What you do, depends on where you are.

What you do, depends on where you are in life. If you’re in the struggle for survival – living paycheck to paycheck , every dollar counts. Now that I’m retired, it counts even more for me. I can’t do overtime for more social security. However, I can be selective with what I do with my time. What are you doing with your time?

If you are getting close – within a couple of years – to retirement look out for changes; look and listen to the news, so you can notice the trends. Are things slowing down in your industry? Is there any talk about company layoffs? If you are supporting a family, any mis-step may mean no food on the table for the week. But, sometimes you need to look beyond the table; get a bigger vision beyond the table. Maybe it’s time, to look at the whole farm.


Or are you so busy in the struggle, you don’t have time to look up from the daily grind? I was there, because I worked two jobs for a few years, and I was no spring chicken at the time. Do your homework, look beyond the the company and look at the trend. Get in front of the curve. When I looked at investing my time and money to get on the internet, the Empower Network looked like a good place to plant my flag.

There are so many opportunities out there and most sound really good. Some tell you what to do, which is OK, but are they still in the trenches. Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe were in the trenches. Their income was based on them helping their team. Other people noticed and joined forces and the Empire grew.

Dave and David started from the bottom and led the way. The founders of Amway were also distributors, and Amway is one of the largest network marketing company in the world. With the power of the internet, I saw the trend – seems like everyone is on the internet.

I have been in more than a couple of Network Marketing companies and I listened to a lot of motivational speakers. One of my all-time favorite Jim Rohn’s taped seminar, is still “Challenge to Succeed” In which he talks about the five major parts to the life puzzle. Philosophy; the way you think, Attitude; the way you feel,  Activity; what you do,           Results; how you did,  Lifestyle; how you live your life. All those unique pieces determine the way your life turns out.
Success in not something you chase, it’s something you attract by becoming an attractive person. Formal education gets you a job. Self-education will make you rich. A job will provide a living. Self-education makes you wealthy, and wealth can be passed on, to the next generation.
Time is more valuable than money. You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. The key is to work harder on yourself than you do no your job. Profits are better than wages. You can buy a real nice table with your wages but with profits you can buy the whole tree farm. This has been straight talk, beast mode.
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Lynn Brown
Empowering post Earl! Time is more valuable and the more we can share how important it is to know where you are, and understand, where you want to be. That there are different choices you can make. Thanks for sharing your insight and bringing awareness.
Daphne Dobson
Awesome post, Earl! I Love it! I love where you say, “Formal education will get you a job But, self-education will make you rich. A word to the wise is sufficient. Thanks for sharing.

Juanita Simpson
Absolutely awesome!
Linda Waldon                                                                                                         

Great post, thanks for sharing.
Earl Hackett                                                                                                                                Thanks for your comments. I thought formal education “got you paid” until I heard Jim speak.

Take charge of your life, become Empowered

The Empower Network allowed you an opportunity to take charge of your life. You were empowered to do it your way. If the only thing you wanted to do was blog to get your message out to the world, you could also do that. For a small monthly fee, you could write and publish articles on an authority web site, with very high visibility, which meant your stuff got ranked by Google.

With a monthly membership over 40,000 bloggers in the network your blog ranked higher. Higher rankings mean more traffic, which is why you even use the internet, for business. The goal should be to create traffic, capture leads and convert sales (the 3 C’s). Because the system was established, you could focus on your message. You didn’t have to worry about hosting, building a website or all that other tech stuff.
You had the power to be you, without all the tech headaches.

The next level was to become a partner of the referral service. As an affiliate, you got paid to refer others to the network and the company took payments over the internet. The good thing about the process was that didn’t have to sale “the services and other products”. The company did the “up sales” for you.

When you advertised your affiliate links, those leads would watch a presentation that went over the opportunity. When visitors to your blog signed up for the Empower Network viral blog system, you got paid a commission for their staying with the service. Each month they continued their service you get paid; month after month. That’s was called, residual income.

As an affiliate, you become an entrepreneur (independent business owner) and can use whatever type of email management system you have in place, but it was recommended that you use a good 3rd party auto response system to manage your emails. As an affiliate when you follow the core values, you will start the process of personal development.

Mind-set and attitude become key. Your success depends on your goals, aspirations and dreams. As your customer base increased, your income increased. Again, it’s up to you to control your level of involvement.


One of my mentors, the late great Jim Rohn, who gave thousands of seminars around the world, discussed a recurring theme about the “Five Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle”. But before he got into the life puzzle, he talked about being thankful for what you have, before you can get more. We take so much for granted because we look at what we don’t have, instead of what we do have. You don’t think about good health, until you get sick.

He said there are half a dozen things that make 80% of the difference between the wealthy and everybody else. The key is to focus on the few things. Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you can’t get more time. We all have only 24 hours per day.

Don’t spend your time on the minor things that don’t count. And don’t spend your money on minor things; invest in your future. The time you spend on personal development will have a profound effect on your life. There are so many distractions today and we have so little time. You build a team to be more effective. As they say, TEAM means – Together Everyone Achieves More.

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Jenny E. Weeks
Great post Earl, to the point in simple layman’s terms. I really like your writing style and wish you the BEST!
Jenny 🙂

Sue Price
I love your title of this post. Empower Network allows you just that. You have explained the steps so well. It is so easy for people, now to get started as an entrepreneur. I agree mindset is critical for success and it applies to any business, I think. Thanks for this great post Earl.

Earl Hackett
Thank you for your kind comments.
God has given all of us talents, we just need to discover them, and put them to work.


The power of a story

(Another story in the book)
The power of a story is so effective. It can be your story, or someone else’s, but it really illustrates a point so well.


I like to use real life stories because that’s the real essence of the life. When I was coming up as a kid in Detroit, I use to love to go to the movies. If I heard a movie was good, I would even go, by myself. Now that was a time, when it cost less than a dollar to get into the theater, where you saw two movies, previews, and a couple of cartoons.

I was saddened to hear about the passing of the famous movie critic, Robert Ebert. I remember seeing him and his partner Gene Siskel, talk about the latest movies, back in the day. I learned that he even had his own star, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You could see he really liked what he did. Passion for what you do shows through in your speech, and your actions.
He was ahead of his time in a couple of ways. He invested in a little-known company called Google and had a website called robertebert.com. He was also credited with the creating the “two thumbs up” as a sign that a movie was good. Two thumbs up is now a part of the American culture and language. Now it means “it’s good”, which can be used for almost anything.
He dated Oprah once, when she was the host of AM Chicago, in the 1980’s. Even though the date wasn’t memorable, Ebert told Oprah that she should consider creating a syndicated version of her show. Life is strange and you never know how things are going to turn out; Siskel and Ebert became famous film critics, and Oprah went on to create a media empire.

Robert Ebert was an 11-year cancer survivor; two days before his death, he ended his final blog post by saying,” So on this day of reflection, I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I’ll see you at the movies.” U.S. President Barack Obama wrote, “Robert was the movies… (He could capture) the unique power of the movies to take us somewhere magical…the movies won’t be the same, without Roger”.

I still love a good movie. A good drama will take you through all the human emotions, or a good comedy will make you split your side laughing. A good action movie or suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat. A good story may also become a teaching point. Now that I blog, I see life illustrations everywhere!

Accuracy is very important, best to tell it like it is. When you talk to people about a new idea they may be skeptical, and they may not believe you, but they will listen. If you get caught in a lie, they probably will stop listening, let along believe you. True numbers don’t lie.

There is a Bible quote that goes like this –The truth will set you free. It’s easier to deal in truth, than lies. People who deal in lies, have to keep going, so they won’t be discovered. Narrow minded people think in a limited way. When you expand your mind, you see more. Once a rubber band is stretched, it never goes back to its original shape. Once the human mind is stretched, it’s never the same.

How big do you think, the internet is? Do you think there is still room for growth? Do you think there is room for you? Do you have a message to get out to the world? Just remember, it is better to understate than overstate, and to do more than expected, when building a relationship – business or personal. People don’t care about how much you know, they want to know how much you really care. Click and read, then join in the conversation. This has been straight talk, beast mode.


Internet comments
Adrian Hines
Earl my wife and I LOVE going to the movies as well. I wish they were $1.00 LOL. Good post.


Daphne Dobson
Awesome post Earl! Stories are powerful! I love the Robert Ebert story. I use to love watching and listening to him. Thanks for sharing.
Going to the movies really has that adventure though to it…always fun!!
Juanita Simpson
I love this very powerful post. Passion shows through it all, and he was awesome at what he loved to do.


Earl Hackett
Thank you all for your comments. When you tune into the universe you begin to find ideas all over the place, especially if you are looking for positive things to blog about on a daily basics.

In the movie “Coach Carter ” I found the powerful poem from Marianne Williamson. …”Playing small, does not serve the world. We were all meant to shine as children do…” We hide our talents and never get to shine.

In the movie “The family that preys” I was drawn to a song, playing in the background. Gladys Knight sang the same song during the ending credits. “I hope that I never lose my sense of wonder. I get my fill to eat, but always keep my hungry. If given a second chance, I want to dance”. If I dance, I want to dance to a tune, that I like.

Why change your life?

Why change anything at all? It depends on where you want to go.


The only thing worse than electing to remain where you are, is failing to make a choice. If you want to go down the street or down the road a little distraction may slow you down, but you will get there sooner or later.

But if you plan to go to the moon, “every distraction” (each degree off course) is major, if you plan on getting to the moon. To the average person designing a good life is much more important than going to the moon.

Why does one person who started off with all the advantages; solid family, money, end up ten years later saying to themselves,” How did I end up here?” Why does another person who is born in the poorest conditions, overcome that situation and make a major contribution to society? I don’t know, you don’t know, nobody knows.

Ten years from now, if you live long enough, you will be there. The question is where? If you are not where you want to be, then you must change something to get to who YOU want to be, or settle for who you are. A few daily disciplines exercised every day over a ten-year period has a very powerful effect; some would even say life changing.

Jim Rohn talked about discipline, as a key factor in many of his lectures. Being aware of the need for discipline, is the first key. The second key, is the eagerness to maintain your new discipline, while the last key is consistency; exercising your new discipline every day. Discipline is like the master key, that unlocks all the doors of wealth, happiness, self-esteem, pride, joy, accomplishment, satisfaction and success.

The rewards of a disciplined life are great, but they’re often delayed, until sometime in the future. A fun day at the beach might be an immediate reward for the lack of discipline. Just don’t go to the beach when there is work to do. I always told my kids when they were growing up: Work first, then you can play. A future reward for the “disciplined man” who stayed and did the work, is now he can buy the house on the beach.

Each new discipline affects another. They are the basic building blocks to a successful life. Discipline attracts opportunity, which attracts ambition and skills. Like attracts like; better positive than negative. Discipline is the reason why I was able to copy from these notes from Jim’s lectures and put them in my Jim Rohn Journal. He said, get a journal to capture the things that are important to you. He said, don’t trust your memory write it down! And I did.

There is a price to pay for the promise. But if you can’t see the promise, you don’t want to pay the price. What is the slight difference between sight and vision? Sight is what you see with your eyes. Vision is what you see with your mind. Robert Kennedy said,” Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were, and say Why not”?
To be able to share, so much, to so many is an awesome responsibility. My focus is to get YOU to think about your possibilities. I tell my story; share what I read or heard and relate it to my life. What is your unique life experience?
I can’t exceed by myself, YOU can’t exceed by yourself. It takes each of us to build a society, it takes all of us to build a country, a nation, to live in this world together. Technology has made this world smaller. We can make it better, if we try.
Jim Rohn’s  power was always in the spoken word. He was known as “America’s Foremost Business Philosopher”. With the empower network, the power is in the numbers of people we reach over the internet. This just might be your time for a change. Are you ready?


Internet comments

Sandy Zalecki
Love your post. I want to change into a better entrepreneur and your post, inspired me.

Shirley Mae Albright
Change is scary, but it has so many benefits too! Your post really encouraged me. Thank you.

Ken Beckford
Thanks for this post Mr. Hackett!

Gail Kendig
No one likes the word discipline do they Earl! Great post… I feel it’s very motivating and honest!

Earl Hackett
Thank you for the comments. If I was not seeking change, I don’t know where I would be. I might have retired from the plant in Detroit MI and not traveled half way around the world.

The Empower Network introduced me to the discipline of blogging on a regular basics. I had tried it along, but was not encouraged. Receiving comments just encouraged me to keep it up. We should look at each experience as a learning moment.

Are you searching for a better way?

I was always searching, but didn’t know why. I could have settled for things as they were, but didn’t. If you have been searching for your place, then read on.             (This is another story from the book)


I was searching for years. I fought to get on the Chrysler assembly line in Detroit Michigan. During that time (early 1960′s) DETROIT was the MOTOR CITY, home of the big four, and MOTOWN, home of the new urban sound. That was when America was the leader of the automotive industry – if it rolled and it was made in America it came from the Detroit area. Working at the plant was a way into middle class. At that time, a “strong back” and a good work attitude supported many families in America. We had a strong manufacturing base then.
I was young and healthy and in my last year of high school. Work on the assembly line, once it got into full production was (60 cars an hour) and required “constant movement”. On the personal level that meant I had one minute (60 seconds) to complete my assigned task. If I finished in 45 seconds I had a 15 seconds break before I had to do it all over again. The level of physical effort was based on the function that had to be performed. As a new hire, I had to work my butt off. I quickly learned how to conserve my energy just to make it through an 8-hour shift.
I looked around and noticed how the senior people dealt with that constant movement. Seniority (more time at the plant) meant an easier job function. They were paid more, but locked into the same repetitive grind, no matter what the task. Single or married with children they were locked into the factory life cycle because they got hooked on the spending cycle – buy this, buy that, and work overtime to try and catch up with the bills.
While working on the assembly line, I found a way off the line. I joined the military, to use the GI Bill to go to college. I left before “mass production” was replaced by “outsourcing”. That is when the C.E.O.’s became more concerned about increasing profits and their bonuses, than the environment, reinvestment in the plant and equipment, and loyalty to long time employees.


If you are still reading this, you may still be searching. You may be looking for a way to make a little more cash, until pay day. You may hate your job, or the people you work for, but you feel stuck.


You need to become your own C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer). One of my mentors, the late great Jim Rohn produced a tape seminar titled “Take charge of Your Life”. You need to take charge, to change your life, or stay stuck.


My next search for better led me to seek “small business ventures”. Even when I was well established – college grad, military officer, working for the Department of Defense. I was still looking for something, for the next phase of my life. I looked at traditional franchising, but I found the cost to be too high. The least expensive franchise I liked, cost $40,000 and that was just for the franchise fee. That didn’t include cost of any equipment, property, or personnel.
Network Marketing was another option. Start-up cost were a lot lower, but you had to really work hard to build an organization, for it to be worth it. There are many good companies with good products and services. I always loved the personal development programs, the seminars and the great motivational tapes.
Some of the core values of the Empower Network require daily work on your self-improvement, reading and listening every day. Blogging is good for me because it allows me to express myself and use some of those skills I developed as an Army Staff Officer many years ago.
I looked at the Free Training Tapes and I looked at the information about the industry. Social Media is the buzz word, seems like everyone is on line. And it doesn’t look like things are going to slow down any time soon. GOOGLE, FACE BOOK, You-Tube, and LinkedIn and YAHOO are household names. I didn’t know about ALEXA – the web information company that ranks web sites, based on worldwide traffic.
At the time of this writing the EMPOWER NETWORK, site ranked in the Top 600 in the World and in the Top 200 in the United States. WOW! Dave and Dave (co-founders of the company) didn’t attend a traditional university they went to the “College of Hard Knocks” and graduated with a MBA (Major Business Attitude) with Swag.


Do your research. The Bible says search and you will find.  This is just some of my story. This has been straight talk, beast mode. The train is leaving the station, will you get on?

Internet comments
Patrick Batty
Hey Earl, Thanks man, Great post.
So many people need to make a change in their situation.
Yet, only a few ever do with a real commitment.
The champions are the ones that dust themselves off,
Pick up the pieces, and make massive changes in their situation.
Thanks for posting

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments Patrick. I have found that if I didn’t like something, I would figure a way to change things. I knew that if I went into the military, I could be able to go to school under the GI bill.
I never knew it would give me a wider view of the world. Most do one branch of the military and they are done. I did Air Force and Army.
I was searching when I ran across the Empower Network. What I found was my talent for writing. Next step is a Blog Novel.

Hey seniors (60+) Wake up and get off the couch.

Long life is a gift from GOD. Good health is an additional blessing. Money can buy you the best health care, but it doesn’t guarantee long life.

I am now a senior citizen 60+ and starting the next phase of my life; retirement. Now that I don’t have to punch the clock to get a pay check I have time to reflect and punch the key boards.
If I could do it all over again, I don’t know if I would change it, because it all led me to this point. Maybe, I can give you something to change the direction of your life, by sharing some things I learned along the way.
I love watching good movies. A relevant story or even a song can make an impact, if you are ready to let it affect you. You may have seen the movie” The Family That Preys “. The basic story is about two older women (good friends for over 20 years) and their families. One woman, Alice, played by Alfre Woodard, sacrificed a lot for her two daughters, and missed a lot of life, to support them. The other woman who was wealthy, Charlotte, played by Kathy Bates talked her good friend Alice into joining her on a road trip. But she didn’t tell her friend that she had an illness that would end her life in a brief period.

As they started their road trip, the dying woman asked her good friend a question a couple of times, “Alice are you living, or are you just existent? On the car radio in the background, and during the end credits were these words to this song:

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder. You get your fill to eat, but always keep your hungry.
May you never take one single breath for granted? God forbid love ever leave you empty handed. I hope you still feel small, standing by the ocean.
When one door closes, I hope another always opens. And when you get to chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance. I hope you dance. I hope you never fear the mountains in the distance, or settle for the path of least resistance.
Living might mean taking chances, but they are worth the taking. Love might be a mistake, but it’s worth the making. Give heaven more than a second glance, and if you get a chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance. I hope you dance.

After 40+ years of work, retirement is great. Not punching the clock (retirement) is a great feeling. But if someone showed me how to make enough money to retire early, I would have jumped on that a long time ago. If I had enough money I would be working on my bucket list. I’m not there yet.
As a two-time military veteran, college grad, decent husband, and caring father, what will be my legacy be, outside my immediate family? The heroes that I read about, made differences in other people’s lives: people like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, and Les Brown. If I introduced you to some of their friends and a cash flow system that made you money, would you do the same for others?
My mom who never had much money, worked (took the bus) into her 80′s. I think it helped her to live longer. She lived to be 90 years young. I knew she gave birth to 14 but the fact that she was the last of 33, is why I do, what I do. Who is going to write about your family history?
I now have 60+ years of life experience, if you are a senior you should have 60+ years of life experience also. If all you want to do is sit on the porch, don’t, because they will be carrying you away soon. Get off your butt if you can, and do something while you can.
Speak to the younger folks, if they will listen. Get some of these young folks to show you how to get started on the internet. Just remember that MONEY TALKS and BS WALKS.
This had been straight talk, beast mode. What will it take for you to get
up off the couch or your rocking chair?


                                                               Internet comments
Hey there Earl, love this post! My dad is 65 years old, swims laps in the morning, cycles and runs like he’s in his twenties. There are no excuses!
Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments Alesha. I wondered why they called it the “golden years”. Maybe some poet was thinking of golden hair. I think gray or bald is a little more accurate. (Most people don’t have a pile of gold). I prefer to think that with age, comes wisdom. For the few that get a chance to put it in writing, it’s a chance to drop nuggets of gold, from a lifetime of experience.

Happy Birthday to me and Hello World

Happy Birthday to me, and Hello World.  (Not really, but it’s my mother’s – R.I.P.)

This is how I wrote it, in the book. And it’s dedicated to her grands and great-grands!

Today is my day. Celebrations are in order.


Birthdays are so special because they are so personal. I was born on the 21st of April many, many years ago. However, I was not the only person born on that day. Other people were also born on that day, but I don’t know them, they probably don’t know me either. We can search through the internet for some of the famous people that were born on the same day we were born, to form a kinship.

As I got older, I would also use this day as a day of reflection. Young folks have called me an “old head” or “OG” for some time now. Hopefully those terms are a show of respect for having reached a certain age. Whenever I hear the term, my response is always the same. “Everybody doesn’t make it”.

A lot of the people I grew up with, in “The Big D: Detroit” are no longer here. Some died, due to illness or accident. Some choose the fast life and died through violence or drugs.


I even lived through the Vietnam War, and was considered a Vietnam Era veteran, even though I went to Germany. A lot of folks never made it back home. I grieve for those who are no longer here. I remember them, but I celebrate life. Life is precious and not to be wasted.

As I think back on past birthdays, I remember certain birthdays more than others. We key in on the numbers and sometimes on the events that happened on that special day. I remember 13 because that number represents passage into being an “official teenager.”

I reflect back to 18, because that age represents official responsibility. Young folks say, “I’m grown now, I’m 18.” That is considered the start of young adulthood. The next milestone is 21. At 21 we look at that age as being a legal adult. Time to get “officially drunk”.

At 19, I was in the military service. And I became a man, a legal adult (age 21), on the African Continent. I was stationed at an US Air Force Base in Libya, and served under the base commander, then Colonel “Chippie James” who later became the first African American, Four Star General for the United States Air Force


As a baby boomer we looked at 30, as being part of the establishment or over the hill. When I got there, I was glad to be able to “look down the hill”. After that, I looked at each ten-year period as a milestone.


I remember the birth of each of my children. I was not in the waiting room; I was in the delivery room, helping to bring them into the world. I grew up in an environment of too many baby daddy’s and wanted to break that cycle. My oldest son, Edward was born in Philadelphia. My daughter, Nicole was born in a German hospital and my youngest son, Matthew was born in a military hospital at Ft. Bragg (home of the Airborne) in North Carolina.


When I got older and wiser, I discarded some old misconceptions. Men do cry in the dark. We just don’t do it as much as women, because we don’t want to appear weak. When you look at the world and tragedies involving the young and the innocent like Boston and New Town and the things we do to each other it should break any heart. Sadness and grief is a human condition.


I always called home for my birthday because I was away in the military. That was my way of saying Hi, I’m still here. If you happen to read this, do that (like, comment, and share). I’m blogging on the internet because I have had a unique life experience and I’m sharing because it helps my own personal development.


When I went to college “back in the day”, we used punch cards for the main frame computer. Now kids carry carry computers in their back pocket, in the form of a smart phone. And things are still changing, so I’m still learning. The bottom line is: “Thank God I’m still here” another year.


H.G.M. Is for Hackett Global Marketing.
I also Have Great Mindset, I’ve Had Great Mentors.                                                                      And because I’m still here, I Have God’s Mercy

Internet comments

Azam Hamdoon
Happy birthday Earl 🙂 Have a great one, and great story by the way.

Deirdre Powell
Great post Earl. Happy Birthday! I love the way you tell your stories. Being a Baby Boomer myself, I appreciate your post. Life is precious, people don’t always act like they think it is. Glad someone still does. Blessings!
Happy Birthday Earl!

Tereza Kumric
Happy Birthday Earl! Thanks for sharing your special day with us!

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your well wishes and comments.

To Edward, Nicole, and Matthew this is what Dad has been doing! You called it “that blogging thing”. My birthday gift to me, and surprise to you, is putting your name in ink; on a blog and in a book. How is that for a little family history?