It is an Honor to Be Loyal, Brave and True.

The story of Mulan is about the daughter who was born with Chi. The problem arose because ‘she’, was not born a, ‘he’. According to Chinese customs “Chi was for warriors”, and war was reserved for sons. And she was not a ’he’. Chi is that vital life force, the synchronization of mind and body. Winning in battle meant that a soldier was Loyal, Brave and True.

Daughters only brought honor to the family through marriage.  According to the marriage match maker the qualities of a good wife is to be quiet, composed, graceful, elegant, poised, refined, and staying in line behind her husband.  

A woman with Chi was called a witch because that was not considered the norm. That would cause dishonor, shame and exile to her and the family name. Chi was for warriors not daughters. Mulan’s father was a mighty warrior and had fought in the last war, but he had no sons to carry on the family name. He noticed that his daughter Mulan was special but warned her to hide her gift. He did not want her to be branded as a witch.

When the Emperor demanded that each family in the empire provide a male to defeat the invading force Mulan’s father volunteered because he had no sons. On his sword was etched the words Loyal, Brave, True. He had been wounded in battle and now walked with a cane, but he still volunteered to protect the family name.

In the middle of the night, Mulan steals her father armor, his sword and his horse and disguised herself to look like a young man. And rides out into the night to join the fight. While out in the desert, lost and all alone she is guided by “The mythological Phoenix bird” that is reborn from ashes. It symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings of a new life cycle.

Basic training is designed to turn boys into fighting men. There are many rules and regulations one must learn. Penalties for breaking the rules are very strict. The penalty for dishonesty is expulsion and disgrace. In China it meant disgrace not only for yourself, but for your family and your village. Mulan had the ‘Chi’ but she was not a ‘he’.

Through trails and tribulations including mortal combat she realizes who she was meant to be. The girl becomes a Soldier, a Leader, and a Legend.  For those who follow the story and listen to the dialogue, if flows like a beautiful poem and ends with a powerful song – Loyal, Brave and True.


The Battle song for the unsung ‘Home Health Care Hero’ should be Loyal, Brave, and True.

War is not freedom and it is not a game. We have a clearer view.

All for family, is the reason, we do what we do. We have everything to lose.

In the middle of a pandemic, I ask myself what would a warrior do?

Underneath my armor (my P.P.E.) am I loyal brave and true?

Losing is easy, winning takes bravery,

Am I a silly fool? Out in the open, No one to save me,

The simplest of mistakes are cruel.

I ask myself what would a warrior do?

Underneath my armor (my P.P.E.) am I loyal brave and true?

Cold is the morning, warm is the sun,

Chasing the answer after my shift is done,

Will I be stronger, or will I be weak?

Who am I beneath my armor (my P.P.E.)?

I believe It is an honor to be loyal, brave, and true.

Inspired from the soundtrack to the movie ‘Mulan’.

by Christina Aguilera – Loyal, Brave, True