It’s all about the connections


On this day, connections will  determine who wins the Superbowl. I’m from Detroit and I will always consider it home. But I’m living in Philadelphia PA, and I was here when the Phillies won the World Series and the Hockey Team won the Stanley Cup. Now I’m here and the Eagles might win the Super Bowl. I was in Detroit when the Pistons won the NBA title with the former coach of the Philadelphia 76ers.  You never know how, you will make connections.

In life and in business, it’s all about the connections. How you feel about yourself, determines how you react with the world. On a job, all you must do is show up, and do your assigned duties. But as an entrepreneur your success is based on how well you connect with others.

It’s more than the surface: You did what? So, did I! You went where? Me to! When the other person does not do business with you, it’s may not be the product or the service, it might be YOU, because you didn’t make the internal/external connection.

What you say is just the “tip” of the iceberg. Underneath it all is the rest of the iceberg; how you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror? What are the voices saying inside? What is the noise outside? What is happening between the two? You may not realize it but, your self-esteem is transmitted when you speak to others.

What you said is just the surface. How do you feel, about what you said? Why do you say what you said, what’s your motivation? Why do you feel, the way you feel? What is your intention? Confidence builds trust and people like to do business with people they know like and trust.

Ellie Drake, doctor turned entrepreneur, coach and speaker in her interview with Chris Widener in the “Made For Success” series said that she always asked her clients, how do they feel about themselves? With one being the lowest, and ten being the highest she would ask them to rate themselves.

If they came back with anything below a nine, to her, this is an indication that there was a problem. In business, you should rate yourself as a ten, eleven or twelve. True confidence sells and fear smells. Teams that win carry that “certain air with them”.

You should be ‘centered with self’, which is different than ‘self-centered’. Centered with self, is reaching inside and connection with the creator of us all, and being of service to others. Self-centered is just “me and my world”, and people can sense that feeling when you talk to them.

In almost every type of the multilevel marketing type business opportunities, they stress personal development. Why? You must rid yourself of the bad habits, you developed, when all you had to do was show up, and do your assigned task. An air of confidence is fine but too much borders on being cockiness. People like winners, but not arrogant winners.

You want to attract people into your business. If you had something happen to you in the past, or you have a past fear that is holding you back, you must overcome that. People don’t volunteer into something unless they feel good about it. You must release the blocks that are holding you back. You want to be in a state of surrender so you can connect to the higher power within. It’s the power, that allows you to continue, in spite of your present circumstances.

To connect with people, speak to “their values”. What do THEY want? When you speak to people in their world, they will follow you into your world. Become intuitive; listen with your eyes, rather than just with your ears. The ears go directly into the brain, while the eyes see into the heart. When you can touch a person’s heart, you can reach their soul.

When you look at a business opportunity look at the culture of the organization. Look beyond the money. Yes, there is a lot of money that’s available because we are talking about a worldwide audience. Focus on one thing at a time like making that first $3,000 to $5,000 a month check.

Look beyond the owners and look at the top leaders. This is what’s beneath the water. If you have a good idea, good people will follow. David Wood and David Sharpe had a good idea when they formed the Empower Network. People from other organizations brought their whole organization along with them, and the empire grew.

Look at the training programs. Look at the core instructions, the motivation programs and the advance programs.Figure out where you fit in. You need to know, to grow. You must also attend the events to see first-hand. This has been straight talk beast mode.

I discovered another connection, but I would have never found it unless I did not neglect to do the simple things I could do every day. It’s been said that the journey of a life time begins with the first steps, these are my steps;

Internet comments
Mark Eaves
Great post Earl. People see right through us, if we do not believe in ourselves. Hard to attract anyone with a negative mindset.

Very interesting post. And I agree – it’s connecting with people, below the surface that makes all the difference in business.

Daphne Dobson
Great post Earl! I absolutely agree with you… In life and in business it’s all about the connection. Love what you say here; “You may not realize it but, your self-esteem is transmitted when you speak to others.” Thanks for sharing!

Maria Barina
Awesome post Earl on connection. Love the video with Ellie Drake 🙂

Nancy Rothenburg
Thanks for this post, Earl. I really enjoyed the video about Branding Your Business and you mentioning the importance and self-confidence in yourself. Keep the post coming! Nancy

Earl Hackett
Thanks for the comments. To reach out to others means we must be “centered with self” and not self centered. That’s why personal development is so important in this type of business or any type of business.

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