Why not you too?

If they can do it, why not you?


I wrote a blog about a little Iranian girl, named Ellie Drake who came to America, graduated from medical school but became a successful entrepreneur instead. Now I am looking at a young man who came from a small village in Ghana West Africa.

Albert Mensah who was known as the “Prince of Possibilities”  wrote, “When the Drumbeat Changes, Dance a Different Dance” , and “OK means Opportunity Knocking”. As Chris Widener in the “Made For Success” series was conducting his interview, it struck me that the American experience is so unique, that it stills brings people here, from all over the world. This is the place where possibilities are possible. Some people see it, while others don’t.

Why is it that some people succumb to their surroundings and others overcome and succeed? I don’t have the answer to that question.

Albert Mensah grew in a small village in Ghana West Africa. They had no electricity or running water and he slept on the floor next to his five brothers and sisters in a little hut. His dad farmed for their daily survival but decided to join the Army to make some money to support his family. As a results, the family left the village and moved to Accra the capital city in Ghana.

It was an outdoor cinema next to the military base where Albert was first introduced to American life; the people, the places and the things that we all take for granted. What struck Albert as strange was that everyone in the movie had on shoes. He was eight at the time and had only worn sandals or went barefoot.

The movie showed a scene in which the family was having a normal dinner at the dinner table. For Albert, the fact that they were in a house, and at a table came as a surprise. You never think about your situation until someone tells you about how different or tough they had it.

That movie, planted a seed for more. Albert Mensah made up in his mind, that he wanted what he saw. He asked his older brother, “Where is this place, where everyone wears shoes and sits down at a table to have dinner? His brother told him that it was the USA. He became so driven to get to the United States that he was given the nicknamed “States” by his friends.

Now, when he speaks to his audiences, he tells them that they must be so focused, that people they know, will give them a nickname also. He arrived in his mind, way before, he ever landed in the states.

Last time I went back home to Detroit MI, to visit my friend, I found out that he was always on the go, and he kept calling me slow, because I didn’t have his energy level. He said I was like “Fernadhan the Bull”. I had heard the name, but didn’t remember the fame, so I looked it up on the internet and found that he was a old Disney cartoon character. To a certain degree I’m very persistent and stay on task until the work is done.  600 blogs is a lot of work!


He on the other hand has always been on the go.  When we were young he was always the first one out the door. I finally tagged him with the name, “Speedy Gonlazas” and the name that he had earned – “King Rat”. Back in the day he was an Airborne Army Ranger who fought in the Vietnam War. I on the other hand planned my departure to a certain degree, and ended up supporting the Cold War in Europe in the Air Force then later in the Army.



It took Mensah eleven years to actually make it to America. Along the way he meet many people who told him that he would never make it; both family and friends. If you have a dream and others don’t understand, hold firm and push on anyway. Work towards your goal every day.

It takes time to make things happen. The problem is most people give up too soon. Most people would have given up after a few years. Albert Mensah didn’t know how he would get here, but he never gave up hope. Persistence does pay off in the long run. The best and most current example was Nelson Mandela who spent 27 years in prison and came out to change a country, and influenced the whole world.

Mensah would go to the American Embassy in Ghana, every week to visit the library to learn about America. When you become consumed, you do whatever it takes. You also pick up some knowledge along the way. Mensah finally received a scholarship, to attend a private “high school” in Ghana.

We take public education for granted, but for many developing countries high school, is higher education. Once in high school, he wrote 300 letters to colleges in the United States. Most people would have given up at maybe 20 or 30 letters, but he did 300 letters!

If you wanted to start an online business, what will it take? Is making an additional $3,000 to $5,000 extra every month enough of an incentive to get started, and how long would you work for that goal? Would you be willing to invest the time and money to learn the business? Would you study the material, and listen to the Inner Circle audios (motivational material to keep going). This has been straight talk, listening to the drums and calling all entrepreneurs.


Internet comments

Dan Norman
Great story Earl. It’s amazing the things we take for granted in this country. Thanks for sharing.

Jimmylee Velez
Super inspiring! You are RIGHT! If they can do it why not ME!?!? Thanks so much for sharing!

Jordan Ashton
Consistency, and NOT giving up is key… Awesome post Earl!

Thanks Earl

Mark Eaves
Very inspiring Earl! Being so focused that people will give you a nickname, Love it. Thanks for sharing

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments. We should all be so focused that we learn from each experience. For me the blogging experience unclogged the memory bank, and brought back the joy of discovery; the right quote or the right video to support a certain point or a certain blog makes everything pop!

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