What if you are not ready for retirement?

Too many baby boomers, went bust!
(Another story from the book)
Just finished looking at the evening news. They were talking about the fact that too many seniors are not ready for retirement. Even if you are 50+ it may be closer and more serious than you think.
I know it was for me. I had been working as the same place for many years (15) and was counting down to retirement within three years. I was coasting. Did I also mention that I also worked another  full time jobs for a six-year period while working on this steady job? Retirement to me, meant not punching the clock for a pay check or putting up with anyone (supervisor, manager) you really didn’t want to deal with, for 8 hours every day.
I learned the hard way (I knew that it happened to others but…) Companies really want to make as much money as possible (and it’s not personal – until it happens to you) and it’s the easiest way to increase profits for the company. To reduce cost they get rid of the senior people who have earned the top pay scale because they can be replaced by young folks that will work for less, especially when the job market is shaky. Some people are just glad to be working steady: That can be a white collar or a blue-collar or no collar type occupation..
If you have worked your way up in the company, watch out! It’s not like it use to be –companies stopped giving out gold watches after 30 years. Corporate America does not care. Get ready, wake up now. If you are making a lot of money, be even more careful because your life style is probably putting you deeper in debt. (your living the dream now, may be your worst nightmare later in life).
Only the US government can spend and spend, because they can always print more money. If you or I try that, we will go to jail. You need to start your search now and if it feels right, make a decision now. When you get older (I’m 63) time is limited. Mom made it to 90, some leave here before 30. What are you going to do with the time you have left? When you are older you should be wiser. What a good time to give something back to the next generation before you leave.
One option is to down size your life style, pay off as many of your bills as possible. Move into a smaller residence or look for a part time job. Getting your funds together requires a nest egg (the country has been so messed up in the last few years – some not only lost the egg, they lost the whole nest) they needed a good certified financial planner who was more concerned about them, than their profits per transaction/transgression.
I looked at different income producing opportunities over the years. When I was introduced to personal development many years ago I remember how good it made me feel. Feeling good is nice, but I needed to get paid. I reached the leadership position in one Network Marketing companies – traveled to different parts of the country but I never made the money, I really wanted. The products and services were great but it takes years to get to certain levels.
The Empower Network is a money system. I got that! If you follow the system, the core values and do what the leaders tell you, it’s only a matter of time before you get the results you need. The industry is growing and this company in right in the mix. Any company that teaches internet marketing skills puts you in a better position.
I listen to Dave and Dave as to where they came from. And I listen to the story of others. Learn as much as you can, because when you learn the skills you can take the skills with you.
Internet comments
Awesome post Earl, Thanks for your input.
Shahidah Akbar
Earl, I too am a baby boomer (age 60) that’s ready to retire but realized my retirement’s accounts are underfunded. As I look for something else I could do to bring in additional income the thought of getting another job is not appealing. Building an online business is my solution. I truly love what I’m doing and that’s the key.
Charlene Burke
Baby boomers are the best online marketing business owners! With our work ethic combined and our life experience we’re unstoppable!
It was a nice read Earl, Thank you.
Jimmylee Velez
Awesome post Earl! This is very true, and kind of scary for people who are not prepared. This can destroy the golden years for sure! Thanks for sharing.
Tamara Boggio Upton
What started me on the path to find empower network was a conversation my mother-in-law had with my husband last summer. She said she didn’t know how many of her kids would ever be able to retire. I decided I would find a way to make that happen, if it was the last thing I did. Labor Day weekend I came across the website for empower network and joined on the spot. This is what I was looking for and I’m making retirement happen. Thanks for sharing this blog post
Debbie Moffat
This is awesome!!! Thanks Earl 🙂
Earl Hackett
Thank you for the comments. If you are of a certain age, you know what time it is. If you are not there yet, take a look at your parents, they know what I’m talking about. And if you live long enough you will find out.Why not find an on-line business. Everybody seems to
have a smart phone and most spend a lot of time online.

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