Understand the basic laws for success


Do not neglect to do the easy things, you can do every day. Neglect seems like such a small thing, but one thing leads to another. Neglect starts off as an infection and becomes a full- blown disease. Neglect to do wise things with your money, you will neglect to do wise things with your time. Neglect to do wise things with your business, you will neglect to do wise things with your health.

If your money is limited, then you must choose how, or what to spend your money on. Do I want to buy some new shoes, or do I want to buy a motivational tape? Do I want to go to the movies, or do I want to attend a seminar? In the Network marketing business, the biggest question is do I spend the time and money to attend the national meetings? They are usually held in other parts of the country which requires transportation and lodging cost, along with the event fee.

I have been to a couple of events and they are very informative and inspirational. They give a person a bigger picture of their business. Motivation is great but you need more than just motivation, you must develop the skills. Jim gave a classic illustration when he talked about a guy who was not to bright and someone said; “Just get him motivated, he will get it”. But if the guy is an idiot and you motivate him, you just have a motivated idiot” 🙂

Skills make the difference. You must search for the information. Self-improvement begins with YOU. Find a good teacher, if you can. Listen carefully but make up your own mind. Jim talked about learning the law of averages while building his network marketing business.

If you do something often enough, a ratio will appear. If you talk to ten people, one says yes. Talk to ten more, and another one says yes. Talk to ten and another says yes, and so forth. New people talk to a few people, and they all say no, so they quit and say, it don’t work. In reality you didn’t work long enough to find out what your averages were.

When you are new to the business, you got to work the numbers. The problem is, some people quit to soon, to establish a base line. Rejection is a major problem in sales. If a person says no, it is not the end of the world. You must overcome your fear of rejection.

Sometimes we just have to remember our reason WHY. If you want to build your network marketing business, you can do that. No one told me how to put all the pieces together for an internet business. I knew that MLM was a face to face, type business, which is still true, to some extent. If people read your blog, they get to know you, and that’s half the battle.

I looked and listened to a lot of information and came to the conclusion that working with Empower Network was a good idea. I don’t have it all together yet, but I blogged my butt off. Hope you read something that will give you that spark, to take your next step. Click and join the conversation.

In the beginning , it was the power of the pen. Now it’s the proper key strokes. What kind of thoughts do you want to leave behind? I have learned that we must use our gifts to take us to where we want to go. My journey began a long time ago, you can begin your journey also at  https://earlhackett323_21.gr8.com 

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Sherry Starnes
Love this post Earl! It is so true…you don’t have to bat 1,000 to make the big bucks, but you do have to bat. Sometimes (many times, actually) people don’t have their priorities in order. They want the big money but they don’t step up to the plate. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post!

Gail Kendig
This was a perfect post about the basics Earl!! Thanks for keeping this one simple to read for all folks…Empower Network is fantastic and you have proven to be a great leader!

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments. It takes time to develop new skills.And once you learn something you can take it with you. It’s more than what you did. It’s about what you became. I became a blogger, in a blogging community.

It’s all about the connections


On this day, connections will  determine who wins the Superbowl. I’m from Detroit and I will always consider it home. But I’m living in Philadelphia PA, and I was here when the Phillies won the World Series and the Hockey Team won the Stanley Cup. Now I’m here and the Eagles might win the Super Bowl. I was in Detroit when the Pistons won the NBA title with the former coach of the Philadelphia 76ers.  You never know how, you will make connections.

In life and in business, it’s all about the connections. How you feel about yourself, determines how you react with the world. On a job, all you must do is show up, and do your assigned duties. But as an entrepreneur your success is based on how well you connect with others.

It’s more than the surface: You did what? So, did I! You went where? Me to! When the other person does not do business with you, it’s may not be the product or the service, it might be YOU, because you didn’t make the internal/external connection.

What you say is just the “tip” of the iceberg. Underneath it all is the rest of the iceberg; how you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror? What are the voices saying inside? What is the noise outside? What is happening between the two? You may not realize it but, your self-esteem is transmitted when you speak to others.

What you said is just the surface. How do you feel, about what you said? Why do you say what you said, what’s your motivation? Why do you feel, the way you feel? What is your intention? Confidence builds trust and people like to do business with people they know like and trust.

Ellie Drake, doctor turned entrepreneur, coach and speaker in her interview with Chris Widener in the “Made For Success” series said that she always asked her clients, how do they feel about themselves? With one being the lowest, and ten being the highest she would ask them to rate themselves.

If they came back with anything below a nine, to her, this is an indication that there was a problem. In business, you should rate yourself as a ten, eleven or twelve. True confidence sells and fear smells. Teams that win carry that “certain air with them”.

You should be ‘centered with self’, which is different than ‘self-centered’. Centered with self, is reaching inside and connection with the creator of us all, and being of service to others. Self-centered is just “me and my world”, and people can sense that feeling when you talk to them.

In almost every type of the multilevel marketing type business opportunities, they stress personal development. Why? You must rid yourself of the bad habits, you developed, when all you had to do was show up, and do your assigned task. An air of confidence is fine but too much borders on being cockiness. People like winners, but not arrogant winners.

You want to attract people into your business. If you had something happen to you in the past, or you have a past fear that is holding you back, you must overcome that. People don’t volunteer into something unless they feel good about it. You must release the blocks that are holding you back. You want to be in a state of surrender so you can connect to the higher power within. It’s the power, that allows you to continue, in spite of your present circumstances.

To connect with people, speak to “their values”. What do THEY want? When you speak to people in their world, they will follow you into your world. Become intuitive; listen with your eyes, rather than just with your ears. The ears go directly into the brain, while the eyes see into the heart. When you can touch a person’s heart, you can reach their soul.

When you look at a business opportunity look at the culture of the organization. Look beyond the money. Yes, there is a lot of money that’s available because we are talking about a worldwide audience. Focus on one thing at a time like making that first $3,000 to $5,000 a month check.

Look beyond the owners and look at the top leaders. This is what’s beneath the water. If you have a good idea, good people will follow. David Wood and David Sharpe had a good idea when they formed the Empower Network. People from other organizations brought their whole organization along with them, and the empire grew.

Look at the training programs. Look at the core instructions, the motivation programs and the advance programs.Figure out where you fit in. You need to know, to grow. You must also attend the events to see first-hand. This has been straight talk beast mode.

I discovered another connection, but I would have never found it unless I did not neglect to do the simple things I could do every day. It’s been said that the journey of a life time begins with the first steps, these are my steps;  https://earlhackett323_21.gr8.com

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Mark Eaves
Great post Earl. People see right through us, if we do not believe in ourselves. Hard to attract anyone with a negative mindset.

Very interesting post. And I agree – it’s connecting with people, below the surface that makes all the difference in business.

Daphne Dobson
Great post Earl! I absolutely agree with you… In life and in business it’s all about the connection. Love what you say here; “You may not realize it but, your self-esteem is transmitted when you speak to others.” Thanks for sharing!

Maria Barina
Awesome post Earl on connection. Love the video with Ellie Drake 🙂

Nancy Rothenburg
Thanks for this post, Earl. I really enjoyed the video about Branding Your Business and you mentioning the importance and self-confidence in yourself. Keep the post coming! Nancy

Earl Hackett
Thanks for the comments. To reach out to others means we must be “centered with self” and not self centered. That’s why personal development is so important in this type of business or any type of business.

Motivation Assassinators

Donna Krech, a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, self-made millionaire, weight loss franchise owner and author, “invented the name” as part of her audio program. It’s the things that steal our motivation, in business, health and in life.

She is the CEO of “Thin and Healthy’s Total Solution” and the founder of Donna Krech Companies. She is also co-founder of Life Success International, where she has shared the stage with such greats as Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Vince Lombardi Jr, Loral Langemeier, Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar.

She said that the lack of focus, and belief is one of the biggest reasons why, it’s so hard to make positive life change. You need to be 100% committed to succeed. It’s an internal drive to do more. Once you have the passion and purpose, you find joy in your efforts, then it doesn’t seem like work because you are following your passion.

Vick Strizhus the top income earner with the empower network talked about the proper mind set, before he got into traffic generation in a Google Handout. He got the “money thing” out of the way when he made $700,000 in his first month with the Empower Network. He is not typical, he is the rare exception.

You can accomplish almost anything, if you get it in your mind’s eye. You can look at other people’s experiences, but you must make it real for yourself first. Develop a clear picture of what you want. If it’s a number, what “realistic number” will make you stretch? For most people an additional $3,000 to $5,000 a month, is major income jump.

Numbers big enough to cause a major shift in most people’s lives will make you think. Especially when it’s part time, in addition to whatever else you may still doing. Vick Strizhus’ numbers are “exceptional and rare”, but too far off, for 99% of most people to visualize.

Write what you want, on a piece of paper, and read it out loud to yourself, five times a day for seven days, in first person, present tense. Donna used this type of positive self-talk in the first person; “I am joyful, I get the most out of life, people love to be around me, my energy level is high, I look and feel better than I have I have ever felt, I am more successful than I ever dreamed. I can give and give financially, and not even feel it. The infinite power of the universe will multiply all my efforts”. The power comes from you saying it with conviction, and taking action.

Bad habits can be changed if you replace them with good habits. Don’t let the emotional stress of the day, lead you down the road to bad habits. When you have a rough day at work, all you want to do is get home, grab a bite to eat and melt into the sofa and chill, until it’s time for bed.

You won’t exercise, you may not eat right, and forget about putting extra time in something, that will change your situation. Too many of these days put together, and you may not realize it, but you will fall into a rut. Maybe it’s time to take a good look, at starting a simple on line business. I recommend you take a look at a network marketing company, where you can be empowered.

To change things, change the people you associate with. Surround yourself around positive people. If the people around you, are not helping you to achieve your goals, disassociate or reduce the amount of time you are around them. Hopefully, that is not the person, you sleep with every night. 😦

You can listen to positive messages on audio tapes. I recommend you go to the Success Store. Your will find a wealth of information and inspirational messages from some of the top motivational speakers. You can even order some of Chris Widener’s, “Made For Success” CD/DVD series.

Online training programs help you get started, and you can resell them. Personal development programs help you to keep at it. And once you learn a new skill, you can take it with you anywhere. This has been straight talk, beast mode.

A Motivation Assassinator is not leaving a trail for others to follow. Once upon a time it was bread crumbs, now it’s links; https://earlhackett323_21.gr8.com 


Internet comments

Mark Eaves
Great tips, Earl. Getting rid of the negatives in my life was so important. Great post!

Helen Lingard
Empowering post Earl. Thank s for sharing… you need to spend at least an hour on empowering yourself daily – Thanks for sharing 🙂

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments. Good and evil do exist. If you do nothing, you will be seduced by evil. It’s easy to eat what you like, and not exercise. It takes will power to push away from the things you like, and to do the things “you must”.

It’s easy to sit back and be entertained and it takes effort to train the brain. You must do today, what others won’t do, so you can have what others won’t have tomorrow.

Beware the Enemy on the Inside


In life and in business we must beware of the enemies on the inside. They hold us back and they hold us down, but one sees them. Unrestrained they destroy us from the inside. Beware the feeling of indifference; the ho hum let it slide attitude. You can’t drift to the top of the mountain, that attitude will only take you down. You must climb over obstacles; both internal and external, if you want to do something in life. And you are not working on your personal development, you are on a slippery slope.


Indecision is the enemy of us all. Indecision is the thief of opportunity. Don’t let it steal your chance for a better spring or a brighter future. Springtime is when you plant a seed of an idea. Harvest comes after you do the work. There are no free rides unless you are going nowhere worthwhile. Gather as much information as you can then make a decision. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. I did and that’s why you are reading this. Make a decision to read everything while you are here.


Doubt is OK, you can’t believe everything. Search for what you want. Dig for the truth. I’m reading “Three Feet from Gold”; the miner gave up too soon, if he had kept going he would have struck gold and his life would be completely different.  You can’t let doubt take over; if you doubt the pass and doubt the future, doubt each other, you will doubt the possibilities and doubt the opportunity and worst doubt of all is you will doubt yourself. I believe you can.  Don’t let doubt destroy your life and your chances and empty your purse and your heart. Surround yourself around people who will believe in you until you can have enough belief in yourself. Join an empowering community.


Worry some, but don’t let worry conquer you. Be alarmed, but not conquered. Worry is useful. Step of the curb in a busy city during rush hour and you better worry about the traffic or else they will be carrying you away in an ambulance. Be alert instead. Be on the lookout for an opportunity before things get shaky at work. Another government shutdown is probably coming. Be alert. Drive your worry into a corner. Whatever is pushing you, push back. Become proactive instead of reactive; it’s less stressful.


Illness is on the edge of your health, waiting for a chance to enter your body. If it can find a way in, it will muscle its way in and take over the territory.  Be proactive. You must have the discipline to fight the battle to stay healthy; eat right, exercise, and cut out the unhealthy habits. Illness will come to all of us, but don’t just let it run in on you.


Overcautious; the timid approach to life is not the way. Timidity is not a virtue, it is an illness. If you let it go and go, it will conquer you. Timid people don’t get promoted, sometimes they barely get noticed. It can be conquered but you must work at it. You work on your job to get paid. So, work on yourself to better your life.


You can go to the Success Store and get some reading material to start you reading program. If you don’ want to read, then get some audio tapes and turn your car into drive university. I found the best way to work on personal development is to get in a program in which it is stressed for you to make improvement. You don’t know how a car handles unless you drive it. This is me in beast mode. Fight the enemy inside.Straight talk no chaser.


It’s people over things


People over things, is the best way to think. No matter how big or small the business or what the product or service, the most valuable asset of any entity is “the people”. It’s people that create it, sale it, market it, and talk about it.

Instead of people selling out for the organization (say anything to get the position) a better approach might be to find a good match, in which both parties benefit in the long run. If the “head” of the organization could find out the “heart” of a new person; what drives them, besides the money, then maybe a long-term relationship could be formed.

Unfortunately, most people go to work just for the check, not the feelings of satisfaction of making a contribution. It’s not about doing something, just for the love of the game, or the challenges of life. We all grow up, and only a select hand-full get to ‘play in the game’. In sports and in the workplace, people perform just for the check. And when you fail to perform, you are sent packing. Normally, there will be someone waiting in the wings, that can replace you.

Sometimes you can be doing all the things you need to do, and still be fired. Businesses go through cycles and sometimes, through no fault of yours, it’s time to move on. The problem is the higher you are, the harder the fall. There is no sense of family or responsibility except that which is required by law or common practice. When employees get laid off around Christmas time, it’s not personal, it business. But it still sucks! It really sucks when it happens to you, or someone you personally know.

Mental toughness and physical ability is what separates the big-time winners, from the rest, that just play the game. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky were extraordinary and they set the bar for all that follow. Then there are captains of industry like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Self-driven people who excel, while others try to hang in there and do the best, that they can.

David Cook, one of the top sports psychologist in the world, worked with many top sport professionals, had a formula that he used for his clients. Performance equals potential, minus interference. Sometimes potential is not enough, on game day. The local sports teams have a lot of potential, but they still lost.

Businesses also have game days, and moments where everything is dependent on one good hit or one good pass. It’s those crucial times when you need to be at your best. How we respond depends on the distractions.

There are the external and the internal forces that come with the pressure to do well, like when all are watching. That’s why practice is so important. Even the pros must be aware of the voices within. What if I miss? What will people think? Can I do it? During stress, you can go back to your pass and worry about your future.

The pro must filter and focus to get the job done. When opportunity knocks you must be ready. You never know when you will get another chance to play in The Super Bowl or the World Series. Some people spend a life time and never make it to the play offs. It’s not about the metal to make the trophy, but the mental mind set it took to win the trophy, that counts.


If you been working for a long time, did you get in the game, or did you just stay on the grind? If you have not hit your home run yet, what is stopping you? Find something that you have passion for, and start to move in that direction. Realize that it will take time to get to where you want to go. I’ve been around long enough to hear too many people talk about retirement and not make it. Life is short, so you might as well enjoy the journey.

Join the a network and build a hedge around yourself for the uncertain times. You can get paid and be empowered to be yourself. But if you are looking for a free ride, you can get off the bus now!

You got to put in some time to overcome the learning curve! But if you could make an additional $3,000 to $5,000 each month part time would that be a good enough hedge around you and your family? What will it take for you, to look at an online opportunity?

As you can tell, I like to write. Some take pictures, and write quick notes, and some do video shoots, like you see everybody else, on social media. The Inner Circle audio program gave you additional ideas. Another benefit of being in the business, is you get a chance to travel and meet people that are in the same business. And you can use some of that, as a business expense.

I’ve been to Denver CO, Miami FL, Washington D.C. Charlotte North Carolina, Nashville TN, and Las Vegas NV. And I’m from Philadelphia PA. but originally from Detroit MI. This has been straight talk, no chaser.


Internet comments

Mark Eaves
Nailed it. So many people are in the job mindset because they know nothing else exists. There is a better way.

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comment Mark. There was a time where loyal employees were appreciated, then it became profits, over people. I grew up working on the assembly line in Detroit in the 1960’s. You could make a decent living working in the factory back then, before things changed. I could have been drafted and sent to the Vietnam War but I enlisted in the Air Force to escape the manual labor of the assembly line.

Corporate America, at the highest levels made a decision to focus on the people at the top. Runaway Inequality an activist’s guide to economic Justice by Les Leopold, explains it all. When President Reagan broke the Air Traffic Controller Union, that just increased the decline of the unions in America.

So, the employee mindset changed: get the credentials to get the highest starting salary, then do just enough to get paid, and not rock the boat.The problem is, things gone worst. And the worst part is that the CEO’s that “deal and steal” seldom never, go to JAIL. And if you have no “plan B” you must soulfully rely on your job, soulless people at the top and an ever changing market place.


So, how do you handle tough situations?


Faith and action was the bottom line answer from Donna Krech who was known as the “belief builder”. She said, it was her belief system that carried her through tough times, as she was being interviewed by Chris Widener, in the “Made For Success” series. As the youngest of seven kids, her mother was a working, stay a home mom while her dad was an alcoholic, who died when she was only 15. A lot of who we are is shaped by our early years. And some of it, follows us into adulthood.

Donna married an abusive alcoholic, and when she finally broke free she married a man who fought and beat cancer, four times in three years. Through it all, she kept her faith and never gave up. She said she learned to stop, take a deep breath, and to listen to the small voice within. She believed that as long as she kept her priorities straight, things would always work out; God, family, then everything else.

When asked how she survived, going from a negative situation of spending years with an abusive alcoholic husband, to one in which she became the wife of a cancer survivor. She said she never gave up, and focused on the things she felt she was called to do. We are all created for a particular purpose, and when we fulfill that purpose, we become stronger, and should be able to share, and then help others.

When you take the time to write down the things that you go through, in a journal, you leave a written record of your life. Just the fact that you sit down and get your thoughts down, helps you to see your day clearer. Same thing can be said of blogging. The biggest difference is your message, reaches more people. Whatever problems you may be going through, there is someone, somewhere with the same problem.

We are a product of our beliefs. What we think about all the time, is what happens. If you think positive that’s what you get, if you think negative, that’s also what you get. If we can change our focus we can change our belief. It’s the sowing and reaping process.

If you set a goal to make an additional $3,000 to $5,000 a month in a part time online business and you stay focused on it, and you work towards it, you will make it, if you don’t quit. If you are actively working on your personal development you will get better over time.

The empower network training programs were designed to help your personal development, from the Inner Circle audios to the Top Producer Formula and the Team Building Formula, and it all comes together when you attended the events and talked face to face with other people.

Another simple solution is to go to the “Success Store” and read and listen to people, who have had reached a certain level of success. You can re-program your brain, but it takes work. What you want and desire should have 100 % of your focused energy. If you want more, then you must become more than you were before.

If your job is not satisfying, then look at supplementing it with a part time business. If all you do is “push to survive” the daily grind, and “live for the weekend”, be careful, because life will creep up on you, and before you know it, time will slip away. Find your passion while you have the energy and then work your passion. Find something that will empower you to become better.

I chose the Empower Network because I’ve always liked to write as you can see. I still got the drive, and I feel that I still got time, before I arrive. Maybe it’s because, I’m what they call a “Baby Boomer” and we felt that we could change the world. We got some Boomers who left a mark that will not be forgotten, like Malcolm, Martin, and Mandela. Who are your heroes? Sign up and get started. This has been straight talk, beast mode.

Internet comments

Danny Yoon
This is a great post, you got here Earl. When it comes to handling your current situation, that can be tough, as long as you start working on your mindset from the Inner Circle from Empower Network.

Daphne Dobson
Very inspiring post Earl! Yes, I absolutely agree…Sometimes you just need faith and a little action. Thanks for sharing!

Lynn Brown
What an amazing story of Donna Krech and an inspiration to always keep pushing towards your dreams. Appreciate you sharing that Earl. And it is a great reminder that faith and action prevails!

Maria Barina
Awesome story of Donna Krech. Very inspirational how she kept going 🙂

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments. It’s been said that tough times don’t last, but tough people do. Life happens to us all. What we do, depends on how we look at things. As I write this, the following song, plays in the background:

Lord, You woke me up early this morning. And I thank you. You didn’t have to wake this morning, but you did. And I thank you. You woke me early this morning and you were right on time, and I thank you. I had my “health” and my “strength” and I was “clothed in my right mind”. You didn’t have to do it but you did. And I thank you.

Compromise is not a bad word


There is nothing wrong with compromise as long as you stay true to who you are. You would think that compromise is a foreign idea in today’s political climate. To much time and energy is being wasted on staying within the party line. People forget the title of where we live is the “United States”. It’s easy to put people in a box and label them, but some people forget that we all come from somewhere different. Trust is on our currency but it needs to be in our leadership. People may not like what you say when you serve in the leadership role but they will respect you if you speak from the heart.


“We the People” is etched in stone at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia PA. I’m not a Philadelphia native, but as a two-time military veteran, I know first hand about the sacrifices many have made for us to say this is the land of the free and the home of the brave. To whom much is given, much is required.

Leaders that are likable collect more followers when they give value and they hold firm in their beliefs. People can sense sincerely and are attracted to it. Positive has a bigger draw than the negatives. The biggest musical hit of the season a few years ago was “Happy by Parnell Williams”. It was upbeat and people are sang it all over the world.

Jim Rohn called attitude one of the five major pieces of the life puzzle. A positive attitude will help you to overcome many problems when you add in persistence. I remember hearing Mike Hobbs’ story on the  Monday night call. Mike is one of those people with a great attitude. He conducted webinars for the Prosperity Team three times a week. As a military veteran, he has a military mind set, of do that needs to done, and he keeps going until he  gets it done. As one of the top money earners he does not have to do what he does but it just an indication of the type of people who raise to the top. Mission and purpose have meaning.

One politician  talked about one of his big supporters who came to him after he was elected and wanted him to do something he was against. He stuck to his principles and his supporter went away mad.  Months later when he went back home, he contacted his old supporter who told him that he was very upset at first because he could not believe he could do what he said; balance the budget without raising taxes.

We look at the top people and forget that even they started somewhere. Some people who started at the bottom, do the work and they  rise up. When they got there they realized that things needed to change for others to make it so they formed a network of like minded people. The basic concept is to empower others.

Some of the overnight success stories, are the results of years of struggle. Even Vick Stirizhus worked with Click Bank for a long time before he built his huge list that allowed him to set internet marketing records. If you want to enter the internet marketing world be willing to work, learn and to grow.

Mike Hobbs talked about all the mistakes he made getting started in the business. I was in the same situation and and I did some of the things he talked about. Some people started then they stopped, some said they would get started but they never did. You can only help people so much.

Les Brown said , look for the people who are hungry. Because they are looking for you. Nobody knows it all in the beginning. You got to learn your way around.  Once you sign in and put the time and the effort in, people will take notice. At the end of the word COMPRISE is a promise. The power of the universe will move in your favor when you take that leap of faith. The journey starts when you begin.  This has been straight talk, beast mode.