The A.L.B.E.R.T. Formula


Albert established his own success formula.


He started from a small village in Ghana West Africa where they had no electricity or running water. His first exposure to the USA came in the form of a movie reflected off the wall in a parking lot next to the military base where his father served in the Ghana Army. The moment he saw the movie he said he was going to the USA. It took him eleven years to make it by way of a scholarship to a college in Maryland.

From humble beginnings can come greatness if you keep to the path and walk through the doors of opportunity when they present themselves? A chance encounter with bar patron led to him getting a job with the Yellow Pages where he became rookie of the year.


Another encounter was when the human resource manager denied him a training position, because of his African accent and the office manager recommended he attend the toastmaster’s organization to work on his speaking ability. This resulted in him becoming a certified public speaker and author.

People tried to nudge him off course, but he stayed on the path. They told him that he didn’t have the resources to go to America; but he found a way. They said he had an accent, but he made rookie of the year selling advertising to American business owners. They said he didn’t have any speech writing ability, yet he came in “second best in the world”, from the toastmaster’s organization; he even obtained certified status. When people tell you can’t, they speak from what they know. They couldn’t, so they assume you can’t.

When he went back home to Ghana he was treated as a celebrity. He was on TV, and in the newspapers, and he spoke to large crowds. As he walked through the crowd he heard someone say, “That’s him, that’s the famous man, and just think, he came from here.” Oprah would have called that a “full circle moment”.

Jim Rohn, who traveled the world telling his story, said he heard the same thing.  “That’s him, that’s the famous man”. It made him think back to where he came from, and how far he had traveled. From Idaho farm boy, to millionaire, to top motivational speaker and living legend. Jim didn’t need the money at the time, but he took the challenge to be all that he could be, and he became “American’s Foremost Business Philosopher”.

As a certified motivational speaker, Albert Mensah would tell his story of how he did what he did, by a formula based on his name.
A. – Aim high. From the moment he saw the America movie off the Ghana wall in a parking lot, at the age of eight, he declared that he was going to find a way to make it to America, and he did; even though it took him eleven years. He had an accent but he became rookie of the year selling advertising to American businessmen. He had never spoken to a large audience but he became a famous motivational speaker anyway.

L. – Learn from others. Let every work experience be a learning vehicle. Albert sent emails to all the top motivational speakers and sought out their advice. One time he went to hear Les Brown. He waited for him and carried his bags up to his room like a porter would. Then he approached Les Brown and told him that he wanted to become a public speaker and left him a sample tape. Seek out and find mentors that will help you, but be willing to carry the “ball” or the bag, to a certain point.

B. – Be yourself. As you learn and grow from the influence of others, add your own flavor and experience.

E. – Expect a lot from yourself and hold yourself accountable for your own actions.

R. – Risk. Be willing to take risk. Playing it safe won’t always get you where you want to go.

T. – Trust yourself. Believe that you can achieve, even when others tell you it can’t be done.

Albert Mensah came from a small village in Ghana, while Jim Rohn came from a farm in Idaho. What is it going to take for you to leave your comfort zone and start your journey? Is an additional $3,000 to $5,000 per month on a part time basics, be enough of an incentive for you to take a look at the an internet opportunity from the inside?
Internet comments

Leonie Henskie
Hi Earl, Thank you, for an insightful blog on a man who aimed high all the way. I had not heard of Albert before but the formula is great. Especially the first, Aim High.

Never heard of this formula until now! Thanks for sharing.

X-Ray Cat
Thanks Earl for sharing. I hadn’t heard of Albert Mensah or his formula before but I absolutely love it. So simple and so true. Gotta write down the formula 🙂

Ken Beckford
Mr. Albert, Awesome formula. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Leith
I love the idea and this one is great!!! Thanks for the formula.

Earl Hackett
Thanks for the comments. There are giants in every industry, some are so big that everybody knows their name: Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hanson, Les Brown, Denis Waitley, Anthony Robbins, Chris Widener, and Darren Hardy.
Then there are extraordinary individuals, who are not as well-known who still leave a positive mark, on society. People like the little Iranian girl named Ellie Drake who made it to America and Albert Mensah from Ghana. Keep blogging, you never know who, may be reading your comments. They might end up in a blog novel.

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