Thirteen Minutes to the Top

In thirteen minutes Earl Nightingale explains how some people reach the top! 

Earl Nightingale (Mar. 12, 1921 – Mar. 25, 1989) was an American radio speaker and author who talked about human character development, motivation and the meaning of life. The economist Terry Savage said that Nightingale’s book The Strangest Secret  was one of the all time great motivational books.

Nightingale joined the Marine Corps when he was 17 and was on board the USS Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Surviving that, has to be a life changing experience.  After the war he was inspired by the reading of Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. It was in 1956 that he created the spoken word record “The Strangest Secret”, which sold one million copies.

It’s only a small percentage of people who are successful. Imagine 100 men, age 25 standing in line in somewhere in America, the land of opportunity. At the age of 65 this is what would happen to them after 40 years of work.

  • 1 will be wealthy
  • 4 will be independent
  • 5 will still be working
  • 36 will be dead
  • 54 will be dependent on government assistance or family support

Why is it that only a small percentage will be successful? The top  5% didn’t follow the crowd. They made a plan and stuck with it over the long haul. The rest spent what they made, and tried to save what was left. The problem was there never seemed to be enough. Everyone wants to appear successful so they buy the house they can’t really afford and drive the car that doesn’t really fit into their budget, so they can look good. When you add on the high cost of higher education, that becomes the iceberg that sinks many ships.

Most people do what they must to receive a pay check, but your wealth is based on how you do what you do, and how much you save. It doesn’t matter how much you make because everybody wants to appear to be making more. If you spend all you have you can’t pay yourself. Within every job is an opportunity to learn something. But you must look for it. If you develop an attitude of making the most of each situation, over a five year period, something has got to happen.

I started blogger over five years ago as something to keep my mind active after 40 years of work. Of course it would have been nice to add to my social security check but I had to overcome the learning curve of internet marketing. As a baby boomer, the tech stuff went over my head but I had a way of putting my words together. I’m determined by nature and I developed a can do attitude from being in two branches of the military.

Find something that catches your interest that requires your unique skills.  I always like reading about the people who got involved in personal development. I was also inspire by Napoleon’s book Thing and Grow Rich, but when I discovered his first work Law of Success I was blown away.  I had ordered the hardback edition and was surprised when it arrived with over 1,000 pages.

Over the years I attended seminars to hear the top motivational speakers – Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, and Darren Hardy. In fact Darren Hardy as the publisher of Success Magazine introduced me Jim Rohn. He was inside the magazine on a CD program that gave a  speech that caught my attention and turned me into a lifetime fan.

I started writing about motivational speakers and some of the things they had to overcome to be successful as it related to me. The blogging company folded but I kept writing because my focus was on personal development, not company techniques. What I learned is how to do the basic stuff like write, cut and paste.

Along the journey I discovered a unique way to save Many a house has been built brick by brick. Now I know how to build my financial house gram by gram.

Earl E. Hackett

Writer, blogger, author

Crazy like a Fox


For those who didn’t believe it was possible the karatgold coin has taken a giant leap. Karatbars International C.E.O. Harold Seitz, just recently announced that the company will soon open the world’s first crytocurrency bank. What distinguishes this coin from all the rest of the crytocurrency is that it will be back by gold. And gold never gets old!!!

As a fully licensed bank in Miami, the “Katatcoin Bank” customers will be able to rely on the bank to serve their banking needs and accept the coin as payment like fiat currency (printed paper currency).  Unlike printed currency, gold is a limited supply so there is no inflation. As governments print more and more money to pay their enormous  debts , karatcoin becomes an inflation-protected instrument and increases in value. The coin becomes a stable means of exchange , savings, and investments.

At one time American currency was backed by hard assets (gold and silver). In 1971 President Richard Nixon ended the dollar convertibility to gold to prevent foreign governments runs on the US gold reserve and to bring down inflation.

For the inside scoop on the Federal Reserve I recommend you read The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, A second look at the Federal Reserve.

Millions , billions and trillions is what the politicians talk about. We can’t print money. If we tried we go to jail. Trickle down doesn’t work. The prices go up and the common man pays more and more. Wall Street gets bailed out but Main Street get stuck with the bills. And the dollar bill don’t buy much. Maybe now is the time you looked at the real money on line.






What happened to the Middle Class?

More and more people worry about paying for college, paying the mortgage, buying a car and retiring after working a life time. But the cards have been stacked for a long time for the middle class, in fact it’s been about 40 years. In the 50’s and the 60’s a family could make a decent living with one parent working but things changed in the 70’s. Now both parents go off to work while the kids go off to daycare.

Even two incomes families, are still having a hard time making ends meet. Prices of everything climb but the buying power of the average American are stagnant. While the American worker seems to be working harder and harder there is a small percentage of people who are getting richer and richer which is causing an income equality explosion; in 1968 the average CEO pay was 45 to one, now it’s 829 to one. It was like an illness that grew into a disease that changed the fiber of America.

Les Leopold’s Runaway Inequality An Activist’s Guide to Economic Justice breaks down the causes and discusses some of the solutions. The corporate elite and the free market fundamentalist swore up and down that the upward redistribution of wealth was good for us and fine for the country. But they were wrong.

Trickle down never trickled down because the super rich don’t use the same services, common folks use. We go to the airport and stand in line while they go straight to their private jet. Their kids go to exclusive private schools and you never hear about school shootings in those places.  They live in gated communities and are isolated from society in their multi-million dollar mansions.

Here are some of the things, we do know. US companies started shifting production overseas to meet world wide competition and avoid the high cost of labor. They knew that those workers would work for much less, and risk more to work in hazardous conditions. Those run across the border, and over the pond actions caused US factories to close which led to the lay-off of thousands of American workers. Good paying factory jobs were replaced by low wage paying  service jobs in retail and fast food. Now, even large brick and mortar retail stores, are laying off thousands of employees  because of the rising  increase of on-line retail businesses.

In 1982 President Reagan fired more than 11,000 striking air traffic controllers  which gave corporations  everywhere the green light to resist union demands and to begin an all-out-intent to crush them all together.  When foreign auto makers came to America they went to non-union states.

In the back drop of the 1970’s were major events which effected the American economy.  The Vietnam War and the Cold War was costing the government billions. And the Arab oil boycotts caused more than long line at the gas pump. It pumped up the price of petroleum based products and the cost of shipping goods and services all over the country. By the 70’s Europe and Japan had fully recovered from WWII and were now competing with the US  globally. And the political and social turmoil of the 1960’s spurred the government to increase domestic spending to improve the lives of low-income Americans.

The Better Business Climate model was adopted in 1980 with three major parts.

  1. Cut taxes especially on the wealthy and large corporations.
  2. Cut government regulations, especially on high finance.
  3. Reduce government social spending.

It is now 2018. Does any of this sound familiar? What are you going to do if you are not in the top 1%. Start saving some of your paper currency in an appreciating asset by looking at the following link



Darren Hardy – 100 Years of Wisdom in Ten Minutes

Darren Hardy was the visionary force behind the rebirth of SUCCESS Magazine, as it’s publisher and founding editor. He sat in the “esteemed chair” once occupied by the early pioneers in the personal development field; Orison Swett MardenW. Clement Stone, Napoleon Hill and Og Mandino.

He has had the unique and unprecedented access to the most successful people on the planet to interview, and publish their stories of success, including people like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Howard Schultz, Steve Wynn, Jack Welch and many many more.

Darren is one of the most distinguished keynote speakers in the world today, He  was awarded the ‘Master of Influence’ designation by the National Speakers Association (NSA). This is an honor shared by only 22 other luminaries in the history of the industry. Other such notables are Jim Rohn, Og Mandino, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and Deepak Chopra.

Darren Hardy delivers a powerful short message for the ages. Short and sweet may appear too simple, until examined over a period of time. Steve Jobs gave a speech in which he said that the future appears as a mist and we may not understand it all. We only see it clearly, after we have passed through time, and that’s when we connect the dots to see how far we have come. Trials and tribulations are stepping stones to learning experiences.

The first time I heard that it’s just a ‘few things’ you need, to be successful in life was when I was listening to a Jim Rohn CD lecture in which he was discussing the “Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle.” Before he got into the list of the Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle, he talked about the formula he got from his mentor Earl Shoaff.

Earl said “There are only a half dozen things that make 80 % of the difference as to how your life turns out”.  Keep looking for the few things that make the most difference for YOU. A few healthy things you do every day, is all you need to do to have a healthy life. The challenge is to do them every day, which requires discipline. It’s eating an apple a day, not eating  seven apples at the end of the week. A walk around the block and a push-a -way from the table takes discipline. It’s easy to do the things you like, and it’s harder to do the things you must, unless it becomes habit.

Time management is the secret to success. Successful people have learned to do more in their 24 hours than others, by focusing  on the few things that make the major difference. Many people don’t do well because they spend major time on minor things. They also spend major spend money on minor things to impress others, but don’t spend time and the money on their personal development.

In a world made smaller with technology it’s easy to be distracted.  With the mobile phone and the internet, the whole world is just a finger tap away. Many wake up to read their email before they brush their teeth and read their email before they go to sleep.  I remember when that there was a time that the TV ended at a certain time of the night. Now there is 24 programming and you can watch a lot of it from a smart phone.

It’s a special treat to reach 100 years of age. To reach that age and being wealthy, respected and loved, is even more rare. Darren Hardy as the publisher of Success Magazine reminds me of another individual, who spoke to a lot of the most influential people of his time. His name was Napoleon Hill and because he took on the challenge from Andrew Carnegie, he interview the most powerful and rich during his time.

I was personally in the audience at a convention when Darren  said that SUCCESS Magazine was coming back. I donated a lot of my old magazines to ‘The Mighty Writers’,  a youth organization here in the city but I kept my favorite – Jun/July 2008 – 50 Greatest Entrepreneurs of All Time. The FREE Dual Disc (DVD/CD) inside introduced me to the Legend- Jim Rohn. He became the grand father I never knew – full of timely wisdom.


Here are some additional Darren Hardy resources /





Armed Forces Day was Saturday May 19th


Armed Forces Day was created in 1949 to honor those in uniform. It’s an opportunity for the nation to express it’s gratitude to the proud Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Marine and Coast Guardsmen for protecting the freedoms many take for granted. It’s also a time to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Those of use who have worn the uniform understand the struggles and sacrifices that military service require. In the background and on the side lines are the military families who have family members who have served or are on active duty now. Every time I see  a video clip of a of military member paying a ‘surprise visit’ to an unsuspecting family member, it bring back fond memories.

Normally there are two days the that the nation pays honor to the veteransMemorial Day and Veterans Day. A handshake or acknowledge goes a long way. I usually wear two caps. One is U.S. Air Force and the other is U.S. Army because it’s part of my story. One was planned the other came by happenstance. They both provided purpose, structure and discipline that took me to new levels.

I joined the Air Force to escape the assembly line in Detroit MI. It just happen to be during the Vietnam War. While I was not shipped off to South East Asia to become engaged in the heat of battle, I was sent to Libya North Africa during the forced Air Base closure by Col. Muammar Gadhafi who had deposed Libya’s King Idris. The Base Commander, Col. Daniel “Chappie” James,  held his ground and made sure there was no major incident.

I went to a Germany that was divided and visited the border that separated the country. It was a sight that I will always remember – miles and miles of razor sharp fences topped with barbed wire, guard towers manned by soldiers with binoculars  and automatic weapons and land mined kill zones. The city of Berlin was separated by its wall. The Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of Germany unification.

While attend college under the GI Bill, I saw a sign that called to me. It said the more you look, the better it looks. It was a sign for the R.O.T.C. (Reserve Officer Training Corps) program.  Coming from a early experience in the factory producing cars and having survived a few years  of military service I looked at it as another opportunity to explore the world again and gain a world of experience. Enlisted military members get to see the world but Officers have a more money to spend.

On the practical side I would rather hire a military veteran with leadership skills who performed in a challenging position than a kid just out of grad school with no real work experience. People with real world experience beat class room experience every time.  Plus they have good people skills – follow orders and give orders and see things through no matter what.



Here is what’s new

MAR 02, 2018

Company To Link Gold Trade Payment Methods With Cryptocurrency Techniques

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Company To Link Gold Trade Payment Methods With Cryptocurrency Techniques

KaratBank is creating a new Blockchain-based cryptocurrency based on the ancient legacy of gold. Whilst not readily used in trading today, gold has traditionally been viewed as a safe and secure investment. Combining this historical method with the most modern, cryptocurrency, may not seem like a likely partnership. However, a new company is doing just that.

KaratBank claim that they take the advantages of gold trading and apply it to cryptocurrency. They highlight that gold is a trusted means of investment worldwide, is limited in quantity (which can push up value) and is also stable in price. By linking each of their KaratBank Coins (KBC) to a physical weight of deposited gold (in the form of CashGold – 24 carat gold embedded on a bank note), each token has a stable, trusted value.

KaratBank Coins are based on the Ethereum Blockchain protocol allowing for use of smart contracts. The team describe the coins as ‘the foundation of a strategy to promote the development, infrastructure and distribution of a safer, more trustworthy payment means.’ KBC is linked to KaratPay, an online payment platform.

Their whitepaper describes KaratBank’s end goal as ‘The KaratBank Coin is designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment means for all who consider gold as a traditional, true, secure and value-stable medium.’ There are many advantages to KBC listed:its links to reliable 24 carat gold prices; the ability to exchange for CashGold at any time; real-time exchanges from any location at any time; the ability to use other popular crypto such as Bitcoin to purchase KBC; free and borderless transfers; and the low service charges for using KaratBank. These advantages have not gone unnoticed, as KBC payments steadily become more and more accepted around the world for transactions.

Reassuringly, KaratBank are in cooperation with Karatbars GmbH, (who already have an established community of nearly 500,000 users worldwide who have collectively invested $120 million), meaning that the growing number of companies worldwide accepting Karatbars as payment will also do so with KaratBank Coin.

The pre-ICO has already begun and will continue until March 21, with the main ICO beginning March 22 (1 KBC = $0.05). By April 18, the team aim to have KaratBank Coin listed on one major exchange. By 2020, they hope to have 2 percent market penetration, and market capitalization at $500 million.

For a start, KaratBank CEO Harald Seiz has forty years of experience in financial consultancy. He is also founder and managing director of Karatbars International GmbH, bringing his extensive knowledge of the relationship between gold and cryptocurrencies to KaratBank. His expertise has been recognized by the Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade, who have awarded him a Senatorial Degree.

The rest of the management team also have extensive management credentials from various financial companies across Germany, and the advisory staff boast experience from Karatbar operations in Dubai to the UK.

The knowledgeable team and proven success record with Karatbars indicates an exciting time for this company, and possibly a revolutionary new way of currency investment by marrying traditional investment methods with new innovations.

Disclaimer. Cointelegraph does not endorse any content or product on this page. While we aim at providing you all important information that we could obtain, readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company and carry full responsibility for their decisions, nor this article can be considered as an investment advice.

What does this mean to you? Maybe it’s time you gave this a closer look. Or you can continue to read about it in the news.

Earl E. Hackett

Hackett Global Marketing

Writer, blogger author

Watching the development of Leadership, Part #2 of the Tracey Walker Story


It has been a pleasure watching the development of Tracey Walker
She was the First African American Female Millionaire, in the Empower Network. She is the exception to the only child rule. Her mom did an outstanding job, of keeping her grounded.

I was in Miami and witnessed the power of her team as they pitched in and helped her cross that million dollar thrust hold. (Not your typical income). For all the people that attended, there was not one dry eye. People say the events are life changing, and they are.

In Orlando I witnessed the coming together of the Dream Team in the hall of the convention center. As a two-term military veteran (Air Force Sergeant) and an (Army Captain) I saw her gather the troops around at lunch break. I love the way she and Nicole Cooper have developed a team where everyone is empowered and can contribute. They really complement each other.

Many people fail to see the back story of people on stage. Tracey took the lessons that life gave her, and became stronger. People forget that David Wood struggled for years, before he found out what he was good at. And when David got together with David Sharpe, things took off. What is so good about the Empower Network community is that all the leaders, are servant type leaders. This has been straight talk, beast mode.

But the story continues, with the Empower Network staff, that re-blogged their interview and titled it, “The Mind Behind the Millionaire”

Hello EN! Here is the final installment into our ‘Mind behind the Millionaire’ sessions – with none other than the amazing Tracey Walker! Enjoy!

Q. Can you give us three interesting or little- known facts about yourself?
A: Some little-known facts are first, I am trained in a variety of classical dance including ballet, jazz and modern. I danced all throughout school and college. Second, most people don’t know that I’m an only child because I don’t fall in line with the selfish and spoiled stereotype of only children. Third, I get nervous before having to speak in front of a large group of people! I get so nervous my feet and hands sweat and I have a little ritual to calm myself down.

Q. What are your hobbies?
A: I haven’t had a lot of time for hobbies, but I’m finally to the point in my career where I have an amazing supporting team and I can step away without feeling guilty, so I hope to get back into volleyball, which I played competitively in high school, and dance.

Q. Do you have a business/life mantra, motto, theme or tagline or saying?
A: “Inspiring you into action.” I don’t just want people to listen to what I’m saying and feel great I want them to take that and pump them up into action.

Q. Can you tell us about your family?
A: My boyfriend Kelo and I have a 5-month-old son, Jasiah, and I have three stepchildren. The oldest, Isaac, is 18 years old and goes to Clemson University. He’s big into sports and hopes to make the football team next year. Next is Kylah, she’s a 16-year-old diva, who loves basketball. Last, but not least, is Alexis who is 11 years old. Alexis lives with us and she’s simply a joy! We have a fantastic time having “girl’s days” and picking out outfits together. Being a mom is so much more than I could expect. I love it. Kelo is an amazing stay at home dad and I’m very thankful he’s so hands on.

Q. What motivates you?
A: Besides my family, never going back to where I was, back to when my real estate business went under and I was left with nothing. I never want to feel that fear again.

Q. Who or what inspires you?
A: So many people inspire me. First would have to be my mom. She passed away 11 years ago, and still inspires me to this day. She was able to make it happen for me growing up. I didn’t grow up with struggle, but after she passed I found out she had been making less than $20,000 a year. How she was able to support me, put me in dance and volleyball and whatever else I wanted, I have no clue. I’m moving to make her happy and show her everything she did for me was not done in vain.

The next group of people that inspires me is the people that contact me, and are looking for success and change. These strangers look to me as a benchmark for success. I keep moving to not let them down, and hope that if they can see me do it, they’ll believe they can do it too.

Then there is, my family. Being able to show my children that there is more than one way to be successful, that they don’t have to fit into the box of corporate America, and still have success. Seeing their faces light up, when I take them to Empower Network events and they get to be around all the entrepreneurs, is inspiring to me.

Q. Why do you believe you’ve been so successful?
A: I really, really, really, wanted it, and was willing to put in the work. I taught myself, to not measure myself against anyone else. My timeline is not, someone else’s timeline. I had to develop, and be OK with my process and strive to do better, than I did yesterday. I am my own competition. I keep my head down and stay focused on my goals.

Q. What difficult challenges have you had to overcome and persevere in your life and/or career?
A: I’ve had many failures. Empower Network is not my first rodeo. I’ve been with multiple companies over the years. I’ve had people come with me from company to company and I felt guilty that they weren’t making money and I had to lift them up and believe in them, sometimes more than they believed in themselves all while trying to believe in myself.

I’ve had to experience foreclosure, repossession, food stamps, losing my mom, divorce, bankruptcy, you name it. But my belief that I was designed to do something great, kept me inspired to not give up!

Q. How long have you been an affiliate, with Empower Network?
A: Since the beginning! I signed on October 26, 2011!

Q. What drew you to Empower Network?
A: I knew Dave Wood and his heart, I knew he really wanted to help people, long term and not just make money and run. I was already building my business through blogging, so I already knew the power of it. So, it just clicked.

Q. When did you know you would be successful with Empower Network?
A: The first month out the gate. Back when we were faxing in applications and the website was barely there but I had a 5-figure month. I knew then I was on to something and that things, don’t have to be perfect, as long as people believe in the mission and the vision,we’ll be successful.

Q. What do you do differently, than most network marketers?
A: I don’t jump from deal to deal to deal unless something is extremely wrong. I stick and stay. I plant my flag for as long as I can, and if I do move, it’s for a good reason.

Q. Can you tell us a little about your team?
A: The Dream Team! I love them so much! This team is one of the most loyal, caring, inspiring and supportive groups, I’ve ever been involved in. It’s like a big family. We send each other gifts, go on vacation together, they even threw me a baby shower! They stick up for me, and I for them. Moving forward, no matter what, we’ll always be connected.

Q. What about Empower Network do you enjoy?
A: I really enjoy the differences in personalities of everyone involved in EN. It’s so great to have that light heartiness, in business and there’s no stiff, or stuck up people. Everyone’s just as humble as the person next door. I love the events. I get tired, but I love being out with all the people.

Q. Where were you when you crossed the million-dollar mark?
A: I was at the Miami event back in January. I was backstage with Nicole texting, emailing and calling, hoping that if I made the million- dollar mark, they’d let me cross the stage.

Q. Now that you’re a million-dollar earner, what’s next?
A: Two, three and four million dollars! There’s plenty more millions out there for me to reach! I have a few projects in the works like Be Blog Savvy 2.0. I’m looking to do more TV work, and have a web series like a talk show. I’d love to get back into traveling. I’m also going to continue building EN and building up leaders. Let’s see how many more we can raise!

Q. What words of wisdom do you have for others in Empower Network?
A: Listen, no matter what someone else is doing, saying or posting, if you believe in the mission of EN, keep your head down and get to work. Go to work, blog every day, and everyday try to be better than you were yesterday.

Q. And those not yet involved with Empower Network?
A: If you’re looking for something, for a change, and you want to be home with your family, Empower Network provides that opportunity. EN gives you a voice for what you’re passionate about. Understand that there are no freebies, and no guarantees, but the positive energy is second to none and it’s a wonderful place to be.

Q. And your community?
A: My local community doesn’t know I exist – yet. I need to make myself known. I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., which is a community service organization where my goal is to be more active.

Q. What advice do you have for others in the Empower Network who want to achieve what you have?
A: Focus on what you want. Before I got my ring, I had Post It notes all over my office and my mirrors with affirmations like “I Am a million-dollar earner” written on them.

Q. Knowing what you know now, what might you have done differently in the past? If you could start over tomorrow, what would you avoid doing that wasn’t productive? Within Empower Network? Outside Empower Network?
A: Outside of Empower Network, I would have saved more money from my prior real estate investing career. Everything else was a learning lesson, so that’s all I would do differently.
Inside of EN, I could have been super successful sooner. It took me 27 months because I couldn’t fathom, it was possible in a home business, and then I saw others, like Lawrence Tam and Justin & D do it, and it got me thinking, it’s not out of the range, of possibility.

Q. Anything else you want to add or say to Empower Network blog readers?
A: Go after your dreams. Anything is possible. Who would have thought I would be the first woman and African American to reach a million dollars in commissions in this huge company that was under a lot of scrutiny and spotlight? Don’t quit because there’s a challenge. Don’t allow minor mole-hills to turn into mountains.

Hope you found this information as amazing as we did!
See you on tonight’s webcast!
Appreciate you,
The EN Team

Internet comments
Maria Barina
Wow Earl. I love this post on Tracey Walker. I remember that day when they called her on stage, when she made that million-dollar milestone. It was so exciting 🙂

Sherry Parks Starnes
I absolutely love this post. Tracey Walker is amazing and you are edifying her in such a way that brings out the awesomeness in YOU! I will definitely bookmark this page as you have contributed so much inspiration in this post. Thanks for sharing.

Daphne Dobson
Powerful post about Tracey Walker Earl! Tracy is such an incredible and inspirational person. She is one of my favorite mentors. She gives me hope, that dreams do come true. Thanks for sharing!

Mark Eaves
Love Tracey Walker, looking forward to seeing her on stage in a couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing Earl!

Lynn Brown
This is awesome Earl. I’m glad you shared this because Tracey Walker is a huge mentor of mine. I remember I ran into her at the Austin Event, and she was kind enough to spend ½ hour talking with me and giving me advice as I was starting my EN business. She is a wonderful inspiration to everyone, she has a heart and passion for what she does. Thank you for sharing!

Ann Batten
Tracey Walker is amazing. Love listening to her. Thanks for sharing this inspiring interview with her.

Earl Hackett
Thanks, don’t know how this re-blog got here, but I guess when you do the work, opportunity finds you, and this was right on time.