What will be your moment of transition?

Lisa Nichols tells her story to Tom Bilyen of Inside Quest. Women who are also mothers usually always think about their child first.  When she said she made a mental shift in her thinking, it began a different journey.  She was ready to die to the ‘old self’ so she could give birth to the woman she was becoming.

Eric Thomas in the Lone Wolf Motivation Video Compilation said that we should be willing to die, so that we can live. Be willing to go beyond average. 70% is OK but not good enough. 95% is great but you still need more if you want to be exceptional. When you give 120% effort there is nothing you can’t achieve over time.

For Jim Rohn it was the Girl Scout story. He felt he had to lie to keep her from knowing how broke he was, so he told he they already had some cookies in the house.  As she walked away he said to himself that he didn’t want to live like that any more. He was working to support his family but didn’t have any spare money to support the Girl Scouts and on top of that he lied. He vowed to himself that he would find a better way and he did.

The best thing you can do is get yourself together first before you can help others. Women usually worry about others before they think about themselves. But on an airplane they say put your mask on first before you help someone else. The wolf on the hill is never as hungry as the wolf climbing still. It’s a lonely walk up the hill but it makes you stronger. It builds your character, your confidence and your integrity.

She became willing to find people who had what she wanted, lived the way she wanted and knew the things she didn’t know. She became the student. Jim Rohn found Earl Shoaff and this Earl listened to the greats in the motivational field. Many of them were influenced by Jim.

There are three forms to money. Earning it, keeping it and making it grow. She found that the key to doing all three, was to be of service to others. Money for the sake of money won’t get you there. Remember Judas? Your success is on the other side of service. The reward for service out weighs money. She became hungry for knowledge. When you are climbing the hill, keep your hungry and your thirst for more. And don’t be afraid to eat ‘humble pie’.

Then she decided to pay herself first she put into the first principle of wealth creation. Most people spend what they have then trey and save what’s left. With the high cost of living there is hardly anything to save. As the government prints and prints more money to pay their bill, the power of the money in our pocket shrinks. If you want to save you must sacrifice.  You must do what others won’t. Les Brown said that success is never convenient. We must do what is necessary to accommodate it.

The brain wants to keep us safe but the spirit wants us to fly. The greatest fear is not that we will fall but that we will never be able to fly. Be that ordinary person willing to make that extraordinary decision every day.



19 Lessons from a Military Mind

I’m not a millionaire but I do have a military mind-set. It’s been a while but I still remember boot camp. It’s an experience you never really forget. I enlisted in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. My reason for enlisting was to get away from the assembly line in Detroit MI. I had worked my first summer job and liked the idea of having some spending money, so I thought it would be a good idea to get a job on the assembly line during my last semester in high school (second shift).

My best friend also enlisted, but because he was a couple of years older he was drafted in the Army and sent to Vietnam. When the government sent me my draft notice, I showed them that my paperwork was in order, and I was due for basic training in Texas. Three months after high school and I was off to basic training.

Typically a person who causes problems are let go – given a dishonorable discharge and sent home. Pat was given an option, which most people weren’t. When he decided to stay he was tested to see if he made the right decision. It was a defining moment for him to see if he would prevail.

Maybe in the back of his mind was all the things he had already survived. He mentioned that most of the people who made it to the Harvard Business School had some kind of  ‘extreme hardship’ for a year or two before they made it there. Pat had survived hardship in Iran, war, refugee camps, divorce of parents, and running the streets.

These are the 19 military lessons he learned.

  1. Manage Chaos. Many things happen at the same time, but you must learn to stay in control. Military training is where you learn to condition your mind and body. The ‘low crawl’ under barbed wire in mud is real. It’s part of the confidence course for a reason. One mistake and you are done. In business it’s not life and physical death but the death of your enterprise.
  2. Mission Driven. The military is always about mission. It’s complete the mission whatever it may be, and take care of your comrades while you are at it.
  3. Limited ResourcesIt’s get the job done with the resources you have. In business, it’s figure out what you need to do, without all the money.
  4. Multi-task.In the military you must do many things, to last. In business you need to hold on until you can hire others to do some of your tasks.
  5. Perform under pressure. What do you do, when your performance is on the line? Some do fine and  others get left behind. True leaders are born under fire. Decisions under pressure determine the measure of the whole man: integrity and character always matter.
  6. Manage Risk. In a combat situation bad decisions can results in defeat or death. In business bad decisions result in the death of your enterprise or defeat of your mind.
  7. Thick skin. In the military you must learn to deal with all kinds of people. In basic training the drill instructors stay in your face, to see if you will crack. Over time you learn to deal with sarcastic people. In business if someone says no, don’t take it personal. You can’t please everyone. On the internet a ‘like’  does not mean everyone loves you or your idea. Move on to whoever  is next.
  8. Build a tribe. In the military you build “esprit de corps”. In business you want to build community of like minded people.
  9. Leadership. In the military it’s lead, follow or get out of the way and don’t delay. If something happens to your superior, you must be able to continue the mission.
  10. Learn other cultures. In the military people, come from many cultures for one cause – to serve. In a global economy it’s helping people all over the world and making a profit for your goods and services.
  11. Adapt. As I moved from assignment I had to adapt. I had a very unique military experience. I enlisted in the Air Force and was commissioned in the Army. As a Quartermaster Officer I dealt with civilians who had many years of experience. In Germany I had host Nation employees, civilians employees and military personnel.
  12. Survivability. In a military environment it means to be mission capable after an single engagement. In business it’s surviving a major lost.
  13. Independence. This is where you are able to do it alone.  I always felt the going into the military makes you grow up fast. The military trains young men to become warriors. We get involved in war games, but it’s not play.
  14. StrategyWhat is your primary objective?  What is your long term goals?
  15. Health. You can’t continue to fight, if you are not in condition.
  16. PreparationYou must study and read, if you want to lead.
  17. ParanoiaEnjoy your victories but always be aware.
  18. Work Ethic. Be prepare to work or stay home.
  19. Discipline. It’s not easy but if you have the discipline you will continue the fight.





It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

The wolf on the hill is never as hungry, as the wolf who is climbing the hill. The underdog is usually taken for granted and dismissed. Internally he must become  a mean dog that becomes driven by determination. Over time he develops a loud bark, (finds his voice) and yes he bites (does the work that others thought would never be done).

It’s not easy to walk along, but it’s the walk that will make you strong. Just be prepared to leave some folks behind. It’s takes a strong person to walk along in the right direction, than to follow the crowd, that’s all wrong. The hardest walks lead to the best destinations. The toughest climbs always lead to the best views. The struggle and the tears in the middle of the night will allow you to finish the fight. It won’t be easy but it will be all right.

You control your own destiny but you must do what is required. When you show people what you are made of, the right people will show up. Always be hungry to feed your mind. Look forward for the next feast of success. Just realize that success is not convenient, you must do what’s required. You can’t do everything so you must decide what is the most important.

You must decide how to spend your money and your time. Modern technology is really neat, but you can’t always answer every whistle and beep. Don’t be like everyone else, don’t become an extension of your phone. Discipline is the key. You must show up and do the work  and avoid the distractions. That happens when you decide what you really want to do. Do you want to spend the money on some new shoes, or a new hand bag or do you want to spend the money on a new training program? To get good at something, takes a lot of work and sacrifice.

Your drive and passion will pull you through. If you want to live like the 1%, people live their life on their terms  you must be willing to sacrifice. You must focus and do what you must. Win the mornings and you have a better chance of winning your day. If you start your day off with the morning news, most will be bad or sad. And if it’s not happening in your immediate area, they go to the next area or town. Bad news sells and garbage smells.

To stand out you must stand up and go in another direction:Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason, mastery demands all of a person.” – Albert Einstein.

You must acquire the skills you need, to advance in whatever is your cause. Work within the gifts you have been given and the task becomes easier. Fall in love with what you do and you will want to do it more often. And the more you do it the better you become. The world will bend to your will, if you persist and never quit.

What does it take to reach a breakthrough? It depends on what you want to do. Everyone is in a rush and and nobody has any time to feed their mind. To become legendary you must be exceptional. Your action must exceed your words. Make today count because what you do today determines what happens tomorrow. Discipline will help you get to where you want to go.


Thirteen Minutes to the Top

In thirteen minutes Earl Nightingale explains how some people reach the top! 

Earl Nightingale (Mar. 12, 1921 – Mar. 25, 1989) was an American radio speaker and author who talked about human character development, motivation and the meaning of life. The economist Terry Savage said that Nightingale’s book The Strangest Secret  was one of the all time great motivational books.

Nightingale joined the Marine Corps when he was 17 and was on board the USS Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Surviving that, has to be a life changing experience.  After the war he was inspired by the reading of Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. It was in 1956 that he created the spoken word record “The Strangest Secret”, which sold one million copies.

It’s only a small percentage of people who are successful. Imagine 100 men, age 25 standing in line in somewhere in America, the land of opportunity. At the age of 65 this is what would happen to them after 40 years of work.

  • 1 will be wealthy
  • 4 will be independent
  • 5 will still be working
  • 36 will be dead
  • 54 will be dependent on government assistance or family support

Why is it that only a small percentage will be successful? The top  5% didn’t follow the crowd. They made a plan and stuck with it over the long haul. The rest spent what they made, and tried to save what was left. The problem was there never seemed to be enough. Everyone wants to appear successful so they buy the house they can’t really afford and drive the car that doesn’t really fit into their budget, so they can look good. When you add on the high cost of higher education, that becomes the iceberg that sinks many ships.

Most people do what they must to receive a pay check, but your wealth is based on how you do what you do, and how much you save. It doesn’t matter how much you make because everybody wants to appear to be making more. If you spend all you have you can’t pay yourself. Within every job is an opportunity to learn something. But you must look for it. If you develop an attitude of making the most of each situation, over a five year period, something has got to happen.

I started blogger over five years ago as something to keep my mind active after 40 years of work. Of course it would have been nice to add to my social security check but I had to overcome the learning curve of internet marketing. As a baby boomer, the tech stuff went over my head but I had a way of putting my words together. I’m determined by nature and I developed a can do attitude from being in two branches of the military.

Find something that catches your interest that requires your unique skills.  I always like reading about the people who got involved in personal development. I was also inspire by Napoleon’s book Thing and Grow Rich, but when I discovered his first work Law of Success I was blown away.  I had ordered the hardback edition and was surprised when it arrived with over 1,000 pages.

Over the years I attended seminars to hear the top motivational speakers – Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, and Darren Hardy. In fact Darren Hardy as the publisher of Success Magazine introduced me Jim Rohn. He was inside the magazine on a CD program that gave a  speech that caught my attention and turned me into a lifetime fan.

I started writing about motivational speakers and some of the things they had to overcome to be successful as it related to me. The blogging company folded but I kept writing because my focus was on personal development, not company techniques. What I learned is how to do the basic stuff like write, cut and paste.

Along the journey I discovered a unique way to save Many a house has been built brick by brick. Now I know how to build my financial house gram by gram.

Earl E. Hackett

Writer, blogger, author

Crazy like a Fox


For those who didn’t believe it was possible the karatgold coin has taken a giant leap. Karatbars International C.E.O. Harold Seitz, just recently announced that the company will soon open the world’s first crytocurrency bank. What distinguishes this coin from all the rest of the crytocurrency is that it will be back by gold. And gold never gets old!!! http://www.financefox.co.uk/cryptocurrency-bank-karatcoin-bank-to-open-in-june/

As a fully licensed bank in Miami, the “Katatcoin Bank” customers will be able to rely on the bank to serve their banking needs and accept the coin as payment like fiat currency (printed paper currency).  Unlike printed currency, gold is a limited supply so there is no inflation. As governments print more and more money to pay their enormous  debts , karatcoin becomes an inflation-protected instrument and increases in value. The coin becomes a stable means of exchange , savings, and investments.

At one time American currency was backed by hard assets (gold and silver). In 1971 President Richard Nixon ended the dollar convertibility to gold to prevent foreign governments runs on the US gold reserve and to bring down inflation.

For the inside scoop on the Federal Reserve I recommend you read The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, A second look at the Federal Reserve.

Millions , billions and trillions is what the politicians talk about. We can’t print money. If we tried we go to jail. Trickle down doesn’t work. The prices go up and the common man pays more and more. Wall Street gets bailed out but Main Street get stuck with the bills. And the dollar bill don’t buy much. Maybe now is the time you looked at the real money on line.






What happened to the Middle Class?

More and more people worry about paying for college, paying the mortgage, buying a car and retiring after working a life time. But the cards have been stacked for a long time for the middle class, in fact it’s been about 40 years. In the 50’s and the 60’s a family could make a decent living with one parent working but things changed in the 70’s. Now both parents go off to work while the kids go off to daycare.

Even two incomes families, are still having a hard time making ends meet. Prices of everything climb but the buying power of the average American are stagnant. While the American worker seems to be working harder and harder there is a small percentage of people who are getting richer and richer which is causing an income equality explosion; in 1968 the average CEO pay was 45 to one, now it’s 829 to one. It was like an illness that grew into a disease that changed the fiber of America.

Les Leopold’s Runaway Inequality An Activist’s Guide to Economic Justice breaks down the causes and discusses some of the solutions. The corporate elite and the free market fundamentalist swore up and down that the upward redistribution of wealth was good for us and fine for the country. But they were wrong.

Trickle down never trickled down because the super rich don’t use the same services, common folks use. We go to the airport and stand in line while they go straight to their private jet. Their kids go to exclusive private schools and you never hear about school shootings in those places.  They live in gated communities and are isolated from society in their multi-million dollar mansions.

Here are some of the things, we do know. US companies started shifting production overseas to meet world wide competition and avoid the high cost of labor. They knew that those workers would work for much less, and risk more to work in hazardous conditions. Those run across the border, and over the pond actions caused US factories to close which led to the lay-off of thousands of American workers. Good paying factory jobs were replaced by low wage paying  service jobs in retail and fast food. Now, even large brick and mortar retail stores, are laying off thousands of employees  because of the rising  increase of on-line retail businesses.

In 1982 President Reagan fired more than 11,000 striking air traffic controllers  which gave corporations  everywhere the green light to resist union demands and to begin an all-out-intent to crush them all together.  When foreign auto makers came to America they went to non-union states.

In the back drop of the 1970’s were major events which effected the American economy.  The Vietnam War and the Cold War was costing the government billions. And the Arab oil boycotts caused more than long line at the gas pump. It pumped up the price of petroleum based products and the cost of shipping goods and services all over the country. By the 70’s Europe and Japan had fully recovered from WWII and were now competing with the US  globally. And the political and social turmoil of the 1960’s spurred the government to increase domestic spending to improve the lives of low-income Americans.

The Better Business Climate model was adopted in 1980 with three major parts.

  1. Cut taxes especially on the wealthy and large corporations.
  2. Cut government regulations, especially on high finance.
  3. Reduce government social spending.

It is now 2018. Does any of this sound familiar? What are you going to do if you are not in the top 1%. Start saving some of your paper currency in an appreciating asset by looking at the following link http://therealmoney.online/earlhackett323.



Darren Hardy – 100 Years of Wisdom in Ten Minutes

Darren Hardy was the visionary force behind the rebirth of SUCCESS Magazine, as it’s publisher and founding editor. He sat in the “esteemed chair” once occupied by the early pioneers in the personal development field; Orison Swett MardenW. Clement Stone, Napoleon Hill and Og Mandino.

He has had the unique and unprecedented access to the most successful people on the planet to interview, and publish their stories of success, including people like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Howard Schultz, Steve Wynn, Jack Welch and many many more.

Darren is one of the most distinguished keynote speakers in the world today, He  was awarded the ‘Master of Influence’ designation by the National Speakers Association (NSA). This is an honor shared by only 22 other luminaries in the history of the industry. Other such notables are Jim Rohn, Og Mandino, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and Deepak Chopra.

Darren Hardy delivers a powerful short message for the ages. Short and sweet may appear too simple, until examined over a period of time. Steve Jobs gave a speech in which he said that the future appears as a mist and we may not understand it all. We only see it clearly, after we have passed through time, and that’s when we connect the dots to see how far we have come. Trials and tribulations are stepping stones to learning experiences.

The first time I heard that it’s just a ‘few things’ you need, to be successful in life was when I was listening to a Jim Rohn CD lecture in which he was discussing the “Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle.” Before he got into the list of the Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle, he talked about the formula he got from his mentor Earl Shoaff.

Earl said “There are only a half dozen things that make 80 % of the difference as to how your life turns out”.  Keep looking for the few things that make the most difference for YOU. A few healthy things you do every day, is all you need to do to have a healthy life. The challenge is to do them every day, which requires discipline. It’s eating an apple a day, not eating  seven apples at the end of the week. A walk around the block and a push-a -way from the table takes discipline. It’s easy to do the things you like, and it’s harder to do the things you must, unless it becomes habit.

Time management is the secret to success. Successful people have learned to do more in their 24 hours than others, by focusing  on the few things that make the major difference. Many people don’t do well because they spend major time on minor things. They also spend major spend money on minor things to impress others, but don’t spend time and the money on their personal development.

In a world made smaller with technology it’s easy to be distracted.  With the mobile phone and the internet, the whole world is just a finger tap away. Many wake up to read their email before they brush their teeth and read their email before they go to sleep.  I remember when that there was a time that the TV ended at a certain time of the night. Now there is 24 programming and you can watch a lot of it from a smart phone.

It’s a special treat to reach 100 years of age. To reach that age and being wealthy, respected and loved, is even more rare. Darren Hardy as the publisher of Success Magazine reminds me of another individual, who spoke to a lot of the most influential people of his time. His name was Napoleon Hill and because he took on the challenge from Andrew Carnegie, he interview the most powerful and rich during his time.

I was personally in the audience at a convention when Darren  said that SUCCESS Magazine was coming back. I donated a lot of my old magazines to ‘The Mighty Writers’,  a youth organization here in the city but I kept my favorite – Jun/July 2008 – 50 Greatest Entrepreneurs of All Time. The FREE Dual Disc (DVD/CD) inside introduced me to the Legend- Jim Rohn. He became the grand father I never knew – full of timely wisdom.


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