Chadwick Boseman left a Powerful Legacy

Chadwick Boseman left us, way to soon; he aimed for the brighter side of the moon, and became a shining star. He was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2016 which progressed to stage IV before 2020. Many of the people who worked with him, didn’t even know he was sick, but he soldiered on in silence. He died at the young age of 43. He is with the ancestors now, but he will not be forgotten.

Life is strange and we don’t know how things will work out. While Boseman was attending Howard University one of his teachers who became a mentor and her friend helped him attend the British American Academy in London. That teacher was Phyicia Rashad and her friend was Denzel Washington.

He portrayed Black historical figures that made a difference in American history: Jackie Robinson (#42) became the first African American (MLB) Major League Baseball player breaking the color barrier with ‘America’s favorite past-time’. Rachel Robinson, Jackie’s widow commented that Boseman’s performance was so life-like, that she felt like she was seeing Jackie again. Variety Magazine said that Boseman had that rare ability to create a character from the outside-in and from the inside-in, and knew how to fuse them together to make them his own. He was a Warrior but he was also King; he had power and grace and a likable smile.

He portrayed James Brown, the “Godfather of Soul” who gave the world 50 years of music (R&B, soul, and funk). He portrayed the young civil rights lawyer Marshall who became the Thurgood Marshall who became the First African American Justice on the US Supreme Court.

The fact that he was battling cancer through these outstanding portrayals only adds to his legacy. He was an undercover warrior and hero in real life, but when he became T’Challa, King of Wakanda he became a International Super Hero. The Black Panther became the highest grossing films of the year.

Here are some of Chadwick Bosemans awards

2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards – Best performance in a movie & Best Hero

2018 BET Awards Best Actor – For the films ‘Marshall’ and ‘The Black Panther’.

2018 Peoples Choice Awards – Male Movie Star of the Year

2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards – Outstanding Performance by a cast in a motion picture

2019 Black Reel Awards – Outstanding Actor in a motion picture

2019 NAACP Image Award – Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture

R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman; brilliant Artist, Warrior and King. WAKANDA FOVEVER!!!


Author: hackettglobalmarketing14

I'm a two time military veteran (Air Force & US Army). I started blogging to keep my mind active after 40+ years of work. I joined the Air Force to escape the auto assembly line in Detroit. I went to Libya North Africa where Col. Muammar Graddafi was forcing the closure of the base there. The base commander, Col. Daniel "Chappie" James kept a lid on the situation. I was later commissioned in the Army, and "Chappie" became the first African American Four Star General for the Air Force. Blogging just opened up the flood gates. Standing in the Shadows, Listening to the Greats!!! will be my blog novel. If you don't write your story who will?

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