The power of a story

(Another story in the book)
The power of a story is so effective. It can be your story, or someone else’s, but it really illustrates a point so well.


I like to use real life stories because that’s the real essence of the life. When I was coming up as a kid in Detroit, I use to love to go to the movies. If I heard a movie was good, I would even go, by myself. Now that was a time, when it cost less than a dollar to get into the theater, where you saw two movies, previews, and a couple of cartoons.

I was saddened to hear about the passing of the famous movie critic, Robert Ebert. I remember seeing him and his partner Gene Siskel, talk about the latest movies, back in the day. I learned that he even had his own star, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You could see he really liked what he did. Passion for what you do shows through in your speech, and your actions.
He was ahead of his time in a couple of ways. He invested in a little-known company called Google and had a website called He was also credited with the creating the “two thumbs up” as a sign that a movie was good. Two thumbs up is now a part of the American culture and language. Now it means “it’s good”, which can be used for almost anything.
He dated Oprah once, when she was the host of AM Chicago, in the 1980’s. Even though the date wasn’t memorable, Ebert told Oprah that she should consider creating a syndicated version of her show. Life is strange and you never know how things are going to turn out; Siskel and Ebert became famous film critics, and Oprah went on to create a media empire.

Robert Ebert was an 11-year cancer survivor; two days before his death, he ended his final blog post by saying,” So on this day of reflection, I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I’ll see you at the movies.” U.S. President Barack Obama wrote, “Robert was the movies… (He could capture) the unique power of the movies to take us somewhere magical…the movies won’t be the same, without Roger”.

I still love a good movie. A good drama will take you through all the human emotions, or a good comedy will make you split your side laughing. A good action movie or suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat. A good story may also become a teaching point. Now that I blog, I see life illustrations everywhere!

Accuracy is very important, best to tell it like it is. When you talk to people about a new idea they may be skeptical, and they may not believe you, but they will listen. If you get caught in a lie, they probably will stop listening, let along believe you. True numbers don’t lie.

There is a Bible quote that goes like this –The truth will set you free. It’s easier to deal in truth, than lies. People who deal in lies, have to keep going, so they won’t be discovered. Narrow minded people think in a limited way. When you expand your mind, you see more. Once a rubber band is stretched, it never goes back to its original shape. Once the human mind is stretched, it’s never the same.

How big do you think, the internet is? Do you think there is still room for growth? Do you think there is room for you? Do you have a message to get out to the world? Just remember, it is better to understate than overstate, and to do more than expected, when building a relationship – business or personal. People don’t care about how much you know, they want to know how much you really care. Click and read, then join in the conversation. This has been straight talk, beast mode.


Internet comments
Adrian Hines
Earl my wife and I LOVE going to the movies as well. I wish they were $1.00 LOL. Good post.


Daphne Dobson
Awesome post Earl! Stories are powerful! I love the Robert Ebert story. I use to love watching and listening to him. Thanks for sharing.
Going to the movies really has that adventure though to it…always fun!!
Juanita Simpson
I love this very powerful post. Passion shows through it all, and he was awesome at what he loved to do.


Earl Hackett
Thank you all for your comments. When you tune into the universe you begin to find ideas all over the place, especially if you are looking for positive things to blog about on a daily basics.

In the movie “Coach Carter ” I found the powerful poem from Marianne Williamson. …”Playing small, does not serve the world. We were all meant to shine as children do…” We hide our talents and never get to shine.

In the movie “The family that preys” I was drawn to a song, playing in the background. Gladys Knight sang the same song during the ending credits. “I hope that I never lose my sense of wonder. I get my fill to eat, but always keep my hungry. If given a second chance, I want to dance”. If I dance, I want to dance to a tune, that I like.

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