Gold is good but Platinum Rules


Dr. Hill writings were based on the Golden Rule. Dr. Alessandra updated the concept by writing a booked titled, The Platinum Rule. The golden rule is based on the universal human concept of doing unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Ethics, values, honesty, and consideration are the pillars of the golden rule.

The Platinum Rule is a twist on the Golden Rule because some people may not want to be treated the same as you. We now live in such a world where diversity is recognized; gender and generational diversity, ethnic, religious, and racial diversity, NOW we need to be able to reach people on their level. It’s do unto others as they would have you do unto them. Treat people as they want to be treated, (“taking everything into consideration”).


At the core of the Platinum Rule is being able to adapt to your new surroundings. Sometimes you need to change your approach or your strategy, depending on the type of people you are talking to. A speaker would address a group of C.E.O.’s and top-level executives a little differently than a group of home based entrepreneurs. The primary focus should be on the other person, not the location.

Communication should be targeted to your audience, to be effective. On a one to one conversation, it’s understanding the style of the other person. Sometimes you may have to slow down, while at other times you may have to speed up. Sometimes you must get straight to the point and other times you must move gradually into it. There are four different personality types and your message may, or may not reach each one. There is the director, the relater, the thinker and the socializer.

The director type wants the bottom line. They are the C.E.O., general contractor type of person, who wants to call all the shots: How much is it going to cost and how long will it take? They like to work fast and ‘get the basic concept quick’. Their attitude is give it to me straight. They may come across as blunt, but they are just very focused.

The thinker is more analytical. They are the Star Trek, Mr. Spock type. They like order, accuracy, precision, and they are detail orientated. They are drawn to career fields where numbers play a major role like accounting, engineering, architecture, and computer programming.

The relater looks for harmony and works best with building personal relationships. They are great, team-players and team leaders. They are drawn to professional fields that help other people; counseling, social services, nursing, and clergy.

The socializer is outgoing and friendly. They love visibility and recognition. People are drawn to them because they have the natural gift of gab. They work well in the fields of sales, and public relations. They like to be in an exciting changing environment.

The Empower Network draws all types because you are “empowered to be you”, you can do almost anything, but you must have a target market, in mind. I’m looking for people that want to learn additional skills and make some additional money on line. I’m glad I found the network because, I like to listen to the great motivational thinkers, and add my thoughts and experiences and share with others.

So how does one build a positive mind set in a negative world. If you have a smart phone and internet you can subscript to positive messages on the go. Search You Tube channels like the following: Healthy Mind, Motivation2Study, Motivation, Team Fearless, Absolute Motivation, Success Achieve, Red Frost Motivation, Be Phenomenal, Deleon Motivation, TEDx Talks, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Evan Camichael, Maggie Anderson, Dr. Claude Anderson, The Great Griot.

It’s not all inclusive but it’s some of the motivational material I listen to. Recalling the Platinum Rule, pick who you like, but remember if you don’t put something positive in your mind, the negative will win!!!  Gold is attainable but platinum is really rare.



Internet comments
Maria Barina
Thanks, so much Earl for making this post. The video had me in stitches. Very important information about the types of people we deal with 🙂

Chris Brindamour
Hey Earl, Platinum is the way to go! Thanks for sharing!

I enjoyed this blog Earl. I like the golden rule but totally agree with the platinum rule. We need to stand by great values but we need to be flexible in how we apply them. This is a great example of why and how. Loved the part how improved his friend Dennis was. LOL. Thanks.

Lucie Flowers
Love this. Such a valuable lesson. Thank you.

Marko Krist
Thanks Earl. And I share the same philosophy – treat everyone like you want to be treated.

Awesome article Earl, Thanks for sharing.

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments. Some would say it’s being politically correct or following the local customs of where-ever you may be. A conversation is still give and take. Politics and religion are still touchy subjects today but some things still need to be discussed, to be resolved. The United States of America is the largest melting pot of the world. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is universal and wanted from sea to shining sea.

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