What kind of ring is that? Part #1 of the Tracey Walker story


What kind of ring is that? Part #1 of the Tracey Walker story
Rings represent very special things, and some even represent the wings of those that soar.

There are the world famous, Super Bowl ring and the World Series rings and then there are special rings that many don’t know about. The Empire Network had the Millionaires Club ring and only the people in the network knew what that meant. It meant the person who wears the ring has earned at least a million dollars in commission.

The National Speakers Associations, has the Speakers Hall of Fame ring, which represents the very highest level of achievement. These rings are for the few that have achieved above, and beyond the ordinary. Chris Widener, in his Made for Success series, was interviewing Don Hutson, who wore the Speakers Hall of Fame ring.

What a lot of people would consider a lucky break was really a learning experience. Don Hutson had to hone his speaking skills or starve, as a commissioned salesman. He sold one-day enrollments into training seminars, to diverse types of small sales forces. His first 1,500 speeches were freebies, to groups of eight to ten people from distinct types of sales organizations; auto sales, products sales, real estate sales, and financial markets. As he was going through the process, he was honing his skills and generating sales.

After a few years Don got so good, that one person asked him if he would come speak for a fee, at his next company meeting. In sales and in life, you must listen to the marketplace. So, Don transitioned out of selling seminars for other people and started his own company, working on his speaking career, and conducting his own seminars.

The key to success is to be prepared when opportunity knocks. Someone once said that success can only happen when opportunity meets preparation. It’s all about the mindset. Will you be ready when your opportunity comes?

Tracey Walker knew David Wood before he started the Empower Network. She believed in the dream from the very beginning. She continued to build, even when the company went through growing pains early on. I saw her work with her team, and knew it was just a matter of time. It was a pleasure watching the development of leadership.

We should all have role models that inspire, influence and motivate us. Sometimes the role models that have the most influence on us, are people many may not have never heard of. You may hear about them, when they break the thresh hold, called fame and fortune. What people fail to understand, is that what appears as an overnight success, may have taken twenty years of hard work and preparation. With the power of the internet, that time has really been reduced.

Good stories and humor go with the content in today’s market- place. Nobody wants to hear a lot of dry content. Nobody wants to read a pitch-fest. David Wood and David Sharpe of the empower network have become very good story tellers. They are what you would call authentic; down to earth founders that knew what they want to do and surrounded themselves with other sharp people. The Viral Blogging Academy was a great block of instructions on the power of storytelling.

The skill sets you learn, will take you to your next level. People pay over $100,000 to attend college, and sometimes they can’t find a job to start their career. The best investment you can make is an investment in your own personal development. The Success Store is a good place to start. The name along sounds like a good place to shop.

If you want to get involved in the internet marketing arena make sure the company or opportunity has a good training program. You need the psychological (mind set training) and the technical training. The Empower Network had the Viral Blogging Academy, the Inner Circle audio program, the Top Producer Formula, the Team Building Formula and the Mass Influence Formula . In addition to learning from the programs you can got paid by offering them to other people that wanted to learn.

Are you willing to invest in your own education. Just remember that there are some people paying thousands to attend college and some of them can’t find jobs. This has been straight talk, no chaser.


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Sherry Starnes
Great post Earl! I enjoy reading your post so much, because you bring so much value in each of them. I agree with you on the issue of personal development. I was guilty of investing in college and other things, but not personal development until the past few years. I believe more emphasis should be placed on this, in high school. If students learned to invest in themselves in high school they wouldn’t have to go to college 🙂 Thanks for sharing this awesome message!

Sue Price
Awesome message as always Earl. I love that film clip with Tracey. It was good to see the first woman get this ring. I know there are other partnerships including women, but this was extra special.
I do not think there are too many other companies in the network marketing space that have created so many million dollars earners in such a short space of time. Thanks for the education on all the other types of rings. Love it. Thank you.

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments. I think the opportunity lives up to it’s name. I became “Empowered” to be a blogger in a blogging community. Writing well, also leads to other doors of opportunity, opening.

Chris Widener Interviews the Legend

Jim Rohn’s influence, transcends time.

Jim Rohn has been hailed over the years, as one of the most influential thinkers of our time. He was considered America’s Foremost Business Philosopher. He shared his success philosophies for over 40 years to over 4 million people worldwide. If you had not heard of him you, you probably heard one of his quotes. Jim helped motivate an entire generation of personal development trainers.

At the time of this interview, Jim was 75 years old. He said that part of him being a living legend was the fact that he was, still living. Jim wrote about a half dozen books but he lectured around the world more than a few times. He was known as a master motivator, author and living legend. I call him one of the world’s greatest wordsmith because he studied his craft so well.

Chris always asked his guest this question, How did you get to this point? Jim went back to when he was 25 and the Girl Scout knocked on the door to sell him some Girl Scout cookies. Jim listen to her excellent sales presentation, then he lied to her. He wanted to buy, but he didn’t have the two dollars, and he didn’t want her to know. He told her, they already had bought some, and they didn’t.

As she walked away he said to himself that he didn’t want to live like that anymore. He was married with family and he worked every day and he didn’t even have two dollars on him or in the house. It that moment, he made a decision that he would search until he found an opportunity that would change his life. To him it was a turning point. What is going to be YOUR turning point?

Shortly after he made a decision to change his life, he met his mentor. One of his quotes is, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”, happened. He listened to his mentor for five years and over that period, he took action, and because of that action he became a millionaire. Jim changed the way he thought about life, and it changed his life for the better.

He developed the skills and the disciplines needed to move forward. If you want to enter the internet marketing world, be ready to put in some time and some work, period! It wasn’t until I came back from Miami Florida, that I really got plugged into the team. The opportunity is awesome but you, do needed a team in place, to help you, head in the right direction.

My focus has been on blogging about personal development because it is the key to my success. Jim Rohn also said that we get paid for the value we bring to the market place. As an entrepreneur, it’s always mind over matter. Napoleon Hill’s book the Law of Success was the book that started the transformation for me. When the prosperity team started to cover the book in the daily mastermind, I couldn’t have been happier. Napoleon Hill gave us a track to run on, and Jim Rohn, the master wordsmith, inspired me to be the engine that could.

What is it going to take for you to make a decision, to search and find something else? The economy is picking up, but people are making less. Will you settle for less or do you want more? Jim called it the mystery of the mind, as to why some will, and some won’t. He traveled so much over the years and he loved to hear about the people that made life changing decision, and how they were doing when he returned years later.


Internet comments

Daphne Dobson
Earl, awesome post! I love Jim Rohn! He’s one of my favorite mentors. I love his Girl Scout cookie story. I’m blessed every time I hear it. When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired and you take the right action, then everything changes. Thanks for sharing.

Rory Singh
Thanks for the post Earl. Love Jim Rohn…a man of wisdom who still impacts millions of lives today! Thank you!

Keith Everett
What a great post Earl. Jim Rohn mentored Tony Robbins I believe, and he has been much a legend over the years. We are all lucky to have access to Jim Rohn and his work. He has certainly influenced many people over the years to become successful. Long may his memory last! What a great man.

Earl Hackett
Thank you for your comments. Jim really practiced his craft. When he first stated speaking and he was in the audience, waiting for his turn, he heard someone say this about the next speaker, approaching the stage, “That’s him, that’s the famous man.” Then one day, many years later as he was approaching the stage, he heard the same thing about himself. He then realized that he had come full circle.

Remembering the Legend – Jim Rohn


I still remember the first time I heard Jim Rohn speak. It was part of a motivational CD program inside “Success Magazine”. I had seen and heard of Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Harvey Mackay, and Brian Tracy. But Jim said something on that CD that caught my attention and turned me, into a life-time student of his.

That was in June 2008. I had wanted to see him in person, but never had the opportunity, because he left us in March 2009. Many years later, I still quote him, and his life changing philosophy. His style was so down to earth, but profound. I now have several of his tapes seminars and many of his books.

He came from a very humble background (only son of a Idaho farmer who was also a minister). He met a man named Earl Shaoff who taught him principles that changed his life when he was 25 years old, and within a five-year period Jim Rohn became a millionaire.

Mr. Rohn ended up speaking to more than 6,000 audiences during his life time. What blows my mind is that many of the people I looked up to where taught/mentored by him.

Les Brown, who I have seen on several occasions said” I’ve been a student of Jim Rohn since 1972. He was then – and still is – one of the most profound thinkers and mind- expanding individuals I’ve ever had a chance to listen to.”

Zig Ziglar another speaker I had seen in person said,” Jim Rohn was one of those people who was always encouraging people to be their best. He liked to encourage them to do the right thing, in the right way”.

Anthony Robbins said, ” I truly believe Jim Rohn is an extraordinary human being, whose philosophy can enhance the quality of life for everyone who exposes themselves to it. He certainly had a positive impact on me at a time in my life when I was first forming the philosophies that guide me today.” Jim Rohn once talked about “the young Tony Robbins” who worked for him, at one of his offices.

I think that Harvey Mackay said it best, “Jim Rohn is one of the most articulate, powerful, and though provoking speakers I’ve seen. His unique delivery and style put him head and shoulders above the rest.”

He always stressed the importance of personal development, not only to benefit oneself, but also for those people whose lives we influence with our abundance. Abundance is not something you get on your job. You can make a lot of money, but it’s not abundance. You can buy a lot of stuff – but how many people outside the family, can you help?

If you came from “old money” like Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, or Andrew Carnegie then you could make/leave an impact and help a lot of people. “New money”, are people like Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. The next generation of wealth will come from new technology, and the internet; . Why? The world is getting smaller as the web grows.

WWW is the world wide web, which represents the whole wide world. You don’t have to conquer the whole world, just learn to get “your piece”. The web is going to grow as other counties progress, and it’s not going to slow down as the next generation grows up. If you have a business you need to click and get on your site to reach your customers. If you know others that you can refer, you need to get on board.

If nothing else I would like to introduce you to Mr. Jim Rohn. Sounds like Dave and Dave and a lot of other people have studied his teaching. This has been straight talk, beast mode.


Internet comments

Mona Hasler
Hey Earl, I didn’t know Jim, when he was still here with us. Being a European, his wisdom only reached me with the advent of the internet. I’m grateful for the high widening of my horizon, since I bought an internet connection. Jim Rohn is one of the luminaries I’m grateful to learn from. Thanks for reminding me.

Dr. Steve Sheiner
Jim Rohn was amazing, and it’s so great to read those powerful tributes from some of the other amazing inspirational speakers! Great video from Darren Hardy! Thanks for sharing this Earl. It’s a great reminder and tribute to an incredible person.

Jenny E. Weeks
Earl what a wonderful tribute to Jim Rohn. I will certainly watch some of his videos. You know, there are many young people today who don’t really understand the concept of personal development. Thanks for spreading the message of Jim Rohn.
Sincerely Jenny Weeks

I love Jim Rohn’s wisdom, priceless indeed! Thanks for sharing Earl.

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments. His last official speech was in 2009 and you could tell from the audience, that they knew there was not going to be many more. Jim may be gone but he is not forgotten.

Magnifying Mentors


Mentors should never be marginalized. Napoleon Hill always talked about Andrew Carnegie, and Jim Rohn always talked about Earl Shoaff and dozens of people still talk about Jim Rohn. There may not have been a T-Mobil Communication Company, if not for the power of a mentor.

John Stanton, former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the board for T-Mobile Communication, blazed a trail in the telecommunication industry because of advice he received from a sincere mentor, named Baker Ferguson, who was Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Whitman College.

When John was a sophomore, in Whitman College, Baker gave a speech, and at the end of his speech he said, “If any of you ever have an issue, come on down to the bank, and we will talk about it.” John assumed that, he meant, what he said, and ended up walking down the road to the bank the next day.

As he was getting ready to knock of the door to Baker’s office his secretary rushed up and said, Mr. Ferguson is very busy, did he have an appointment? Before John could fully explain, what Mr. Ferguson had said the other day, Baker heard them talking, and opened the door and said, “That’s OK, come on in, what can I do for you young man?

Baker Ferguson had graduated from Whitman College and went on to Harvard Business School. He fought in World War II and was a P.O.W. When he came home from the war, he could have gone anywhere in the country, but decided to return to Warsaw Washington to work in the bank, his family had founded.

Under his leadership, that bank became one of the best banks in the country, based on investor’s rate of return. Baker had vision and he was one of the early investors, in the wine industry. At the time of his death, he was considered one of the founding fathers of the wine industry, for Washington State.

Years later when dedicating a building in Baker Ferguson’s honor, and another time, when he gave a speech at a memorial service, he told the story of how he thought, he could “just walk in without an appointment”, and talk with the President of the bank and Trustee of the college.

Maybe he didn’t know that Mr. Ferguson, the bank president was probably one of the busiest people in the town, because he had hundreds of people working for him. He later learned that mentoring, was just a part of his nature.

At the time John dropped in, he was trying to decide if he should attend law school after graduation, and what kind of courses he should be taking. John was surprised that Baker took so much time out of his schedule to talk to him. After their little discussion, “four hours later”, John decided to go to business school instead. After John’s dedication speech, some people came up to him later and said they had the same experience.

Taking time to listen to others and to give guidance must have been the reason Baker came back to Warsaw Washington. Have you had a mentor who left a lasting impression with you? Napoleon Hill and Jim Rohn were my main mentors plus I have discovered many more through Success Magazine and Chris Widener’s Made for Success series.

I still remember the first time I heard Jim speak. Whenever Jim tells his story he always mentions his mentor Earl Shoaff. Likewise, Napoleon Hill always mentions Andrew Carnegie. These two men; Hill and Rohn are always mentioned when people speak about personal development because they had such an impact on the industry and the world.

As a results, of speaking with Mr. Ferguson, John went into the business field, instead of law, where he spent 20 years in the communications business blazing a trail in the communication industry; first as co-founder of the Mc Caw Communication Company, then he founded Western Wireless Communication which turned into Voice Stream which then grew into the communications giant T-Mobile.

People are so busy protecting their job today, that mentoring someone may mean training your future replacement. The world is a lot more competitive now. If you are so busy working on your job and it takes all your time and effort, who else can you help?

Once you get the money out of the way; food on the table, kids fed and bills paid, then you can begin, to do other things. Once you learn to build a system that primes the money pipeline, you won’t have to show up every day like you do with a job. When that happens, you have reached “financial freedom”.

How much would you need to prime your money pipeline? Would $3,000 a month do it for you, or are you looking at $5,000 a month or more. Who will tell your story when you are gone? Who will be your mentor? What will be your legacy? This has been straight talk, no chaser.

Internet comments

Leonie Henskie
Wow Earl, you have the most amazing stories. We really must remember to edify our mentors and leaders over the years. I love how so many people are able to give their time to mentor people. One of the great mentoring programs that happens in New Zealand is Big Brother, and what the mentors do for the young boys there, is fantastic

Yes, it’s always great to mention our mentors. All the successful people do it, and we have the mindset of abundance meaning there is more than enough for everyone!          Thanks Earl.
Tara Woodruff
Thank you, Earl,!! What a fantastic mentorship story! Thank you!


Earl Hackett
Thank you for your comments. Everybody needs somebody to move forward in life. Mentors are those special people that enjoy reaching out to help others. It’s the power of purpose.

Improve your communication skills to build your business

Improving your communication skills is how you take your business to the next level; written, visually or orally. If this is your first time on my blog, you may not know that Jim Rohn was “America’s Foremost Business Philosopher”. He made his first fortune in the network marketing industry, and his next fortune lecturing and motivating people all over the world.

He called it: Communication, Presentation and Testimonials. Jim learned how to give good presentations, he conducted meetings with logic and reason; he attacked the problems and confessed the short comings he had to overcome. He said he was very uncomfortable, when he did his first presentation, it reminded me of my first presentation many years ago. Anything you start for the first time, feels strange and awkward.

He said his mouth was so dry, he could hardly talk and his hands were sweaty. I felt his discomfort my first time also. Jim struggled through his first, but he didn’t stop. He did it again and again, and every time he got better. He practiced the art of communication for over 40 years and became a master. When a newbie in the network marketing business gets up to give their first testimonial, you can see how uncomfortable they are. But 30 days later, you can see a major improvement.

To affect people with words is one of the greatest arts to learn. Learning to effectively use language, can make you a fortune. Over -coming rough life experiences and being able to talk about it is very powerful. Listen to Dave Wood and some of the other leaders and you will learn that everyone struggles, in the beginning. You can take advantage of other people’s experiences by becoming a good listener and taking great notes.

When working with people, you as a leader must learn to respond to “the people who deserve” not the people that just “need”. You may know someone who needs a harvest (a way to make extra money) but if they don’t do the work, they don’t deserve your time. You can help people as much as possible, but you can not carry them on your back. As a leader, you work with those who “plant their seed and their flag”. If someone plants, then they deserve the harvest.

You must teach folks how to deserve your time. You tell them, “If you take one step, I will take two”. “If you take two steps, I will take four”. They step, you step. They don’t step, you don’t step. Last time I signed up in a network marketing business, I signed up as an independent rep, not a dependent rep. “Love everybody but wait for no one”, is what Ty Best said.

When you first get started in anything you have a learning curve to overcome, just keep going until you get to where you want to go. Even babies must learn how to walk. They fall but they get back up again and again.

Then you as a leader must learn the 80 – 20 rule. 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people. Also, be aware the 20% of the people will want 80% of your time. Work with your groups, but focus on the 20% that do most of the work. Realize that you cannot change people. You can help, but they must change themselves.

It’s called “personal” development which means YOU get involved. Join in the conversation. Good communication can help your business and your personal life. To order some of Jim Rohn’s motivational lecture go to the Success Store . Whatever, you do make sure it is the product of your own conclusion. If you start in the any business, get the motivational material. They are full of personal stories and techniques to help you to keep going. This has been straight talk, beast mode.


Internet comments
Sue Price
Awesome post Earl. I was fortunate to have seen Jim Rohn twice live. My husband did a 3-day workshop with him many years back and it really changed the direction of his life. It is difficult to imagine him uncomfortable when he started to speak, but of course we all are. I agree, to affect people with our words is an art and one that I admire. Thanks for a great message and yes the Inner Circle is a great way for people to grow their skills.

Marko ‘X Ray Cat’
Thanks Earl for sharing this great post about improving your communication skills. That’s a skill set that I’m working on daily and not afraid to say this is my weak spot. I recently read the best advise I’ve got and it goes with this post very well – Do things you are afraid to do – just do them. I remember my first video – it took me so much courage to actually upload it to YouTube. I was so scared; what if people don’t like me, what will they think, what if they say something bad, etc? 50 videos later – if you don’t like me, go watch someone else, I don’t care. There are plenty of people who get me, like me and enjoy my unique self 🙂 That goes for you and everyone else as well :-). Just start doing and you will improve!

Yes, practice makes progression, and learning from great speaker will improve your communication in no time. Thanks Earl.

Stephen Rosario
You are helping so many people with the value you provide in these post. Thanks so much for sharing and I will be coming back for sure …

Brent Jackman
Thanks Earl for sharing this. Effective communicating our message to help solve problems, is HUGH. Practice makes perfect.

Earl Hackett Writing well is a skill and a talent, just like speaking well. Practice anything long enough, and you got to get better, over time.

You think it’s all about skill.

But when time gets tough, “it’s will”. Do you have the “will to continue on”, when life throws you for a loop.

Where you start from, does not have to be your end. Inky (Inquoris) was born and raised in the Kirkwood section of Atlanta Georgia. He lived with his grandparents and 13 other family members in a small two bedroom home. I grew up with a sister and two brothers on the East side of Detroit MI. Mom said there were others, but I met them much later in life.

I never slept on a pallet but mom talked about sleeping on pallets when she was young. Mom was a country girl who was born in Mississippi in 1919. Her mom died when she was only eight years old and she never really knew her dad. She was raised by her Aunt and Uncle who didn’t treat her right, so she married young, to get away from them.

Inky focused on sports to escape his surroundings of drugs and violence. When you grow up in a rough neighborhood you see a lots of things. As a youngster he played with the older kids and became strong and tough, along with being bruised and bloody. By the time he played with kids his own age he appeared small, but he was tough and wiry.

When Inky got to the University of Tennessee he felt he have to prove himself. At 5’9″ 153 pounds some though he was not big enough to play at that level. But he proved them wrong. The game of street football got him into college, but he was driven to be the first in his family to finish (graduate from college).

I worked on the auto factory floor my last semester of high school in Detroit MI. Mom did the best she could, but now I was living with my dad, and he was tight with his coins. Poor school performance was not acceptable with him. As a military veteran he instilled discipline and structure for me. I became tired of being broke but refused to mess with dope. I had witnessed a lot of crime and violence in Detroit in the 1960’s and didn’t want to end up in jail. In my mind, if you didn’t have a degree, you worked  in the factories, or you hustled on the streets. Attending college was not even in my radar at that time.

In the Tennessee verses Air Force football game, Inky played the normal fearless game he was known for. When he made that tackle, he didn’t know it would be a life changing event. When he got the word that he would not be able to play football, he was more than saddened, that he could not complete the promise he made to his grandmother. Professional Football was going to be the way for him to support the family.

He finished college because he was already there. I found it always easier to finish something, once you get your foot in the door. I enlisted in the Air Force to get away from the assembly line.  I came to realize that working on the line, was not that fine. My goal was to use the GI Bill to further my education. My life loop came, when I had to get out early to take care of my dad. If his friend  hadn’t stepped in, I don’t know when I would have started college.

Sometimes struggle brings new opportunity. Inky rebuilt his life and used his struggles to inspire and motivate others. Inky is a trail blazer, like a few others who have crossed my path in life.


Cryptocurrency is being linked to physically deposited gold


The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is hot right now. And with Karatbank blockchain based linking physically deposited gold, it’s about to get hotter. Source: Bitcoinst news in Telegram, “5 interesting token sales projects to look at in February and March.” The Karatabank  coin, was the last of the five choices.

Each 10,000 Karatbank coins are promised to be exchanged for 0.1 gram Cashgold at any time. Most people find it difficult to acquire large gold bars or do not know how to  contact a gold bullion broker. In addition, many people feel like they don’t have a home vault strong enough to physically store gold. Karatbar products are produced by LBMA accredited refineries, but in small gram quantities  from 0.1 gram to 5.0 grams.

The Karatbank coin is designed to used as a generally accepted electronic payment for goods and services.  Gold is considered a traditional, true, secure, and value-stable medium of exchange. Most people think of large heavy gold bars behind large vaults. A large percentage of gold is converted into into items of jewelry and art. 18 percent is located in the vaults of central banks and other monetary institutes, and 16 percent is in the form of bars and coins held by investors.

Below is the Bank of England Gold Vault which contains 4,600 tons of gold. 


This is one of 15 impenetrable bank vaults.   in the world.

Gold was the medium of exchange in the form of gold coins for years, however it has been continually been replaced by banknotes.  The problem with this is, that the value of bank notes, depended on the country. In less developed countries the trustworthiness of legal tender moves towards zero.  As the US currency was taken off the gold backing the value of it’s currency is also falling. When the government starts the printing press to handle their liability, individual have less money value (buying power) in their pocket.

Currently, more than 480,000 customers from more than 120 countries have already bought the smallest gold bars, from Karatbars International GmbH,  which in Headquartered in Stuttgart Germany. The total investment of these customers amounts to nearly Eur 120 million. With this customer base, it’s obvious that the Karatbank coin will achieve a high market capitalization and will create a success story for many.

  The visionary behind the idea of the Karatbank coin is Mr. Harold Seiz, a German entrepreneur founder and owner of several companies, author of books, guest speaker, and founder C.E.O. of Karatbars International GmbH, Stuttgart Germany.

Karatbars International is a global e-commerce company that is based in Stuttgart Germany. The company founded in 2011 specializes in the production and sales of high quality gold products in small, transaction friendly weights.

Karatbars International is not a Multi-Level-Marketing MLM company. Wealth Builders World Wide is an affiliate organization that assist independent business owners (IBO).  For more information go to  the real money.com.