Attitude will affect your challenge


Our attitude is based on values, which helps us to develop habits. Sound values and good habits, should be developed in childhood. Poor health habits at an early age, may result in major health problems later in life. Poor early money management habits, may also mean poor money management habits later in life.

Jim Rohn asked a simple question “What should a kid do with a dollar? If you say it’s only a dollar, let him spend it all. Don’t let him spend it all! Kids learn best from examples. Take him around the poor section of town and tell him, “This is what happens, when you spend all you got.” Unless that is where you already live, then just show him around the neighborhood.

Good reading habits and a positive attitude also affect how well we do in school. While you are in school, you should get all you can. Being broke at 40 is bad, but being broke and stupid is even worse. Little things practiced every day make a positive difference, just like the little things neglected over a period make a major difference. That’s why we need a teacher or that internal quest to do more and learn more.

In America everything that we need to know is within reach, it’s in the library, and now on the internet. We have a choice; we can move forward, and stop by the library. Or we can walk pass the library. We can search for knowledge on the internet, or shop and just be entertained by it.

Attitude is how you feel about life and people, but more importantly it’s how you feel about yourself. Emotions can be positive or negative. They can either help us or hinder us when we make major decisions, especially when done out of one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation. Our attitude about life also starts at home.

Human’s beings are different than animals, because of our emotions. A bird can “only fly south” in the winter. Why? It’s based on the instinct of the species. Humans on the other hand can go north, east, west, or south because we have choice.

How high will a tree grow? As high as it can. How much will a man grow? That depends because he has a choice. We can be all that we can be, or we can be less than our best, because we have choice.

There is an old Bible story about the master who had three servants. The master was going on a long journey and called them. He told them, “I’m going on a journey and I want you to take care of things, until I return. He gave one servant one talent, one servant five talents and the other servant ten talents, to see what they would do.

A talent is something of value. He was gone for a long time and when he finally returned, he sent for his servants and asked each, what they did. The servants with ten and five increased their talents, while the one with one didn’t do anything, because he hid his talent.

What is your talent and what will you do with it? If you could discover hidden talents, would it be worth it to you, to invest in your own self? If there was a way to get paid for something you like to do, would you be interested? What talent will you bring to the table?

Internet comments
Your attitude will make or break you! Thanks, Earl

Adrian Farray
Great post Earl! It’s all about our attitude of gratitude and not wasting our talents. Life is too short for that.

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments. Attitude is the second step towards success in business and in life. The first is how you think; your philosophy. They determine your action, or the lack of.

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