What do you do when the missile locks

What do you do, when the missile locks on, and you are about to be blow up, somewhere in the sky? After the initial pucker in the lower regions, you suck it up, get it together and go through all the defense maneuver you practiced. You try to remember the books and the training you received over the years. Your life may even flash before your eyes. Rob Waldo Waldman did what he needed to do, and he lived to tell his story.


On April 28, 1999 Waldo was on a real-world combat mission in support of Allied Force Operations in Europe. As an F-16 fighter pilot he and his group were flying a support mission for an F-117 stealth fighter group that were assigned to take out some strategic targets in downtown Belgrade.

As they approached the forward edge of the battle area everybody put on their game face. Two minutes into the battle area, Waldo’s radar goes off, alerting him that trouble was headed his way. He couldn’t see the actual missiles because it was the middle of a night time operation. What he could see, were the two huge red flame fireballs representing the flame trail of two surface to air missiles headed towards him.

As he retold the story to Chris Widener in the “Made for Success series”, you could hear in his voice the excitement of the moment. It was a moment he would never forget. It was kill or be killed and he had to execute a defensive movement or that would be his last flight. Mistakes in the air during combat, tend be fatal.

Short of combat, there are times when things become very critical. It’s the do or die of life, and business. It’s, I got to do this, or I’m really going to pay the price. It could be your moment of glory or your moment of defeat. It may not be physical death, but it hurts just the same. It’s what do I do now, or where do I turn?

If you lose your job and you have a family to support, and you have no savings, and you have a house that you are about to lose, that’s stressful. If you are a single parent, and the job lays you off suddenly, and you don’t have any money, and you can’t feed you kids, or keep the lights on, that’s stressful. It feels like the missile of misfortune is headed your way. Too much stress even kills.

Waldo went through the procedures he had trained for; out run the missile or out maneuver it to break the radar lock of the missiles. The danger is not over until something explodes. The missiles blew up about 1,000 feet from his aircraft. Close call, but not fatal. He said that at that moment, he felt like he had defeated the most dangerous threat of his life. However, he still had a job to do and he continued the mission.

He regained his composure and returned to the flight pattern. Another two missiles locked on, same fatal danger, but this time it felt a little different. He remembered how good he felt when he avoided the other two, so his confidence was higher. He was still in danger but he was able to react a lot quicker to avoid the danger.

In life and in business when you overcome situations you gain more confidence when you survive the problems. If every time you start something and you quit when the going gets rough you cheat yourself out of getting stronger for the next challenge. How often do you encourage a toddler to keep trying to walk even though they may fall down a lot? You keep pushing UNTIL they walk.

If you start with the empower network how long do you stick with it? You stick with it long enough until YOU get it. Period. Do the work, attend the events and someone will notice. Lock arms and get plugged in. The people you hear making big money started some- where and they just continued to grow with the high commission structure system.

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Internet comments


It’s hard to compare combat to blogging… but it scares me sometime… and your post, puts it into perspective. Thanks Earl.

Movie Trailers Rule

Great story Earl and a powerful lesson within. Everything gets easier the more you do it, so you have to go into it with a ‘no-quit’ attitude and stick with it until you “get it”. Thanks for sharing this!

Sherry Parks Starnes

Great post Earl. I had not heard the story of Rob Waldo Waldman and it’s an amazing one. We must do whatever it takes when put into difficult situations. He relied on his training and experience and that’s what we have to do as well. Thanks for sharing.

X Ray Cat

Thanks Earl. Loved the story and how you compared it to business and life in general. And I absolutely agree, every combat you have in life and in business is a learning opportunity and I have learned from my own experience, that universe doesn’t put any obstacles in our way that we couldn’t overcome. He’s just testing us, to see if we are worthy of our dreams 🙂 Heck yea, we are, but we have to show it. The Universe will not just take our word for it.


The comparison here are so powerful …Too many times we give up too soon which prevents us from seeing our true potential and reaching our goals. Trails and tough times do make us stronger – when we reach the other side we’re thankful for the strength gained. Thanks for sharing this – I look forward to the next one 🙂



Awesome stuff Earl, Thanks for sharing.

Earl Hackett

Thank you for your comments. Rob Waldo Waldman (Lt. Col. Ret.) survived combat and became a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and a key note speaker. He is also the Founder and President of the Wingman Foundation, a 501(c)(3) who’s mission is to raise awareness for soldiers, veterans and their families in need.



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