotive assembly line. This was back during the time that the Motor City was booming with four car manufacturers.

Brian left Canada to travel the world. He drove to the United States and got on a ship to England. Then he cycled to France, Spain, and Gibraltar. I joined the US Air Force to get off the line, and went to Germany after a brief stop in Tripoli Libya, where the US was forced to close down the military base there because of Col. Muammar Graddafi.


In his early travels and adventures he worked with the famous Dr. Albert Schweitzer, and he trained with martial artists and earned his Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. I only earned a Brown Belt in Shotokan, and I worked for the famous combat fighter pilot, “Chappie James”, who became the first African American, Four Star General for the Air force.

Everybody, is influenced by someone. There is such a great power in a well written book or audio program. Guess where to find some of the best? Go to the Success Store? Brian Tracy mentioned two books from the legends and one from a master. If you study, research, write and lecture to millions for 30 years I would call you a master also. It’s more than the money, but the impact you have on people’s lives.

What are you doing to leave a lasting legacy? If you don’t write your story who will? I decided that I would like to finish my book before it gets to late, the titled – “Standing In The Shadows, Listening To The Greats.” Special thanks to Gerry Robert author of “The Millionaire Mindset” for giving me a different the track to run on. If you commented, it may become part of the book; a marketing idea, from Gerry’s training’s. This has been straight talk, beast mode.
Internet comments
Jenny Weeks
Earl, once again, you have amazed me and touched me. Very powerful post. I am not surprised you worked for General “Chappie” James. I knew there was something special about you. You are humble yet you rise above others. I love your post and always, ALWAYS come away with something profound and ever so valuable. Thank you, Earl.

Earl Hackett
Thank you for your kind words. I’m just thankful that I took those steps to broaden my horizon and that I found some great mentors along the way (some were in books, many were on audio tapes, and a few were in person).
When I met Col. Daniel “Chappie” James he was the base commander at Wheeler Air Force Base in Tripoli Libya, North Africa and they were closing down the base. When he spoke to our little group I knew he was someone special (a true American Patriot). It wasn’t until later, that I realized he was also, a trailblazer.

How will they know? And who will tell them?


If you don’t write your own story, who will?

Chris Widener of the “Made for Success series” recommended that Dino Rossi write a book to tell his story. He did and he titled it, Lessons in Leadership: Business, Politics and Life.

If you have had a busy life, or you have lived a long productive life, why not pass your experience down to the next generation. So how do you get started? Take your life and break it down into chunks and chapters, then fill in the blanks. The end goal is to leave something of value, for someone else. After reading your story, what has the reader learned?

Life is like a mosaic work of art. Its little pieces, snap shots of life and events, that when viewed from a distance create a picture with meaning and substance. And the farther you move away the more you appreciate it all.

Life is not all success stories, however it leaves clues, if you are paying attention, as to what to do, or not do next time. Some of the best motivational speakers would wrap key life principles, into their stories.

Jim Rohn is my all-time best story teller. He once said that he wished he had written more books. I think his real gift to the world was the spoken word. He worked on his craft and he was a “master wordsmith”. You can still order his material from the Success Store.

Dino worked his way through college because his folks couldn’t afford to send him. I joined the military to go to school under the GI Bill. Dino said something that rang true for me. Don’t let your present situation dictate your future. When Dino was young, people looked at his poor situation and said, you will never get into college but he did!

When he was working on the state budget they said, you can’t balance the budget without raising taxes, but he did! They said that he would never be elected as Governor but he was! None of it was easy, but he did it with faith and the power of focus.

When he graduated from college, he sold everything he had, so he could travel and see some of the world. He traveled as a tourist to Southeast Asia. Some of my high school class-mates traveled to Southeast Asia also, but not as tourist, as soldiers fighting the war in Vietnam. I was shipped off to support the cold war in Europe.

Dino traveled overseas for nine months and when he got home his brother gave him an old car, and said if you can get it to work, it’s yours. He got it to work, and then he got to work. He worked at night, as a janitor and in the day time he sold commercial real estate. Funny how opportunity comes to those that aren’t afraid to work.

When Dino made his first few commercial real estate sales, the other guys that worked in the office, called it luck. When he kept getting lucky, they stopped talking, because they were not there. In a straight commission business, it’s do, or die.

Dino did what he had to do, while the other guys “waited to take orders”, and they got none, so they quit. After 18 months Dino had made enough money to put down a deposit on his own commercial property; an apartment building.

Learn from every experience. He learned to negotiate million-dollar commercial real estate deals between the lawyers; the lawyers for the “buyers” and the lawyers for the “sellers”. He took those same negotiation skills with him when he got into the political arena. When you have a “real objective”, you cross party lines to get things done.

When he first got started in the commercial real estate business a manager gave him some wise advice that stuck with him. Don’t count your money too fast. Make sure both parties get what they want first, then figure out how much you made. Reminds me of something Zig Ziglar would always say, “Help enough people get what they want and you can have whatever you want”.

The Empower Network was designed to empower you so you can go out and empower others. If you plug into the training and you attend the events and you don’t quit you will get to where you want to go. Just remember that people have different learning curves. And people bring different skill sets to the table.

Your competition is not somebody else, but yourself, that’s why personal development is so important. If you don’t read or study you won’t grow. Click and get started on your journey now. This has been straight talk, beast mode. What will your masterpiece look like?

Internet comments
Deirdre Powell
Great post Earl. I really enjoyed reading about Dino Rossi. I didn’t know anything about him. Determination and a never give up attitude will go a long way to get you where you want to be. Thanks for sharing such a great story.

Sue Price
Thanks for sharing this Earl. I have not heard of Dino Rossi like Deirdre. I enjoyed reading about him. You commented a couple of weeks ago about writing your book. You have me thinking. As you said, our lives are a series of stories and not all are, success stories. For me I believe my unsuccessful ones are the best teachers. Thanks for a great post, as always Earl.

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments. The world is full of great stories. We mostly only hear of those to did something really bad, or something really sad. One must search for the positive stuff.

The A.L.B.E.R.T. Formula


Albert established his own success formula.


He started from a small village in Ghana West Africa where they had no electricity or running water. His first exposure to the USA came in the form of a movie reflected off the wall in a parking lot next to the military base where his father served in the Ghana Army. The moment he saw the movie he said he was going to the USA. It took him eleven years to make it by way of a scholarship to a college in Maryland.

From humble beginnings can come greatness if you keep to the path and walk through the doors of opportunity when they present themselves? A chance encounter with bar patron led to him getting a job with the Yellow Pages where he became rookie of the year.


Another encounter was when the human resource manager denied him a training position, because of his African accent and the office manager recommended he attend the toastmaster’s organization to work on his speaking ability. This resulted in him becoming a certified public speaker and author.

People tried to nudge him off course, but he stayed on the path. They told him that he didn’t have the resources to go to America; but he found a way. They said he had an accent, but he made rookie of the year selling advertising to American business owners. They said he didn’t have any speech writing ability, yet he came in “second best in the world”, from the toastmaster’s organization; he even obtained certified status. When people tell you can’t, they speak from what they know. They couldn’t, so they assume you can’t.

When he went back home to Ghana he was treated as a celebrity. He was on TV, and in the newspapers, and he spoke to large crowds. As he walked through the crowd he heard someone say, “That’s him, that’s the famous man, and just think, he came from here.” Oprah would have called that a “full circle moment”.

Jim Rohn, who traveled the world telling his story, said he heard the same thing.  “That’s him, that’s the famous man”. It made him think back to where he came from, and how far he had traveled. From Idaho farm boy, to millionaire, to top motivational speaker and living legend. Jim didn’t need the money at the time, but he took the challenge to be all that he could be, and he became “American’s Foremost Business Philosopher”.

As a certified motivational speaker, Albert Mensah would tell his story of how he did what he did, by a formula based on his name.
A. – Aim high. From the moment he saw the America movie off the Ghana wall in a parking lot, at the age of eight, he declared that he was going to find a way to make it to America, and he did; even though it took him eleven years. He had an accent but he became rookie of the year selling advertising to American businessmen. He had never spoken to a large audience but he became a famous motivational speaker anyway.

L. – Learn from others. Let every work experience be a learning vehicle. Albert sent emails to all the top motivational speakers and sought out their advice. One time he went to hear Les Brown. He waited for him and carried his bags up to his room like a porter would. Then he approached Les Brown and told him that he wanted to become a public speaker and left him a sample tape. Seek out and find mentors that will help you, but be willing to carry the “ball” or the bag, to a certain point.

B. – Be yourself. As you learn and grow from the influence of others, add your own flavor and experience.

E. – Expect a lot from yourself and hold yourself accountable for your own actions.

R. – Risk. Be willing to take risk. Playing it safe won’t always get you where you want to go.

T. – Trust yourself. Believe that you can achieve, even when others tell you it can’t be done.

Albert Mensah came from a small village in Ghana, while Jim Rohn came from a farm in Idaho. What is it going to take for you to leave your comfort zone and start your journey? Is an additional $3,000 to $5,000 per month on a part time basics, be enough of an incentive for you to take a look at the an internet opportunity from the inside?
Internet comments

Leonie Henskie
Hi Earl, Thank you, for an insightful blog on a man who aimed high all the way. I had not heard of Albert before but the formula is great. Especially the first, Aim High.

Never heard of this formula until now! Thanks for sharing.

X-Ray Cat
Thanks Earl for sharing. I hadn’t heard of Albert Mensah or his formula before but I absolutely love it. So simple and so true. Gotta write down the formula 🙂

Ken Beckford
Mr. Albert, Awesome formula. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Leith
I love the idea and this one is great!!! Thanks for the formula.

Earl Hackett
Thanks for the comments. There are giants in every industry, some are so big that everybody knows their name: Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hanson, Les Brown, Denis Waitley, Anthony Robbins, Chris Widener, and Darren Hardy.
Then there are extraordinary individuals, who are not as well-known who still leave a positive mark, on society. People like the little Iranian girl named Ellie Drake who made it to America and Albert Mensah from Ghana. Keep blogging, you never know who, may be reading your comments. They might end up in a blog novel.

Why not you too?

If they can do it, why not you?


I wrote a blog about a little Iranian girl, named Ellie Drake who came to America, graduated from medical school but became a successful entrepreneur instead. Now I am looking at a young man who came from a small village in Ghana West Africa.

Albert Mensah who was known as the “Prince of Possibilities”  wrote, “When the Drumbeat Changes, Dance a Different Dance” , and “OK means Opportunity Knocking”. As Chris Widener in the “Made For Success” series was conducting his interview, it struck me that the American experience is so unique, that it stills brings people here, from all over the world. This is the place where possibilities are possible. Some people see it, while others don’t.

Why is it that some people succumb to their surroundings and others overcome and succeed? I don’t have the answer to that question.

Albert Mensah grew in a small village in Ghana West Africa. They had no electricity or running water and he slept on the floor next to his five brothers and sisters in a little hut. His dad farmed for their daily survival but decided to join the Army to make some money to support his family. As a results, the family left the village and moved to Accra the capital city in Ghana.

It was an outdoor cinema next to the military base where Albert was first introduced to American life; the people, the places and the things that we all take for granted. What struck Albert as strange was that everyone in the movie had on shoes. He was eight at the time and had only worn sandals or went barefoot.

The movie showed a scene in which the family was having a normal dinner at the dinner table. For Albert, the fact that they were in a house, and at a table came as a surprise. You never think about your situation until someone tells you about how different or tough they had it.

That movie, planted a seed for more. Albert Mensah made up in his mind, that he wanted what he saw. He asked his older brother, “Where is this place, where everyone wears shoes and sits down at a table to have dinner? His brother told him that it was the USA. He became so driven to get to the United States that he was given the nicknamed “States” by his friends.

Now, when he speaks to his audiences, he tells them that they must be so focused, that people they know, will give them a nickname also. He arrived in his mind, way before, he ever landed in the states.

Last time I went back home to Detroit MI, to visit my friend, I found out that he was always on the go, and he kept calling me slow, because I didn’t have his energy level. He said I was like “Fernadhan the Bull”. I had heard the name, but didn’t remember the fame, so I looked it up on the internet and found that he was a old Disney cartoon character. To a certain degree I’m very persistent and stay on task until the work is done.  600 blogs is a lot of work!


He on the other hand has always been on the go.  When we were young he was always the first one out the door. I finally tagged him with the name, “Speedy Gonlazas” and the name that he had earned – “King Rat”. Back in the day he was an Airborne Army Ranger who fought in the Vietnam War. I on the other hand planned my departure to a certain degree, and ended up supporting the Cold War in Europe in the Air Force then later in the Army.



It took Mensah eleven years to actually make it to America. Along the way he meet many people who told him that he would never make it; both family and friends. If you have a dream and others don’t understand, hold firm and push on anyway. Work towards your goal every day.

It takes time to make things happen. The problem is most people give up too soon. Most people would have given up after a few years. Albert Mensah didn’t know how he would get here, but he never gave up hope. Persistence does pay off in the long run. The best and most current example was Nelson Mandela who spent 27 years in prison and came out to change a country, and influenced the whole world.

Mensah would go to the American Embassy in Ghana, every week to visit the library to learn about America. When you become consumed, you do whatever it takes. You also pick up some knowledge along the way. Mensah finally received a scholarship, to attend a private “high school” in Ghana.

We take public education for granted, but for many developing countries high school, is higher education. Once in high school, he wrote 300 letters to colleges in the United States. Most people would have given up at maybe 20 or 30 letters, but he did 300 letters!

If you wanted to start an online business, what will it take? Is making an additional $3,000 to $5,000 extra every month enough of an incentive to get started, and how long would you work for that goal? Would you be willing to invest the time and money to learn the business? Would you study the material, and listen to the Inner Circle audios (motivational material to keep going). This has been straight talk, listening to the drums and calling all entrepreneurs.


Internet comments

Dan Norman
Great story Earl. It’s amazing the things we take for granted in this country. Thanks for sharing.

Jimmylee Velez
Super inspiring! You are RIGHT! If they can do it why not ME!?!? Thanks so much for sharing!

Jordan Ashton
Consistency, and NOT giving up is key… Awesome post Earl!

Thanks Earl

Mark Eaves
Very inspiring Earl! Being so focused that people will give you a nickname, Love it. Thanks for sharing

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments. We should all be so focused that we learn from each experience. For me the blogging experience unclogged the memory bank, and brought back the joy of discovery; the right quote or the right video to support a certain point or a certain blog makes everything pop!

The Power of Purpose

Without purpose, we go through the motions fueled by motivation.
The problem is motivation is like a sugar high; it only last so long. When you are driven by purpose, you become a part of your purpose and it becomes a part of you. You are inspired from within, and it gives you emotional vitality to go above and beyond. You keep going where others stop.

We were all created for a purpose but sometimes the chatter inside our head keeps us from discovering that purpose. The chatter drowns out the whispers of our intuition. It’s only when we relax ourselves and go in the direction we are called, with trust and faith that we realize that we are moving in the right direction. We must learn to listen to the little voice within, then move with faith. If you want to start a business on line don’t let fear stop you.

Ellie Drake, doctor turned entrepreneur, in her interview with Chris Widener in the “Made For Success” series said, “The way to discover your purpose, is part of a process. Accept whatever you are doing right now. If you don’t like what you are doing, accept that it’s only temporary. Frustration only holds you back. That acceptance of your situation will bring peace and from “that peace” you will enjoy the search to find solutions”. The Bible talks about God not giving us more than we can bear but sometime in the mist of the storm, we lose sight of the shore.


One way out, is to find something bigger than yourself. When you start to help someone, other than yourself, you tend not to focus on your own problems. I joined the Empower Network because I wanted to be empowered to be myself and to help others. When you focus on learning and listening to others you realize that you are not along. On a job, it’s just you and your co-workers but when you increase your exposure on the internet it becomes you, and many others. There is always power in unity.

Many, may have missed these lines to the movie “Coach Carter” but they seem to have stuck with me, because I listened:

What is your greatest fear? 

Our deepest fear in not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.
You’re playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlighten about shrinking,
So others people won’t feel insecure around you.
We were all meant to shine, as children do.
It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone.
As we let our light shine, we unconsciously
Give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.
– Marianne Williamson

It takes a leap of faith to become an entrepreneur. If you venture into the internet world, make sure there is a community of people there. Get involved and realize that it takes time and money to be successful. Success does not come overnight. If you are not willing to put in six months to a year, keep on doing whatever, you were doing right now.

The greatest investment you can make is in your own personal development. Set a goal to make make a certain amount, but more importantly set a goal to learn a new skill. Once you learn a new skill, you can take your skill and your experience with you anywhere.

Set an amount that will require you to stretch and grow. Because without a goal to shoot for, you won’t grow.  Your future vision will pull you through.

Spent time with the various training programs from the core blogging instructions of the Viral Blogging System, the Inner Circle Audios Program, the Top Producer Formula, the Team Building Formula, and the Mass Influence Program.

Knowledge is power and when you get the knowledge, you will enjoy what you do, and you become more productive. Stick with it until. How long is until? Until you get there. Never stop moving in the direction you want.
This has been straight talk, beast mode.
Internet comments
Maria Barina
Awesome post Earl, never heard of Ellie Drake. What an inspira-
tio nal video, Thanks for the share.

Helen Lingard
Love Ellie Drake…haven’t heard her for some time…Thanks for sharing Earl.

Laura Breite
Well said Earl. I hadn’t really thought about the difference between being motivated and being driven by purpose. This is a powerful distinction. You changed my life. Thank you.

Juanita Simpson
I can talk all day, all night about this post right here. This is really close to my heart. When I started to tap into my purpose, my life changed. Thanks for sharing.

Earl Hackett
Thanks for the comments. Without purpose we get lost in all the busy work and we forget why, we even started.