Improve your communication skills to build your business

Improving your communication skills is how you take your business to the next level; written, visually or orally. If this is your first time on my blog, you may not know that Jim Rohn was “America’s Foremost Business Philosopher”. He made his first fortune in the network marketing industry, and his next fortune lecturing and motivating people all over the world.

He called it: Communication, Presentation and Testimonials. Jim learned how to give good presentations, he conducted meetings with logic and reason; he attacked the problems and confessed the short comings he had to overcome. He said he was very uncomfortable, when he did his first presentation, it reminded me of my first presentation many years ago. Anything you start for the first time, feels strange and awkward.

He said his mouth was so dry, he could hardly talk and his hands were sweaty. I felt his discomfort my first time also. Jim struggled through his first, but he didn’t stop. He did it again and again, and every time he got better. He practiced the art of communication for over 40 years and became a master. When a newbie in the network marketing business gets up to give their first testimonial, you can see how uncomfortable they are. But 30 days later, you can see a major improvement.

To affect people with words is one of the greatest arts to learn. Learning to effectively use language, can make you a fortune. Over -coming rough life experiences and being able to talk about it is very powerful. Listen to Dave Wood and some of the other leaders and you will learn that everyone struggles, in the beginning. You can take advantage of other people’s experiences by becoming a good listener and taking great notes.

When working with people, you as a leader must learn to respond to “the people who deserve” not the people that just “need”. You may know someone who needs a harvest (a way to make extra money) but if they don’t do the work, they don’t deserve your time. You can help people as much as possible, but you can not carry them on your back. As a leader, you work with those who “plant their seed and their flag”. If someone plants, then they deserve the harvest.

You must teach folks how to deserve your time. You tell them, “If you take one step, I will take two”. “If you take two steps, I will take four”. They step, you step. They don’t step, you don’t step. Last time I signed up in a network marketing business, I signed up as an independent rep, not a dependent rep. “Love everybody but wait for no one”, is what Ty Best said.

When you first get started in anything you have a learning curve to overcome, just keep going until you get to where you want to go. Even babies must learn how to walk. They fall but they get back up again and again.

Then you as a leader must learn the 80 – 20 rule. 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people. Also, be aware the 20% of the people will want 80% of your time. Work with your groups, but focus on the 20% that do most of the work. Realize that you cannot change people. You can help, but they must change themselves.

It’s called “personal” development which means YOU get involved. Join in the conversation. Good communication can help your business and your personal life. To order some of Jim Rohn’s motivational lecture go to the Success Store . Whatever, you do make sure it is the product of your own conclusion. If you start in the any business, get the motivational material. They are full of personal stories and techniques to help you to keep going. This has been straight talk, beast mode.


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Sue Price
Awesome post Earl. I was fortunate to have seen Jim Rohn twice live. My husband did a 3-day workshop with him many years back and it really changed the direction of his life. It is difficult to imagine him uncomfortable when he started to speak, but of course we all are. I agree, to affect people with our words is an art and one that I admire. Thanks for a great message and yes the Inner Circle is a great way for people to grow their skills.

Marko ‘X Ray Cat’
Thanks Earl for sharing this great post about improving your communication skills. That’s a skill set that I’m working on daily and not afraid to say this is my weak spot. I recently read the best advise I’ve got and it goes with this post very well – Do things you are afraid to do – just do them. I remember my first video – it took me so much courage to actually upload it to YouTube. I was so scared; what if people don’t like me, what will they think, what if they say something bad, etc? 50 videos later – if you don’t like me, go watch someone else, I don’t care. There are plenty of people who get me, like me and enjoy my unique self 🙂 That goes for you and everyone else as well :-). Just start doing and you will improve!

Yes, practice makes progression, and learning from great speaker will improve your communication in no time. Thanks Earl.

Stephen Rosario
You are helping so many people with the value you provide in these post. Thanks so much for sharing and I will be coming back for sure …

Brent Jackman
Thanks Earl for sharing this. Effective communicating our message to help solve problems, is HUGH. Practice makes perfect.

Earl Hackett Writing well is a skill and a talent, just like speaking well. Practice anything long enough, and you got to get better, over time.

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