About Me – Earl Hackett

Writer, blogger and Small Business Owner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Two time military veteran (Air Force Sergeant and Army Captain) and Drexel Univ alumnus. Officially retired from punching the clock after 45 years of work, but not ready to sit on the porch yet.

I see the world in GLOBAL terms. I’ve seen the Iron Curtain before it was lifted and I was in Libya when the US had to leave. I’ve been to seven different countries on three separate continents.

I was inspired to help others because Mom was a country girl who never had more than a fifth grade education, but she told me to do something with my life. I’m the first of 14 to graduate from college and I’m proud of my service but I’m not done yet. I know there is more inside.

Mom gave birth to 14 children. I’m number  9,  and I think I turned out fine. What I didn’t know was the rest of her story. Her mother died when she was only 8. The father that she never really knew, was a Native American from the Mississippi Delta who kept track of all of his off spring during his lifetime and when mom was born in 1919 she was the last of 33. I write to continue her story.

I used the “KALATU” blogging platform to get my message out, it was like Word Press on steroids. That does that have to do with you? Through the discipline of blogging I learned how to tell my story. If I could do it, so can you. Now that the Empire has fallen, I’m focusing on my blog novel. I may have lost a library (600 blogs), but I found my passion.The lesson of Jim Rohn finally sunk in; it’s not what you do, but what you become in the process.

I even discovered gold; solid gold with Karatbars International and liquid gold with Total Life Changes, Iaso Tea. I came back to Word Press because I finished the college of hard knocks.



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