From Doctor to Entrepreneur

What kind of person goes all the way through medical school, and NOT practice medicine? ( Another story in the book)

A person who realizes that they are not following their dreams. Ellie Drake promised her parents that if she made it to America from Iran she would become a doctor. Her parents knew that Doctors make a ‘lot of money’ seeing patients and dealing with insurance companies. Ellie felt that deep down, she was not going to be following her God given purpose.


A couple of years prior to graduation from medical school someone introduced her to the world of network marketing, direct sales, and financial freedom. She didn’t know what network marketing was, but she caught the vision of “financial freedom”. As a result, she graduated with $150,000 worth of student loans, went home, thanked her parents for bringing her to America, and handed them her diploma. When she said she didn’t want to practice, they were in shock. They thought she had lost her mind.

She became an entrepreneur in that network marketing business and became the number one earner, after a couple of years. When she was called to speak in front at the company convention as one of the leaders, “it clicked”, she remembered back to when she had to speak in middle and high school and even college. It felt natural to her, it was like she was destined to do that. She felt she was now following her passion; using the power of words, to inspire and help others. Now she just had to convince her parents that she done the right thing.

One time when she showed her parents her monthly check for $5,000 her parents complained. They said, “Ellie, we thought you were smart, you could be making more as a doctor”. A few months later she showed them her monthly check for $10,000. This time they said, “That’s what you SHOULD be making as a doctor”.

When she showed them another monthly check for $20,000 a few months later they changed their tune. They realized that as an entrepreneur, once you get started, the money gets crazy; it goes up and up. Dad said, “Ellie you are so smart”. Mom said to dad, “If she had followed your advice, she would be practicing medicine and making a lot less”.

David Wood one of the co-founders of the Empower Network was talking about his early exposure to network marketing and he was in a “huge audience” with one of the top producers for Amway. Bill Brit, The Diamond Distributor, asked all the doctors in the audience to stand up. About fifty stood up. He then asked how many would rather practice than do what he was doing, and they all sat down. Next, he asked all the lawyers to stand up. Again, about fifty stood up. He asked them the same question and they all sat down.

If doctors and lawyers, who make good money would rather get involved in something like network marketing and make the kind of money Bill Brit made, wouldn’t you be interested? Bill Brit was the leader of the largest organizations in Amway that did one billion dollars in business. And that was old school, face-to-face network marketing before the power of the internet. Would the possibility for making an additional $3,000 to $5,000 a month on a part time basics interest you? If so you need to get started looking now.

Don’t know where to start? Start with the basic core instructions, and give yourself time to learn the basics. then move to the Inner Circle to learn how to keep going, then pick up speed with the the other products in the product suite.. Tie it all together at the major events and you will be on your way. This has been straight talk, beast mode.

Internet comments

Shahidah Akbar
Great story Earl, so many times, we do what others want us to do, and not what we are called to do, and are passionate about. It takes courage and strength to follow your dreams to self- fulfillment, but the rewards are incredible.

Deirdre Powell
Great post Earl. Love the story of Ellie Drake. Live your purpose. Great message. Thanks for sharing.

Sue Price
I love the story Earl. It is amazing how people get stuck in their ideas of what people should do. I heard David tell that story many times and I love it every time. I am an accountant, and I used to work with a lot of dentist as clients. They used to tell me how much they hated what they did, as no one really wanted to see them. Sad really. Thanks for a great post.

Lynn Brown
It’s inspiring stories like you shared here Earl, that remind me, I made the right decision 2 years ago and am so glad to have left the stressed corporate robot job. I believe the more success we each have in this industry, we build a solid awareness about entrepreneurship and how the new rich aren’t just about the money, but to also have the freedom lifestyle. Thanks for sharing.

Sandy Zalecki
Funny how people don’t accept you even when you are making the money. I am glad she stuck to her guns and didn’t become a doctor.

Danny Yoon
Great post Earl for sharing your story of when someone went from going to school to become a doctor to an entrepreneur! Thanks!

Earl Hackett
Thanks for your comments. Ellie followed her heart, and ended up founding , a global, online network for women.


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