Beware the Enemy on the Inside


In life and in business we must beware of the enemies on the inside. They hold us back and they hold us down, but one sees them. Unrestrained they destroy us from the inside. Beware the feeling of indifference; the ho hum let it slide attitude. You can’t drift to the top of the mountain, that attitude will only take you down. You must climb over obstacles; both internal and external, if you want to do something in life. And you are not working on your personal development, you are on a slippery slope.


Indecision is the enemy of us all. Indecision is the thief of opportunity. Don’t let it steal your chance for a better spring or a brighter future. Springtime is when you plant a seed of an idea. Harvest comes after you do the work. There are no free rides unless you are going nowhere worthwhile. Gather as much information as you can then make a decision. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. I did and that’s why you are reading this. Make a decision to read everything while you are here.


Doubt is OK, you can’t believe everything. Search for what you want. Dig for the truth. I’m reading “Three Feet from Gold”; the miner gave up too soon, if he had kept going he would have struck gold and his life would be completely different.  You can’t let doubt take over; if you doubt the pass and doubt the future, doubt each other, you will doubt the possibilities and doubt the opportunity and worst doubt of all is you will doubt yourself. I believe you can.  Don’t let doubt destroy your life and your chances and empty your purse and your heart. Surround yourself around people who will believe in you until you can have enough belief in yourself. Join an empowering community.


Worry some, but don’t let worry conquer you. Be alarmed, but not conquered. Worry is useful. Step of the curb in a busy city during rush hour and you better worry about the traffic or else they will be carrying you away in an ambulance. Be alert instead. Be on the lookout for an opportunity before things get shaky at work. Another government shutdown is probably coming. Be alert. Drive your worry into a corner. Whatever is pushing you, push back. Become proactive instead of reactive; it’s less stressful.


Illness is on the edge of your health, waiting for a chance to enter your body. If it can find a way in, it will muscle its way in and take over the territory.  Be proactive. You must have the discipline to fight the battle to stay healthy; eat right, exercise, and cut out the unhealthy habits. Illness will come to all of us, but don’t just let it run in on you.


Overcautious; the timid approach to life is not the way. Timidity is not a virtue, it is an illness. If you let it go and go, it will conquer you. Timid people don’t get promoted, sometimes they barely get noticed. It can be conquered but you must work at it. You work on your job to get paid. So, work on yourself to better your life.


You can go to the Success Store and get some reading material to start you reading program. If you don’ want to read, then get some audio tapes and turn your car into drive university. I found the best way to work on personal development is to get in a program in which it is stressed for you to make improvement. You don’t know how a car handles unless you drive it. This is me in beast mode. Fight the enemy inside.Straight talk no chaser.


Author: hackettglobalmarketing14

I'm a two time military veteran (Air Force & US Army). I started blogging to keep my mind active after 40+ years of work. I joined the Air Force to escape the auto assembly line in Detroit. I went to Libya North Africa where Col. Muammar Graddafi was forcing the closure of the base there. The base commander, Col. Daniel "Chappie" James kept a lid on the situation. I was later commissioned in the Army, and "Chappie" became the first African American Four Star General for the Air Force. Blogging just opened up the flood gates. Standing in the Shadows, Listening to the Greats!!! will be my blog novel. If you don't write your story who will?

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