What kind of ring is that? Part #1 of the Tracey Walker story


What kind of ring is that? Part #1 of the Tracey Walker story
Rings represent very special things, and some even represent the wings of those that soar.

There are the world famous, Super Bowl ring and the World Series rings and then there are special rings that many don’t know about. The Empire Network had the Millionaires Club ring and only the people in the network knew what that meant. It meant the person who wears the ring has earned at least a million dollars in commission.

The National Speakers Associations, has the Speakers Hall of Fame ring, which represents the very highest level of achievement. These rings are for the few that have achieved above, and beyond the ordinary. Chris Widener, in his Made for Success series, was interviewing Don Hutson, who wore the Speakers Hall of Fame ring.

What a lot of people would consider a lucky break was really a learning experience. Don Hutson had to hone his speaking skills or starve, as a commissioned salesman. He sold one-day enrollments into training seminars, to diverse types of small sales forces. His first 1,500 speeches were freebies, to groups of eight to ten people from distinct types of sales organizations; auto sales, products sales, real estate sales, and financial markets. As he was going through the process, he was honing his skills and generating sales.

After a few years Don got so good, that one person asked him if he would come speak for a fee, at his next company meeting. In sales and in life, you must listen to the marketplace. So, Don transitioned out of selling seminars for other people and started his own company, working on his speaking career, and conducting his own seminars.

The key to success is to be prepared when opportunity knocks. Someone once said that success can only happen when opportunity meets preparation. It’s all about the mindset. Will you be ready when your opportunity comes?

Tracey Walker knew David Wood before he started the Empower Network. She believed in the dream from the very beginning. She continued to build, even when the company went through growing pains early on. I saw her work with her team, and knew it was just a matter of time. It was a pleasure watching the development of leadership.

We should all have role models that inspire, influence and motivate us. Sometimes the role models that have the most influence on us, are people many may not have never heard of. You may hear about them, when they break the thresh hold, called fame and fortune. What people fail to understand, is that what appears as an overnight success, may have taken twenty years of hard work and preparation. With the power of the internet, that time has really been reduced.

Good stories and humor go with the content in today’s market- place. Nobody wants to hear a lot of dry content. Nobody wants to read a pitch-fest. David Wood and David Sharpe of the empower network have become very good story tellers. They are what you would call authentic; down to earth founders that knew what they want to do and surrounded themselves with other sharp people. The Viral Blogging Academy was a great block of instructions on the power of storytelling.

The skill sets you learn, will take you to your next level. People pay over $100,000 to attend college, and sometimes they can’t find a job to start their career. The best investment you can make is an investment in your own personal development. The Success Store is a good place to start. The name along sounds like a good place to shop.

If you want to get involved in the internet marketing arena make sure the company or opportunity has a good training program. You need the psychological (mind set training) and the technical training. The Empower Network had the Viral Blogging Academy, the Inner Circle audio program, the Top Producer Formula, the Team Building Formula and the Mass Influence Formula . In addition to learning from the programs you can got paid by offering them to other people that wanted to learn.

Are you willing to invest in your own education. Just remember that there are some people paying thousands to attend college and some of them can’t find jobs. This has been straight talk, no chaser.


Internet comments
Sherry Starnes
Great post Earl! I enjoy reading your post so much, because you bring so much value in each of them. I agree with you on the issue of personal development. I was guilty of investing in college and other things, but not personal development until the past few years. I believe more emphasis should be placed on this, in high school. If students learned to invest in themselves in high school they wouldn’t have to go to college đŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing this awesome message!

Sue Price
Awesome message as always Earl. I love that film clip with Tracey. It was good to see the first woman get this ring. I know there are other partnerships including women, but this was extra special.
I do not think there are too many other companies in the network marketing space that have created so many million dollars earners in such a short space of time. Thanks for the education on all the other types of rings. Love it. Thank you.

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments. I think the opportunity lives up to it’s name. I became “Empowered” to be a blogger in a blogging community. Writing well, also leads to other doors of opportunity, opening.

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