Attitude will affect your challenge


Our attitude is based on values, which helps us to develop habits. Sound values and good habits, should be developed in childhood. Poor health habits at an early age, may result in major health problems later in life. Poor early money management habits, may also mean poor money management habits later in life.

Jim Rohn asked a simple question “What should a kid do with a dollar? If you say it’s only a dollar, let him spend it all. Don’t let him spend it all! Kids learn best from examples. Take him around the poor section of town and tell him, “This is what happens, when you spend all you got.” Unless that is where you already live, then just show him around the neighborhood.

Good reading habits and a positive attitude also affect how well we do in school. While you are in school, you should get all you can. Being broke at 40 is bad, but being broke and stupid is even worse. Little things practiced every day make a positive difference, just like the little things neglected over a period make a major difference. That’s why we need a teacher or that internal quest to do more and learn more.

In America everything that we need to know is within reach, it’s in the library, and now on the internet. We have a choice; we can move forward, and stop by the library. Or we can walk pass the library. We can search for knowledge on the internet, or shop and just be entertained by it.

Attitude is how you feel about life and people, but more importantly it’s how you feel about yourself. Emotions can be positive or negative. They can either help us or hinder us when we make major decisions, especially when done out of one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation. Our attitude about life also starts at home.

Human’s beings are different than animals, because of our emotions. A bird can “only fly south” in the winter. Why? It’s based on the instinct of the species. Humans on the other hand can go north, east, west, or south because we have choice.

How high will a tree grow? As high as it can. How much will a man grow? That depends because he has a choice. We can be all that we can be, or we can be less than our best, because we have choice.

There is an old Bible story about the master who had three servants. The master was going on a long journey and called them. He told them, “I’m going on a journey and I want you to take care of things, until I return. He gave one servant one talent, one servant five talents and the other servant ten talents, to see what they would do.

A talent is something of value. He was gone for a long time and when he finally returned, he sent for his servants and asked each, what they did. The servants with ten and five increased their talents, while the one with one didn’t do anything, because he hid his talent.

What is your talent and what will you do with it? If you could discover hidden talents, would it be worth it to you, to invest in your own self? If there was a way to get paid for something you like to do, would you be interested? What talent will you bring to the table?

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Your attitude will make or break you! Thanks, Earl

Adrian Farray
Great post Earl! It’s all about our attitude of gratitude and not wasting our talents. Life is too short for that.

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments. Attitude is the second step towards success in business and in life. The first is how you think; your philosophy. They determine your action, or the lack of.

Change your philosophy for your challenge


Our philosophy, is established by using our mind, to process ideas and information. It determines how, and what we think about the world, as it relates to us. It starts when we are young and is developed and changes as we get older, and go through life. Your philosophy determines how you handle the challenges of your life.

Our parents give us their best, to relate to the world. It starts to expand later as we attend school. The reason we go to school should be to gather knowledge. We should get everything we can while we are in school. When we are young , we may thought it was  cool to cut school, but that one day you missed, might be a key life point. Nothing worse than being stupid, broke is bad enough. Unless you are broke and stupid. And the only thing worse than that is to be sick, broke, and stupid.

We can’t choose our parents or where we start life. Children born in America have an advantage. We take it for granted, if we are born here. Think about it. We don’t see American citizens climbing walls or digging tunnels to get into Mexico, or jumping on rickety boats to get to Poland, or Germany. We forget that the United States is the melting pot of the world. We all came from somewhere else, unless born a Native American.

As we get older we blame many things for our present situation. We blame the family we grew up with, the lack of money, lack of education, high taxes, the state of the economy, or the company we work for. Jim Rohn calls that the “winds of life, that blows on us all”. If we want to arrive where we have values, treasures, productivity, success, life style, we need to “set up a sail” that will take us, to where we want to go.

Most people end up on the rocks of life, because they don’t even have their sail up (how can you find dry land, if you have no plan). If your sail is not up, you will be blown in any direction of the wind. When you have a sail you can make a” course correction” to get to where you want to go. Refine your philosophy to carry you through the storms of life. Simply put, philosophy is the sum total of all we know. Then we need to determine what is valuable, and work on the things, that make the most difference.

Spend your time and money, on those things that matter. Think about what you need to do, then get started. Success is a journey. It’s not just a destination. We work, work, on our jobs. The question we should ask ourselves, is not what am I getting here, but what am I becoming here?

I got lazy (only three years left before retirement) but realized that life was more than a regular pay check. To do the things new management wanted me to do, took me back to when I first started work, over 40 years ago.

Was I crazy or just feed up with getting by? The major influences of my life have passed on – Mom and Dad and some of my mentors. What kind of legacy will I leave? What kind of legacy will YOU leave?

Les Brown, a mentor who is still here said something that stuck in my mindDon’t leave here, with talent not used. Blogging is my way of saying hello world, my name is Earl, and this is what I did. If you don’t tell your story, someone else will. Will they get it right or leave something out?

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Lynn Brown
What a great way to share the importance of telling your story and sharing it with the world Earl. Thank you for sharing your story as I can relate to so much of it. I’m very happy to have left corporate America and living on my terms, but not until I understood that we do have a story and one that can push us towards our dreams. Thanks Earl for this awesome post!

Netty and Sam Estes
This is a great post Earl and you are so right about telling your story – especially as a baby boomer. We have so much guidance to share. The cemetery is the richest place on earth. But I will be dirt poor when I get arrive there… all I have to give, will be given. Thanks for sharing.

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments. I think it was Les who said, “We all have greatness within us. But when we die, we take all those dreams and talents with us, if we don’t act on them.”



Become a good listener for your success

Good listening skills are scarce, because it is easier to speak than listen. As soon as someone speaks, we relate their conversation to our philosophy, knowledge gained from pass experiences, or past references to things we may have heard or seen. In our haste to add to the conversation we formulate ideas without hearing the rest of the speakers thought process.

When we close off our ears and concentrate on our own reply, sometime our reply is based on what we think the speaker is saying not what they actually said. I listen to the Jim Rohn tapes and take a lot of notes because Jim listened to Earl Shoaff and within five years turned his life around.

Jim Rohn is the farm boy who became a millionaire in the multi- level marketing industry. He then traveled all over the world spreading basic success principles. I can give you my perspective of working for over 40 years, serving in two branches of the military, and traveling to distant parts of the world.

But Jim Rohn spent 40 years, honing his craft. FORTY YEARS of working on his personal development, and then communicating it to all who would listen. When he was on the road, he was speaking to thousands of people. He became the master motivator. I am just a student and a good listener. I hope you become one also. Success is a process and if you study, why not study from the best. If you want success, why not go to the Success Store.

When we listen, really listen, sometimes we get a different message. Hearing something and listening to something in not the same. Hearing is where the sounds are registering in our ear and maybe our brain; listening means, ideas are registering in our mind and may affect our heart and soul. Ideas for success is something, we can all use. You can learn a lot of things from reading or listening for ideas.

You can even learn by being around successful people. Listen to what, and how they say the things, they say. Don’t become a follower but listen, think on what you hear, then make up your own mind. Make sure that your decision is based on your own collusion.

Develop all your observation skills. Look and listen. Don’t just go through the motions, participate in life’s events. Preoccupation is fatal to those in search of success. Preoccupation is also fatal then you text and drive (my public service message for today). For those in search of success, develop and fine tune your observation skills. As you fine tune this ability, you will notice the little things that most people overlook.

Success and failure leave clues. The minor details may make a major difference. Just like there is a difference between hearing and listening there is a difference between sight and insight. Sight is when you see with your eyes. Insight is seen only within your mind.

Be aware of what is going on around you. Write things down in your journal. You want to learn “from the day”, while most people just want to make it “through the day”. You think you know what happened. But how does it affect you, and your future plans. The time to do it, is today.
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Lucie Flowers
I was never very good with listening. I get easily distracted and unless a conversation is genuinely interesting I zone out. This is great when it comes to gossip, as it don’t register and I forget it without trying.
Luis Craveiro
Great post Earl. Listening is a great skill and can change your life and that of others. My greatest success came from listening and finding solutions to others. Thanks for sharing
Lynn Brown
Oh, this is a good reminder how important it is to be open to listening and learning, especially by mentors and others that have more experience, success and knowledge than we do. We can certainly gain so much more value when we decide to put down our ego, listen and learn. Thanks Earl for sharing.

Earl E. Hackett                                                                                                                                        

I was not listening when my mom told her stories about “that old Indian”, named Green Smith. She didn’t really know him. At the age of 90, when she went on to glory that’s when I got the whole story. Mom was a county girl that never learned how to drive, but never let it stop her. She caught public transportation to where ever she needed to go, even in the bitter Detroit cold into her mid eighties. 

Green Smith was a Mississippi Delta Native American who kept track of  all his off-spring and when mom was born in 1918 she was the last of his 33 children. That’s probably why she maintained her independent spirit. 



Never underestimate the power of support


Somebody, somewhere, said something that made a difference.

While our parents have a major influence, we may have been influenced by someone else. Dianna Booher, a professional speaker and author of 42 books, said she was influenced most, by her 11th grade English teacher. Did you have a teacher, who left an impact on you? My biggest influence was Napoleon Hill and Jim Rohn.

Dianna received the highest award for profession speakers and was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame. She said, in her interview with Chris Widener, in the “Made for Success” series, that her teacher had the communication skills that inspired her and a lot of her students. She showed she cared, but she held her students accountable, and didn’t take excuses. She required her students, to always do their best.

Steve Harvey has a mentoring program for boys. Every year he invites boys that are raised by single mothers to his ranch in Texas. For two or three weeks, they are trained by men; fathers and men in the military on how to take responsibility for their own actions. It’s a physically and mentally grueling exercise into manhood. Once exposed to this life changing environment most of the young men make the change. Without this support system, they are only left with learning from their old environment.

The Bible says that people perish from the lack of knowledge. Tough love, is where you tell people close to you, the truth about themselves. Sometimes the temporary pain from hearing the truth, results in a better outcome later in life.

As parents, we don’t want our kids to go through what we went through. But we forget, the lessons we learned, made us into the person we are today; the bloody nose and the broken heart healed over time, and taught us valuable lessons.

Dianna would work 12 to 14 hours a day, because she was raised that way on the farm. Then one day, she got sick. The doctors told her that she would have to change her schedule, if she wanted to stay around. Sometimes you need to reduce your stress to survive. If you are being stressed by your job, you need to evaluate, if it’s worth it.

If your excuse is, I got to pay the mortgage, and the car notes and all the other bills, then you need to find another way to make money without the additional stress, or down size your life style. Do you really need “that big a house”? Do you really need to drive “that brand new car”? Are you being stressed out, every holiday shopping season? Are you robbing Peter, to buy Paula a gift?

Why not invest in an online business today. Can you afford to spend a little to get started? During your time off, if you have time off, learn some new skills. The support system was in place with the empower network. You could join the army of people who have decided that putting in the time and effort to make an extra $3,000 to $5,000 a month was worth it.

Part of the support system is the training programs. The basic program gets you started, the Inner Circle is the motivation part that keeps you going. The ultimate support experience is the live events where you see and hear other people. You just might hear what you need to take your business to the next level. This has been straight talk, beast mode.

P.S. Once you learn how to blog on a daily basics you can promote whatever product or service you want. You become empowered to do it your way.

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Gail Kendig
Very interesting information on this blog… I always liked Steve Harvey… now, there’s a man making a difference! Thanks Earl!

X Ray Cat
Thanks Earl for sharing this story and your thoughts on support. I was able to turn my life around and the best part is, while it may seem sometimes that there’s no one around – it’s not the case at all.

You can get support via videos, audios, books, and groups on line. You can simply contact someone on Face book and just ask for help! It’s very rare when someone will turn you down if you’re sincere.
There is support all around you 🙂

Juanita Simpson
Yes, the ones who have a tremendous influence in our lives can make or break us. The choice is ours.

Earl Hackett
Thank you for your comments. It’s best to try and work it out before you begin asking others for help. You can go to YouTube, type in your question on almost anything, and see how to do almost everything. The good thing about going to live events is you get to see some of the real people in person, and you can have real quality face time.

You can go-it-along but it’s easier when you have a support system in place. One person can make a difference, but team work makes the dream work. As a former Quartermaster I know that support helps win battles and helps keep the peace.

Never underestimate the power of association


When you underestimate things, you miss out!

The first time I heard Jim, I knew he would have a major effect on me. I thought to myself, who is this “gray haired old dude” who speaks with such power and authority. He has since gone on to earn my highest respect. I was late to the parade, and didn’t know it. I had seen Les Brown in person a couple of times over the years and he was one of Jim’s students, and I’m sure he must have mentioned him, but it didn’t stick with me. I missed out!

Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine also used Jim Rohn’s material a lot in his presentations. He said that beside his own father, no one else, had much a powerful influence on him. Napoleon Hill and his book Law of Success had a major effect on me. Hard to believe that such dated material could have such an effect. Fundamental stuff is timeless, it never goes out of style. My definition of Legend is someone whose work goes on, long after they are gone.

Because I heard Jim speak, I went out and bought almost every CD that I could afford. Les Brown said in his tribute to Jim, that when he heard him speak, he went out a bought a ton of products that Jim represented at the time. Jim Rohn left a body of work that will be passed on, from generation to generation. He studied and mastered the spoken word. He did what he did, out of passion and gratitude. It was not for the money. Of course, he took the money but that was not his driving force.

Influences can be so powerful and yet subtle. As parents, we try to keep the bad influences from our children. Sometimes we can get them to dis-associate from the bad influences. Other times, we can cause a limited association. The same goes for us. Sometime we can associate with some people, for a few minutes, but not a few hours. Then there are those that we can associate for a few hours, but not for a few days. And finally there are some people we can associate for a few days, but we wouldn’t want it to be a life time.

I could have easily became a juvenile delinquent, if not for my father. I spent the first nine years of my life living with my mother and, she did the best she could for me and my siblings. When she got sick I was sent to my father’s house where I spent the next nine years where there was structure and discipline. As a Military War Veteran, with him is was only the right way, or the high way. And I was too young, to hit the high way.

I developed an appreciation and love for reading because it kept me occupied, because I became an only child. He made sure I didn’t get mixed up with the wrong crowd. When my best friend would stop by, Pop would say, “Don’t get my son in no trouble!”. Fifty years later James Marshall still has my back. After graduation from high school we both went off to the military. James was drafted in the Army and sent to Vietnam and I enlisted in the Air Force and went to Germany.

We must always be vigilant. Jim Rohn tells the story about the frog and the scorpion, as an illustration. The frog is about to jump into the water and swim over to the other bank. The scorpion says wait, Mr. Frog, I want to get to the other side also. Won’t you give me a ride on your back to the other side? The frog says no way, I give you a ride and you will sting me to death.


The scorpion says, you are not thinking with your frog brain. If I did that, we would both drown. So, the frog says OK, hop on and they start across. Half way across, the scorpion stings the frog and as they both go down the frog ask, “Why in the world, did you do that”. The scorpion says, “That’s just what we do”. Beware your associations!!!

Get with like-minded people that want to go somewhere. I read and studied the Law of Success several years ago and just recently I found the think and grow rich mastermind group that has been calling in for almost five years. 712-432-0900 at 9:00 am EST Monday thru Friday Access code 565762#. Paul Hutchins is the founder and host. That’s the power of association.

The master mind is going through the entire book (1,100 pages) and I caught it at the beginning. This time I got on the train. There are some major things happening and some will miss the train. It will cost you time and money to get on board later. This has been straight talk, beast mode. H.G.M.

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Lynn Brown
Love your insight of the power of association Earl. It really does matter which people you let into your life and who you surround yourself with. I am grateful to have found an amazing community of likeminded folks that has shown me that attaining our dreams and success will come from those that came before us. Great people like Jim Rohn, Les Brown and Napoleon Hill. Thanks for sharing your awesome insight.

Allen Bayes
Yes, that is why these are study books. Great suggestions!

Daphne Dobson
Powerful post Earl! Associating with the right people, is key to one’s success. I see we have some of the same mentors Jim Rohn, Les Brown, and Napoleon Hill. Thank God for the Dad you had. Thanks for sharing.

Earl Hackett
Thank you for your comments. Moms get most of the glory, but dads are also part of the story. I was blessed to have equal time with both. A strong woman can raise a son, but it takes a man, to show a boy, how to be a man. A gentle man can raise a daughter, but he can’t show her to to be a woman.  I have found that people come into your life for a season or a reason. Appreciate the good relationships and limit the time with the bad ones.

Never underestimate the power of imagination


Never underestimate the power of imagination was the first entry I put in my journal in 2008. It was a blast to the pass that helped build my future. Sara Breedlove was born on a Louisiana farm in 1867. She was orphaned at the age of seven. My beloved mother was orphaned at the age of eight, on a farm in Mississippi in 1927.

Sara left the farm and sought out life as a domestic and washer woman on the Mississippi Delta. While she trudged countless miles through the back roads and small towns she dreamed about better days. Sara glazed beyond her world with its outward appearance of hunger and misery with an imagination about the possibilities of a different future. What do YOU dream about while YOU trudge through YOUR job day after day? I can only imagine what my mom was thinking. Maybe getting married and having kids at an early age was her best option.

Sara saw new opportunities around her when she got a job as a domestic worker when she obtained a position with a wealthy aristocratic family. She noticed the appearance and grooming habits of the well-to-do. And the seed of an idea grew in her mind. She believed that all hair textures and skin tones were naturally beautiful and natural beauty needed enhancement to realize its full potential. People end up in dead end jobs because they fail to see all the possibilities that are around them.

Filled with a purpose she started to work on concocting hair formulas and methods that would carry out her objective. With an initial investment of less than two dollars, which took her a long time to rise, she commissioned a metal worker to manufacture a special pressing comb. With that new comb and her special concoction, she was able to straighten course hair and give it a soft texture.

The best thing my mom did for me was to tell me, “Don’t have a lot of kids (she had 14) and do something with your life”. Mom told stories that made a different to my world. Sara made a difference to her world and she became successful and rich.

Before her death in 1919, this woman became the first female millionaire. Her name, which everyone became to know, was Madame C.J. Walker. She made a fortune, and she made it into the history books.

In the book Think and Grow Rich – A Black Choice written by Dennis Kimbro and Napoleon Hill, they discussed the Mental Laws. Just recently, Sharon L. Lechter, just published the book for the female entrepreneur titled; Think and Grow Rich for Women.

What you think about grows – Whatever you persistently allow to occupy your thoughts will magnify in your life. So, we must concentrate our thoughts on a definite chief aim.

Law of cause and effect -Thoughts are the causes and life is the effect. Sky scrapers are the effect of a detailed blue print. In life and in business it’s use it or lose it – There is NO achievement without practice, practice, and more practice. Michael Jordan missed more than he made, but he made the ones that counted.

Law of correspondence – What you think, feel, and dream about flows inward, then outward. Physical activity follows mental activity.

Law of substitution – You cannot dismiss a thought directly, however you can substitute another for it. When negative thoughts creep into your subconscious replace it with a positive thought.

Law of belief – Anything you believe with feeling will become real in your life. The power of belief is like faith.

Law of attraction – Positive life affirming individuals attract like-minded people. You need to be that attractive person first.

Law of compensation – Give whatever energy, time, and effort to help some else. Your rewards will come from “the infinite source”. And you can’t out-give the “Infinite Universe!”

The Empower Network system was designed to help you get pass the technical side of blogging- so you can get your message out there. If you want to build it to the next level, that’s when personal development, really comes into play. No matter the product or service when it’s all said and done (even over the internet) you are still dealing with people.

I listened to those who have led the way: Zig Ziglar would end his lectures with” See you at top”. Jim Rohn took it one step further – “See you at the top or you will pass my dead body on the way up, because I won’t stop”. That’s what I call determination: -). What are you determined to do with the rest of your life?


Internet comments

Chris Brindamour
Hey Earl! Didn’t know about this version of Think and Grow Rich! In any case it’s a good great book and a must read for everyone! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

Rory Singh
Imagination is more powerful than knowledge – Einstein. Just to echo Chris, I didn’t know they had other versions of Napoleon Hill’s book. Wow, I learn something new every day. Thanks Earl for this share!

Earl Hackett
Thanks for the comments. I updated the blog with a video clip with A’Lelia Bundes, author of, On her own terms, “The life and times of Madam C.J. Walker”. A’Lelia is the great-great-grand daughter of Madam’s C.J. Walker.

The O’Jays are OK


The singing O’Jays, hit single,” Love Train” has been on track since 1973. CBS Sunday Morning’s, Jim Axelrod who was interviewing the “Old School R&B” group, asked the group why they still continue to sing after all these years.

They love what they do, and people still love to listen to them. At the age of 75 and 74, Eddie Levert and Walter Williams (both original member of the group) plan on singing for a “few more years”. One original member of the O’Jays, William Powell died of Cancer in 1977 at the age of 35. The new comer, Eric Nolan Grant has been with the group for the last 22 years.

I personally think they kept singing to stay around. Walter Williams had multiple sclerosis since 1983 said that he wanted to work through it. Eddie Levert lost his son Gerald in 2006 from a prescription overdose, and his other son Sean two years later from heart and lung problems. Eddie said he needed to stay focused because a lot of people were depending on him.

The only other person who earned my admiration, as a boomer, who refuses to quit is  Willie Nelson. At he age of 80+ he was still, on the road again. As a musician, singer, song writer, author, poet, actor, and activist he refuses to go quietly in the night. He is one of a few who owed  a lot of money to the government, who paid this due. His fourth wife (who has 20 years younger), said that she though his plan was to wear her down enough, so they would grow old together. At 68 I really like that idea. lol. But ten years younger would be fine for me.


The O’Jays formed their original group in Canton Ohio in 1958, while still in high school. The group consisted of Eddie Levert, Walter Williams, William Powell, Bobby Massey, and Bill Isles.

The group considered quitting the music industry in 1972. In fact, Bill Isles and Bobby Massey left the group. Levert, Powell, and Williams continued and scored their first million-seller when they teamed together with Kenny Gamble and Leon Hufff of Philadelphia International Records.

“Love Train” and the “Back Stabbers” put them back on track. The group has basically stayed the same unlike some other groups that kept the name but changed the members. I’m originally from Detroit MI, the home of Motown and one of my favorite groups was the Temptations.  They changed the members so much that at one time there were two sets of Temptations.

The O’Jays were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2004 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. You might remember some of their hits; Back Stabbers (1972), Love Train (1973), Put Your Hand Together (1973), For the Love of Money (1974), I Love Music (1975), Living for the Weekend (1976) Use ta be my girl (1978)

As a baby boomer some have decided not to just sit on the porch but to continue to sing their song. You retire from a job, but you don’t retire from life. Keeping active keeps you around.